Minutes – 12th November 2018


Library 12th November 2018 20:00PM


John Webb, Jon Bunkell, Allen Harris, Duncan Knight, Mark Rawthorn,  Stephanie Bonfield, Stuart Harris, Ian Love, Trevor Banks, Ian Bramhill.


Ruth Rawthorn.

Open Forum

No-one in attendance

Previous Minutes

Proposed by J.Bunkell, seconded by D.Knight. All in favor.


Action Points

  1. Write to lifetime members to thank them after refurbishment, letter drafted: At proof stage
  2. Write to VP’s to ask join or donation: Action JW as will speak to G.Wiseman for assistance. - Ongoing
  3. Check rules and come up with drugs policy, both organizations involved: Completed and will be made available in 3 areas of the complex- Family bar/vine lounge/Hall entrance.
  4. Date provisionally set for open air cinema 31st August, full cost out and finer points clarified by next meeting. Action moved until January due to possible unavailability- ongoing.
  5. Look into prices for Vine Lounge blinds: Action ongoing yet meeting set for 4th November with Dean & Co.
  6. Allen Harris has resigned from the committee, but voiced his interest in helping where ever he could. All the committee thanked him for all of his efforts and time whilst on the committee.


  • Banking secure and full finances to be sent out very soon as have yet to be compiled.
  • Meeting with Greene king to be held 27th November, with a discussion on price increase.
  • Wine dragging GP down.
  • Stocktake was promising, with no issues highlighted.



  • IB suggested that going forward the possibility of having sub committees or marketing teams could work better for the holding and running of events.
  • Christmas hamper tickets are being sold at the Christmas fayre, being held In the hall. SB suggested asking bar staff to aid the sale of these by prompting customers. To date approximately £250 has already been raised.
  • New years eve – JW suggested all the committee could have a think about how this is held and send over ideas by next Monday 26th




  • Staff meeting overdue, yet there has not been time for this with other pressing matters needing attention. JW and JB to speak to staff individually regarding cleaning etc. Ongoing


  • We are still awaiting a boiler quote JB & JW to chase. – New quote now on its way- Ongoing
  • Meeting with Greene king on the horizon. MR suggested that more clarification is needed regarding barrelage on spirits. TB suggested that clarification was needed regarding pipe cleaning and the effect this has on stock take etc.
  • Orchard players have contacted to ask for the same set up as previous panto showings. All in agreeance.


Trust Report

  • IB stated that fireworks were a fantastic achievement by all and raised a good amount. Ian asked if anyone had anything they would like to discuss or add.
  • SB stated that of late it had been noticed that the hall and foyer smelt unpleasant and that scrutiny was possibly needed regarding the cleaning, especially form a first impressions aspect. The hall seems to collect a lot of dog hair following the puppy classes and thought possibly a large Swiffer type mop may be needed to keep it hygienic. It was also stated that the gent’s toilets (hall side), were smelling awfully strong (SH stated he could sort this via a plumber if needed).


Any Other Business



Close 21:00pm


Date of next meeting Monday 17th December 2018 @ 8pm in the library

Entertainments 2018


18th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

27th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge


15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

17th - Quiz Night in Village Hall – CANCELLED


15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

17th - Race Night with Capel Plough in Village Hall

24th - Onion Band in Vine Lounge

29th-2nd - Beer Festival

31st - Childrens Easter Party - CANCELLED


7th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

19th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

21st - Noasis Tribute Act in Village Hall


17th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

19th - The Seventh House in Village Hall


27th - Pool Tournament & BBQ in Family Bar

9th - Funday at Playing Field

21st - Bingo in Vine Lounge

23rd - Karaoke in Vine Lounge


19th - Bingo in Vine Lounge


16th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

25th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

26th - Bar Olympics & BBQ in Family Bar & Vine Lounge


20th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

29th - Stiff in the morning in Village Hall


6th - Karaoke

18th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

27th - Halloween Party in Village Hall 4pm-6pm


3rd - Bonfire Disco in Village Hall

15th - Bingo in Vine Lounge

24th - Christmas Fair in Village Hall


13th - Christmas Bingo in Vine Lounge

15th - Karaoke in Vine Lounge

16th - Children’s Christmas Party in Village Hall 2pm-4pm

31st - New Years Eve in Village Hall