Minutes – 17th June 2019


17th June 2019  hosted in the library  20:00PM



John Webb, Jon Bunkell, Duncan Knight, Mark Rawthorn, Nick Smith,  Stephanie Bonfield, Trevor Banks, Stuart Harris, Trevor Stevenson.


Ruth Rawthorn

Open Forum

In Attendance:


Previous Minutes

Proposed – Nick Smith

2nd – Trevor Stevenson


Action Points

  • Website shows different dates for meetings – Action for this to be changed/monitored to entice open forum attendees.


  • 2 lifetime members have joined from last month.
  • New Gaming Machines in place.
  • Stock ordered for this period was +++ due to Funday and holiday coverage for TB.
  • 3 hall refunds
  • Due to the increase in card transactions which results in low cashflow, do we look into wages being paid via bacs? Or pay monthly? – Discussion with bar staff/ monitoring of cashflow to see if this is really needed.



  • 26th of October has been provisionally booked for band-e-oke in either the hall or vine lounge depending on interest. SB stated that she felt the hall is more appropriate for this kind of event, understands it is unfelt this would be the way attendees feel.SB suggested we only offer the hall as the vine lounge is far too small for the event and if we want to attract lots of people it limits this. Ongoing no current decision made, yet this doesn’t need to be until later in the year.
  • Stuart Harris stated he would like to see a wine tasting night, and thinks others would too. SB stated she could hold one if it was felt it would work, to save any cost in getting someone in. – Ongoing for planning
  • Ian Bramhill has contacted stating he has links to john archer the magician from Britain’s got talent – ongoing to see if this would work and what his act would entail.
  • Trevor Stevenson suggested that we look into “open mic nights “ as they have grown in popularity in neighboring pubs recently – action Trevor Stevenson to find out more information of how this works.


  • Boiler works - completed 20th
  • Steels are now needed and this is in hand – ongoing
  • Trevor Stevenson suggested we investigate a cashless card system which would limit card transactions and offer a range of services for members only – Trevor to investigate and committee to look into negotiating with he card company for a reduction of our transaction charges. Nick smith stated that his squash club uses Nepal which is one company to look into.
  • Orchard players show week is almost upon us – usual terms with he shutting of the family bar access by half, and interval drinks ordering.
  • Meeting with Ollie from Greene king 21st regarding bar re-furb.
  • Mulled wine machine to be purchased ready for the cooler weather and to offer a festive variety for customers.
  • Wine tasting – date to be agreed.


Trust Report

  • Car park works have been approved via section 106 money and work will commence after Funday 20th


Any Other Business

  • Thefts have been reported from the allotments, please all be aware.
  • Nick smith wished to bring to the committees attention the lewd behavior of tony, in the vine lounge. Tony was inappropriate to his wife and has stated this was really not acceptable behavior – Duncan Knight has stated he will speak to tony and warn him that this is not acceptable.
  • Jon Bunkell stated that the record store is full to the brim and suggested that we purchase a scanner, scan all the documents and then shred the paperwork – No decision was determined on this- ongoing for clarification.

Close 21:05pm


Date of next meeting


15th July  2019 at 20:00pm