Minutes – 22nd April 2018


Library 22nd April 2018


John Webb, Trevor Banks, Jon Bunkell, Allen Harris, Ruth Rawthorn, Duncan Knight, Sandra Bumphrey


Mark Rawthorn

Open Forum

Nick Smith, Stephanie Bonfield and Catherine Porter would like to join the committee. Proposed on block by John Webb, Seconded by Jon Bunkell. All in favour.

Previous Minutes

Proposed by Duncan Knight, seconded by Jon Bunkell. All in favour.


Action Points

  1. Purchase a new glasswasher: Action JW - Ongoing
  2. Write to lifetime members to thank them: Action JW Ongoing
  3. Write to VP’s to ask join or donation: Action SB - Ongoing
  4. Check rules and come up with drugs policy: Action JW Ongoing
  5. Send Safeguarding policy to Stephanie Bonfield & Catherine Porter: Action SBump
  6. Changes to letter regarding drugs issue: Action JW & JB



  • Greene King purchases 33% up against national trend which is 8% down.




  • To date 134 tickets sold & 26 reserved for the Noasis tribute on 21st
  • Jon Bunkell e-mailed The Bohemians for a quote, they came in at £2450 plus VAT. Tickets would have to be £17.50 for members and £20.00 for non-members. They only had the 1st December available so we decided it was too expensive for near Christmas so maybe next year.
  • Stephanie Bonfield suggested getting a pop up cinema for the playing field, she will look into it.
  • We suggested selling tins at Funday but Trevor Banks said we will not know how many we need so will go to back to original plan although we do need to sell soft drinks elsewhere to stop the long queues but thi will depend on manpower.
  • We have received a letter from Tabitha Bonfield suggesting ideas for children, Jon Bunkell has written back to her.




  • Suspicions of drugs so purchased cocaine wipes. Washed down toilets & areas at 4.45pm, tested at 11.30pm and there was one area positive for cocaine. We devised a letter not accusing to all the people in the bar seen on the CCTV.


  • 4 of these letters were handed out and we received a lot of friction however alcohol was involved. We need to say we’re not discussing this now, come to a meeting and put your point across.
  • We can’t prove it, we’re just trying to stop it on our premises.
  • John Webb says the rest of the letters should get delivered.
  • Send Safeguarding policy to Stephanie Bonfield & Catherine Porter Action: SBump
  • Stephanie & Catherine to look at Safeguarding policy and compare to ones they have used from their work.
  • Trevor Banks suggested that letters get sent to every member and also that some people were unidentified on the CCTV as we do not know who they are.
  • Catherine suggested that the new policy should get sent to every member, Jon Bunkell agreed with this rather than sending the letter to everyone as we do not want to alarm everyone.
  • Letter changes Action: JW & JB
  • Refurbishment will be split into phases as there are 10 so far, had a meeting last week, JB to send costings and action points out to everyone.
  • Olly Jackson the Greene King Rep attended the refurb meeting, we have come with the idea of having guest lagers.
  • There is a 3 week period from the 16th July to fit the refurbishment in, the plan is to stay open and keep taking money.
  • The Beer festival went well, we don’t think we lost money, the music was good.
  • Thanks to Trevor Banks for all his hard work.
  • Minimum pay has increased to £8.00 an hour so we decided to increase function rate to £8.50 an hour as we now charge a function rate so can recoup some of it.



Trust Report


  • Nothing to report.


Any Other Business


  • Jon Bunkell reminded everyone about the Methodist EGM regarding the new building, his personal view is that it will be no good for us as they are planning on hiring out rooms for functions so could take away from us. A % of the trusts money goes back into the village.
  • Please comment on Babergh District website.

Close 9pm


Date of next meeting AGM Monday 21st May  2018 @ 8pm in the library


Entertainments 2018


18th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

27th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge


15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

17th - Quiz Night in Village Hall – CANCELLED


15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

17th - Race Night with Capel Plough in Village Hall

24th - Onion Band in Vine Lounge

29th-2nd - Beer Festival

31st - Childrens Easter Party - CANCELLED


7th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

19th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

21st - Noasis Tribute Act in Village Hall


17th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

19th - The Seventh House in Village Hall


27th - Pool Tournament & BBQ in Family Bar

9th - Funday at Playing Field

21st - Bingo in Vine Lounge

23rd - Karaoke in Vine Lounge


19th - Bingo in Vine Lounge


16th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

25th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

26th - Bar Olympics & BBQ in Family Bar & Vine Lounge


20th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

29th - Stiff in the morning in Village Hall


6th - Karaoke

18th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

27th - Halloween Party in Village Hall 4pm-6pm


3rd - Bonfire Disco in Village Hall

15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

24th - Christmas Fair in Village Hall


13th - Christmas Bingo in Vine Lounge

15th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

16th - Children’s Christmas Party in Village Hall 2pm-4pm

31st - New Years Eve in Village Hall