Minutes – 17th September 2018


Library 17th September 2018


John Webb, Jon Bunkell, Allen Harris, Ruth Rawthorn, Duncan Knight, Mark Rawthorn,  Stephanie Bonfield, Nick Smith, Stuart Harris


Trevor Banks, Ian Love, Catherine Porter – Has had to resign

Open Forum

No-one in attendance

Previous Minutes

Proposed by Stephanie Bonfield, seconded by Duncan Knight. All in favour.


Action Points

  1. Write to lifetime members to thank them after refurbishment, letter droughted: Action JW Ongoing
  2. Write to VP’s to ask join or donation: Action SB - Ongoing
  3. Check rules and come up with drugs policy, both organisations involved: Action JW Ongoing
  4. Pencil in date next year for Open Air Cinema: Action SB – Ongoing
  5. Speak to people regarding their monthly lifetime membership payments: Action JW 17/09/18
  6. Lifetime membership cards need to be designed and sourced: Action JB 17/09/18
  7. Look into prices for Vine Lounge blinds: Action NS 17/09/18



  • 2 months: July was good £11,000 against £7,000 last year. August was bad £6,500 against £8,500 but we did have the refurbishment and it’s the holiday month.
  • GP % has dropped but we are paying extra on our barrels to repay loan.
  • Hall needs to be booked out more, we have paid out £630 in refunds but not many bookings coming up, is it still worthwhile?
  • £2,500 profit for the year so far.
  • Trust to pay non VAT bills for refurbishment.
  • Stocktake not as good but ok under the circumstances – refurb.
  • The list for lifetime members has gone missing but we believe there are some people who still owe their monthly payments. We need to speak to these people: Action JW
  • Lifetime membership cards need to be designed and sourced: Action JB
  • Next Year Memberships: Lifetime Single £180, Lifetime Family £225, Single £10, Family £15 Proposed by Jon Bunkell, seconded by Mark Rawthorn. All in favour.




  • Stiff in the morning hasn’t been selling so we need to a push on Facebook.
  • Ruth will be cancelling the children’s Halloween party and Christmas fair as hasn’t had time to organise these.





  • We will have a staff meeting to discuss cleaning etc.
  • Aimee & Larissa both off at the moment, Stephanie is happy to cover if we need it.
  • We have a new craft beer pump installed in the vine lounge.
  • Gin Fizz event – Adnams are coming up trumps. Fentlemens will do a lot if we buy our mixers from them.
  • Stephanie suggested a mulled wine tap so will contact Olly and see what he can do.
  • Vine lounge refurb is completed, John said thank you to everyone for their help.
  • Family Bar refurb will probably be delayed until July 2019 as some jobs will need to be done beforehand e.g.

knock down wall and boiler removed.



Trust Report


  • Trust are busying with requirements from the football club with fundraising for the new pavilion.
  • There have been complaints about the grass cutting, they are meant to do 10 cuts a year, they are currently on cut 5.
  • There has been some work in the play areas including new bark.
  • They are currently considering the funding and precept for next year, is there anything we need? The prelim meeting is in October.


Any Other Business


  • Duncan Knight suggested we have some blinds in the Vine lounge, similar to the library. We will speak to the person who done those: Action NS


Close 8.56pm


Date of next meeting Monday 15th October 2018 @ 8pm in the library

Entertainments 2018


18th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

27th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge


15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

17th - Quiz Night in Village Hall – CANCELLED


15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

17th - Race Night with Capel Plough in Village Hall

24th - Onion Band in Vine Lounge

29th-2nd - Beer Festival

31st - Childrens Easter Party - CANCELLED


7th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

19th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

21st - Noasis Tribute Act in Village Hall


17th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

19th - The Seventh House in Village Hall


27th - Pool Tournament & BBQ in Family Bar

9th - Funday at Playing Field

21st - Bingo in Vine Lounge

23rd - Karaoke in Vine Lounge


19th - Bingo in Vine Lounge


16th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

25th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

26th - Bar Olympics & BBQ in Family Bar & Vine Lounge


20th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

29th - Stiff in the morning in Village Hall


6th - Karaoke

18th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

27th - Halloween Party in Village Hall 4pm-6pm


3rd - Bonfire Disco in Village Hall

15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

24th - Christmas Fair in Village Hall


13th - Christmas Bingo in Vine Lounge

15th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

16th - Children’s Christmas Party in Village Hall 2pm-4pm

31st - New Years Eve in Village Hall