Minutes – 21st January 2019


21st January  hosted on the stage 2019  20:00PM



John Webb, Nick Smith, Duncan Knight, Mark Rawthorn,  Stephanie Bonfield, Trevor Banks, Stuart Harris.



Open Forum

No-one in attendance

Previous Minutes

Date anomaly so was not agreed, re- drafted and will be re- agreed.


Action Points

  1. Write to VP’s to ask join or donation: Action JW as will speak to G.Wiseman for assistance. - Ongoing
  2. Open air cinema- ongoing as no contact from company.
  3. Look into prices for Vine Lounge blinds: Completed and work to be booked in for a Monday or Friday.
  4. Game machine review: Meeting to be organized to explore new options.


  • To date finances are up by £14,000.00 in turnover.
  • Game machine revenue down by £1,450.00, with £300 down on pool table.
  • No hall refunds have been allocated since July 2018.
  • Hall bookings down from this time last year which reflects in the accounts.


  • Karaoke booked for the year.
  • Bingo regular slot will continue.


  • Bar staff meeting Wednesday booked.
  • We are still awaiting a boiler quote as recommended plumber does not wish to price for the work.- Ongoing action nick smith as he is in touch with another plumber who could help.
  • Gents toilets was vandalised by a group of young males, at a cost to the facility- bar staff to be urged to ensure hall door is secure when there is no function and to report anything suspicious.
  • Fake £50 notes going around: bar staff asked to ensure these are checked and to be vigilant.
  • Bar refurb meeting held last Tuesday.


Trust Report

  • The trust has granted £33,000.00 in varying denominations.
  • Fundraising team has been put in place for the proposed playing field plans.
  • The drawings in place for the proposed “Hub” will need to be re-drawn as it is thought the Scotts plan may not go ahead.

Any Other Business

  • Stephanie bonfield stated she felt the toilet seats in the ladies W.C, bar side, were looking stained and this did not give a clean appearance to those using them. – Stuart Harris kindly agreed to look at these and replace if needed

Close 21:10pm

Date of next meeting 18th February 2019