Agenda – 27th November 2017

Charity No 267775



for the meeting to be held on Monday 27th November 2017

  Apologies for absence


55.11.17 Democratic ¼ hour


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 25th September 2017


56.11.17 Matters arising from the minutes


     57.11.17 Health & Safety Fire risk assessment  - Fire door from Library


Play area inspections

58.11.17 Ian Love Finance & Special Purposes


59.11.17 Mandy Marshall Review of Hires, Customers, etc


    60.11.17 Iain Bramhill & Stuart Harris Property & Assets

Repairs & Maintenance


61.11.17 Steve Bishop & Jon Bunkell Community Association
62.11.17 Stuart Harris Parish Council
Review of projects currently being discussed
63.11.17 Mark, Ian & Iain S106 & CIL investments


64.11.17 Mark Chairman’s action


65.11.17 Any Other Business

Xmas float

  Date of next meeting – December?




Circulation list:  M Browning, M Marshall, R Morgan, S Bumphrey, I Love, I Bramhill, S Bishop,

S Harris, J Gentry, D Busby, J Bunkell, S Powell, J Webb