Minutes – AGM: 19th March 2018

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Capel St Mary & Little Wenham Community Association held on 19th March 2018 at 8pm in the library

Present: John Webb, Jon Bunkell, Ruth Rawthorn, Steve Bishop, Stuart Harris, Allen Harris, Mark Browning, Trevor Banks, Mark Rawthorn, Sandra Bumphrey, Ian Love


Apologies: Duncan Knight


Approval of the Minutes from the A.G.M. held on 20th March 2017 

Proposed: Jon Bunkell                           Seconded: Mark Browning                     none against


Matters arising: none


Chairman’s Report: Steve Bishop

The Association has again had a successful year and continued to pass over the full rent required by the Trust each month. The Trust and Association continue to collaborate closely with each other to put on functions to raise funds for the benefit of maintaining and improving the facilities in the village.

Fun day was again a great success in 2017 but as it gets bigger there is always the problem of finding helpers to support the event during the day. In order to put on this year’s event and provide the improvements required, not only for the stalls but also the marshalling of traffic and parking of cars, additional helpers are required and I know that requests have been made by the Fun Day committee for people to come forward and offer their assistance. It is hoped that if enough volunteers come forward it will allow them to work only a short shift on the day thereby allowing them to enjoy the rest of the day with their friends and family.

Bonfire night in 2017 was nearly a damp squib rather than its usual blazing success. Again it was down to volunteers but in this occasion many of the stalwart volunteers usually seen on bonfire night were absent due to illness.  Fortunately enough walking wounded were rounded up and the event was as usual a roaring success with over 1100 spectators raising over £2900 from the fireworks event itself but many went onto the free disco and raised over £1600 across the bar.  In addition to the committee members that help organise these events huge thanks goes out for the additional effort of all of the helpers that are not directly involved in the committees that support these events. It is intended that Fun day and bonfire night will run again this year and here is hoping that they will both be as supported as previous years.

Thanks goes out to all those working on the entertainments committee for putting on some terrific events that have been hugely supported by the village as a whole. Unfortunately one of the entertainments committee resigned during the year leaving a big gap. Tracy must be thanked for the exuberance, enthusiasm and new ideas she brought to entertainments.  Despite this the remaining team have worked hard to maintain a regular flow of entertainments for the village that continue to be well supported.  Long may their enthusiasm persist and the village can look forward to further spectacular events.

It is disappointing news with respect to the long awaited bar refurbishment. As reported last year the committee have the calculations from the structural engineer and have a contractor willing to undertake the structural work but they felt that it would be too disruptive to undertake the structural work if the bar areas were left like a building site and were not completed. It was therefore decided to arrange that the structural work should be followed immediately by the refurbishment. This then presented 2 problems firstly how much would it cost and secondly who could undertake the work.  The second problem had to be resolved first as we needed a contractor who could undertake the work to look at the proposals and provide a quotation to resolve the first issue.  Finding a contractor has not proved easy but we have now found 2 and their prices have come in at a similar value and revealed the funding required to complete the task.  Clearly this is not an insignificant job and it is the committee’s intent to have it performed correctly.  Any additional funds raised are being passed to the Trust who have ring-fenced them for the development together with a £10,000 interest free loan from the brewery that we are already paying off.  The life time membership initiative was also designed to raise funds for the refurbishment.

After many years of service and being called back to reform the Association I have decided to step down from the role of chairman.  I hope that your efforts will continue to flourish for the benefit of the village as a whole.


John proposed a vote of thanks to Steve for the time he has given to the Association.


Treasurer’s Report: Ruth Rawthorn

2017 proved to be another successful year for the community Association.

Bar takings went through the £100,000 barrier increasing from £96174 to £103835, with total income up to £117,000 from £108,000.

The main project for the association, in 2017, over & above its normal fund raising for the Trust and running of the bar facilities was planning for the bar refurbishment. We have secured funding from Greene King towards the Bar refurbishment programme of £10,000 and managed to put away an extra £2555 from our cash flow during 2017 which is held for the Association by the Trust. To help this fund along it was decided to create the opportunity to become a life time member and this has received a great response and will provide a major boost to the fund. To date we have attracted 29 family & 12 Single lifetime memberships.

Expenses were again well controlled with nothing standing out and it was another successful year for our entertainments division.


Proposal: that the 2017 accounts are adopted.

Proposed: John Webb                            Seconded: Steve Bishop                        none against


Constitution: Changes to the legislation mean that the the Data Protection Act 1998 that covers how an individual’s data is held and utilised is being replaced by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force in 25 May 2018.  This has resulted in having to look at the constitution to ensure we are compliant.

Steve suggested that the following amendments are made;

Paragraph 4 - The committee shall elect a Membership Secretary each year.  The details of each person wishing to become a member shall be communicated to the Membership Secretary who will keep a record of new and existing members in accordance with our data protection policy. The Membership Secretary shall also be responsible for issuing membership cards to all members.  No privileges of membership will be available to potential members until a period of 48 hours has elapsed from the issue of membership ticket.

Section 5.3 - The member introducing a guest shall provide their details together with those of their guest which shall be recorded in accordance with our data protection policy.

Section 11 - The full details of persons wishing to become members of the Executive Committee shall be communicated to the Secretary prior to the AGM and shall be retained in accordance with our data protection policy.

Proposal: Steve Bishop                          Seconded: John Webb                           none against


Open Forum: Mark B thanked Steve on behalf of the Trust for his time as chairman.


Election of Officers:

Chair - John Webb                     Proposed: Jon Bunkell               Seconded: Ruth Rawthorn         none against

Vice chair - Jon Bunkell              Proposed: John Webb                Seconded: Mark Rawthorn        none against

Treasurer - Ruth Rawthorn         Proposed: John Webb              Seconded: Steve Bishop            none against


Proposal: to elect Mark Rawthorn, Trevor Banks, Duncan Knight, Allen Harris as committee members

Proposed: Steve Bishop                         Seconded: Stuart Harris                         none against


Agreed that new committee members were needed but if people were happy to run events instead this would be just as productive.


Meeting closed at 8.20pm