Minutes – 18th March 2019


18th March 2019 hosted in the library 20:00PM



John Webb, Jon Bunkell, Nick Smith, Duncan Knight, Mark Rawthorn,  Stephanie Bonfield, Trevor Banks, Stuart Harris, Ian Love.



Open Forum

In Attendance:

4 members of the public. G.Wiseman thanked the committee for all the hard work and effort made previously and currently and long may it continue.

Previous Minutes

Proposed – Nick Smith.

2nd – Ruth Rawthorn


Action Points

  1. Write to VP’s to ask join or donation: Action JW – Ongoing.
  2. Open air cinema- is being shelved due to lack in communication form supplier and the proposed works to the playing field.


  • To date finances are up by 25% over the past 2 months.
  • Minimum wage to increase in April. Proposed new wage set at £8.25 for standard shifts and £8.75 for functions, which will come into effect as of the 5th of April. Proposed J.Bunkell 2ndWebb. All agreed.


  • Stephanie Bonfield stated that she had been approached by a saxophonist with a twist offering Ibiza club nights with a disco. Awaiting a list of dates following the addition of a disco which runs parallel with the solo artist. SB to email out dates and agree if this suits price wise and in the event schedule once she has the dates returned.
  • 22nd June hall has been booked for a 90’s/00’s night. – Booked
  • 26th of October has been provisionally booked for band-e-oke in either the hall or vine lounge depending on interest. SB stated that she felt the hall is more appropriate for this kind of event, understands it is unfelt this would be the way attendees feel.SB suggested we only offer the hall as the vine lounge is far too small for the event and if we want to attract lots of people it limits this. Ongoing
  • Feelers are out regarding hosting a race night. John Webb suggested we work in partnership with the football club after last years success. Action JW to speak to Gareth TBC.
  • Gin and Fizz event to run alongside the beer festival. SB stated she would happily take the lead on sourcing the gins and setting this up although she will be away for the actual event sadly, any staff training for this she is happy to undertake.



  • John Webb asked if the weekend hourly wage should be reviewed on how it is currently? – ongoing on a monitoring basis.
  • We are still awaiting a boiler quote as recommended plumber does not wish to price for the work.- Ongoing
  • It has been decided that laying carpet in the family bar would be too costly for now and laminate will now be sourced and reviewed in approximately 3 years.
  • At this point it would be worthwhile meeting with the brewery to see if we can gain any new equipment for the re-furb. – action JW & JB to set up meeting to discuss.
  • The bar re-furb budget will be circulated-action JB.


Trust Report

  • The trust is still looking for an administrator for maternity cover from the end of May. The trust is also still looking for a new treasurer at the end of May,and welcome any suggestions or applications.
  • PC are funding the planning application for the proposed new “Hub”.

Any Other Business

  • SB asked if there were any objections is she was to hold a Villager Of the Year nominating box at bar? - No objections

Close 20:43pm


Date of next meeting


15th April 2019 at 20:00pm


NB: In camera meeting held form 20.48 until 21.15pm