Minutes – 19th March 2018


Library 19th March 2018


John Webb, Trevor Banks, Jon Bunkell, Stuart Harris, Allen Harris, Ruth Rawthorn, Mark Browning, Ian Love,  Steve Bishop


Duncan Knight, Mark Rawthorn

Open Forum

No one in attendance.

Previous Minutes

Proposed by Jon Bunkell, seconded by Allen Harris. All in favour.


Action Points

  1. Purchase a new glasswasher: Action JW - Ongoing
  2. Write to lifetime members to thank them: Action JW
  3. Write to VP’s to ask join or donation: Action SB - Ongoing
  4. Send round constitution for amending: Action JB – Completed
  5. Check rules and come up with drugs policy: Action JW



  • Membership up due to lifetime members although will have to take VAT off.
  • To date we have 29 Family lifetime members and 12 Single lifetime members.
  • Mark Browning asked if custom has picked up during the week. Mondays and Tuesdays are quite quiet but Wednesdays and Thursdays are busier. We’re now repairing the damage caused by previous staff.




  • To date 83 tickets sold for the Noasis tribute on 21st
  • We may have to cancel the Childrens Easter Party.
  • Beer Festival beer being delivered on the Tuesday and set up on the Thursday.
  • We will be having a band on the Saturday night of the beer festival.
  • Funday is coming along nicely. Trust are looking into Gazebos, maybe inflatable.
  • Meeting Wednesday 28th March @ 7.30pm in Vine Lounge.




  • We will have a staff meeting in April.
  • Aimee returning to functions on Saturday 24th
  • There will be a refurb meeting on Thursday 22nd March in Family Bar to discuss both plans, Chris is invited to attend at 8pm.


  • Sandra has done the PAT testing with only one fail being the cable on the Friday night draw machine, a new one has been ordered.


Trust Report


  • They have held their AGM.
  • Trust meeting tomorrow night.
  • A significant amount or work has been done around the complex, including hedgerows which now can be decided on what to do with the space.
  • Where do they go forward? Problem being limited volunteers.
  • Generally doing good.


Any Other Business


  • Ruth has had a lady approach her, she has the hall hired for a fundraising night for EACH and asked if we would advertise and sell some tickets for a %. We all agreed we were happy to do this but no need to take any money.
  • Jon has had an e-mail from Mandy regarding a booking on funday, Ian Love confirmed they do not need the bar.
  • John thanks Steve for his services.
  • John asked about how we go about doing some drug testing in the toilets. We need to check rules and come up with a drugs policy. ACTION: John Webb


Close 9pm


Date of next meeting AGM Monday 16th April 2018 @ 8pm in the library


Entertainments 2018


18th       - Bingo in Vine Lounge

27th       - Karaoke in Vine Lounge


15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

17th - Quiz Night in Village Hall – CANCELLED


15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

17th - Race Night with Capel Plough in Village Hall

24th - Onion Band in Vine Lounge

29th-2nd - Beer Festival

31st - Childrens Easter Party - CANCELLED


7th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

19th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

21st - Noasis Tribute Act in Village Hall


17th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

19th - The Seventh House in Village Hall

27th - Pool Tournament & BBQ in Family Bar


9th - Funday at Playing Field

21st - Bingo in Vine Lounge

23rd - Karaoke in Vine Lounge


19th - Bingo in Vine Lounge


16th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

25th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

26th - Bar Olympics & BBQ in Family Bar & Vine Lounge


20th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

29th - Stiff in the morning in Village Hall


6th - Karaoke

18th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

27th - Halloween Party in Village Hall 4pm-6pm


3rd - Bonfire Disco in Village Hall

15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

24th - Christmas Fair in Village Hall


13th - Christmas Bingo in Vine Lounge

15th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

16th - Children’s Christmas Party in Village Hall 2pm-4pm

31st - New Years Eve in Village Hall