Residents Letter – September 2017

Charity No 267775


c/o 5 Smithers Close

Capel St Mary





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September 2017


Dear Resident


We are all aware that there is considerable pressure being brought on Capel St Mary to have significant housing developments in a number of places around the Village. The UK Government is making this one of their aims and as a result local communities such as ours are facing the consequences of this decision.


Capel Community Trust (the Trust) has responsibility for the playing field, the Village Hall site and the play areas. As a registered charity Trustees are under a legal obligation to meet the needs of our stated objective which is the provision and maintenance of recreational areas in the Village for the benefit of all Residents and this is a commitment we take very seriously.


In the past five years Trustees have been able to deliver significant improvements to the Trust’s assets through sound financial management, excellent decision-making and support from Clubs, Residents, the Parish Council and the Community Association.


The Trust’s registered object will be under considerable pressure if the Village expansion goes ahead especially the considerable proposed expansion next to the playing field and near the A12. With the other development proposals added the Trust will potentially be faced with increased demand for the use of the play areas, the increased use of the playing field and the need for greater provision from the Hall.


As directed by the Village electorate the Parish Council are trying to resist the proposed development of the Village and the pressure this will put on roads, doctors, schools and other facilities and as our elected representatives they are taking a firm position on this.


Trustees recognise that the Parish Council have the difficulty of dealing with District Councils, County Councils and the Government on this issue and they may or may not be successful with their attempts to prevent the developments taking place.


Trustees hope for the best but must plan for the worst and do their best to influence any plans which might be submitted in order to maximise the benefit for the Village Residents under the terms of the Charity Commission.


Being a Trustee on the Trust Committee is taken very seriously by all Trustees and none more so than myself as Trust Chairman! There are no personal benefits for any Trustee for being on the Committee nor from any action we may take to influence the design of any proposal and I am happy that any action we take is transparent and honest.


I would like to see many more Village Residents attend our meetings to see the Trust in action and the sense of responsibility we take when making decisions on behalf of the obligations we have as Trustees.  


Much of the development of Capel St Mary took place in the 1970’s as the Village expanded and I can imagine that this development was resisted by those who lived in the Village at the time. However most of us now live in houses built at that time and are grateful that the Village expansion went ahead as we all enjoy living in our Village.


Trustees will continue to act responsibly and honestly and if this requires us to meet with developers in an attempt to influence their planning proposals in the interests of the Trust’s obligations we will continue to do so without any personal benefits and will always be willing to justify our actions.


We believe that the Trust can be more fully representative of the needs of the Village if other Clubs and Organisations would join with us to provide a single pressure group which will support our elected Councillors as they deal with the planning process.


The future of the amenities and assets of the Village for now and the future can and will be affected by the actions we take now and I would urge Residents to work with the Trust to get the best deal we can should the developments be allowed to take place.


Our next Trust Meeting is on Monday 25th of September in the Library at 8pm and I would appreciate the opportunity to hear any views from Residents who have concerns about the stance the Trust is taking.

If you would prefer to email any points or comments you wish to make please email them to  or use the phone number or address at the top of the page.


Yours sincerely


Mark Browning