Minutes – 18th February 2019


18st February hosted in the library 2019 20:00PM



John Webb, Jon Bunkell, Nick Smith, Duncan Knight, Mark Rawthorn,  Stephanie Bonfield, Trevor Banks, Stuart Harris, Ian Love.



Open Forum

No-one in attendance

Previous Minutes

Proposed – Stuart Harris.

2nd - Jon Bunkell


Action Points

  1. Write to VP’s to ask join or donation: Action JW – Ongoing 1 more to go.
  2. Open air cinema- ongoing as no contact from company still.


  • To date finances are up with bar take up £1,300.00.
  • Game machine revenue down by £1,450.00, with £300 down on pool table.
  • Mark Rawthorn reminded the committee to ensure VAT receipts are collected as many retailers only supply these when asked for and some even don’t supply at all.
  • 1 hall refund this month.


  • Stephanie Bonfield stated that she had been approached by a saxophonist with a twist offering Ibiza club nights with a disco. Action SB to obtain availability and report back to arrange dates.
  • 22nd June hall has been booked for a 90’s/00’s night.
  • 26th of October has been provisionally booked for band-e-oke in either the hall or vine lounge depending on interest.
  • Feelers are out regarding hosting a race night. John Webb suggested we work in partnership with the football club after last years success. Action JW to speak to Gareth. Bar


  • John Webb asked if the weekend hourly wage should be reviewed on how it is currently? – ongoing on a monitoring basis.
  • We are still awaiting a boiler quote as recommended plumber does not wish to price for the work.- Ongoing
  • £12k quoted for the new bar instillation and 1 quote received for electrical works. Ongoing as awaiting another electrical work quote.



Trust Report

  • The trust has submitted their accounts and will be presenting them next week.
  • AGM being held next week.
  • The trust is looking for an administrator for maternity cover from the end of May. The trust is also looking for a new treasurer at the end of May,and welcome any suggestions or applications.

Any Other Business

  • None

Close 20:45pm


Date of next meeting


18th March 2019