Minutes – 24th February 2020

Charity No 267775

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 24th February 2020


Present:                      Iain Bramhill (chair), Chris Whitley, Richard Harris, Jon Bunkell, David Busby, Stuart Harris, Sarah Smy, Carolyn Love, Steve Bishop, Sarah Sadler, John Webb.


Public attendee’s:      Adrian Goodwin, Gareth Miller.


Apologies:                     None – All present


  1. Democratic ¼ hour.


2020-24-02 1.1           Adrian Goodwin stated that the height barrier is liked and has made a massive difference to the parking issue.


Sarah Smy raised with Gareth Miller the address for the Football Club on the Clubs website, Sarah said that the address is given as “Friars”. Gareth confirmed he is aware of this.


2020-24-02 1.2           Gareth asked for an update on the Insurance Claim following the break in at the Pavilion. Sarah Sadler stated that she had chased the claim and was told that the Insurers are currently “snowed under” and they apologies for the delay, She said she would call again in a couple of day and was advised not to as the situation would be the same. It was decided that as the Pavilion is not secure and therefor vulnerable to further malicious damage, Sarah Sadler would chase the Insurers again if she has not heard anything by Friday, and asked that due to the vulnerability the building is currently in, is it acceptable for us to go ahead with the repairs before the claim has been approved?


Action Point


2020-24-02 1.2           Sarah Sadler to contact Insurance company again and report back to Trustees with decision by Friday 28th February. Gareth to amend Football Club website with post code.



Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 27th January 2020


Proposed:        John Webb     Seconded:        Sarah Smy                   none against


Ongoing actions in review


2019-09-4.02             Bookings contract to be updated with damage clause.

                                    ACTION ONGOING: Carolyn to do this in line with implementing Hall Master


2019-09-4.03             Trial and testing of Hall Master to continue with Carolyn and Jon.

ACTION ONGOING: Jon has sent logins and account is running just need some time to get together, date of which is to be confirmed at the next meeting.


Post meeting note -Iain would like Hallmaster introduced so John Bunkell, Carolyn Love and Sarah Sadler agree details, notify and implement


2019-11-04.9               COMPLETE:     Chris Whitley to look into restructuring hire charges. Chris to get together with Sarah Smy and Carolyn to discuss draft.


2019-11-25 1.2           Iain Bramhill to continue to chase Babergh DC for planning permission. 

ACTION ON GOING:    Flood risk report and drainage strategy has been sent. Iain is hoping that within a 2-week period we could get approval.  If this is not the case Iain will chase.


Post meeting Note: Floods team are requesting a letter from Anglian Water Services to confirm their agreement and technical aspects of the proposal Iain chasing Anglian Water Services.


2019-12-16 2.3           Playground repairs ongoing

ACTION ONGOING:    awaiting better weather conditions



02.Matters arising from January’s minutes.


2020-27-01 4.2           Jon Bunkell will send pictures and measurement to Projector Point to obtain a quote for a projector


2020-27-01 6.6           Carolyn confirmed that Ian Love was working on the resolution of the chosen artwork at the time of the meeting. It was agreed that the images would be passed onto Sarah Sadler who will have them printed onto canvas, all the same size in black and white with a description included.


Action point’s


2020-27-01 4.2           Jon to obtain quote for a projector (ready for next meeting ideally)


2020-27-01 6.6           Carolyn to forward Sarah Sadler images for printing.  Action to be carried out as soon as possible


03 Finance and Special Purposes


2020-24-02 3.1           Month 1 year end is now with the Charity team – no foreseen issues, it can then be agreed at next months meeting and year end will be done. Everything in our precept application was agreed which is good.


2020-24-02 3.2           Funding of a topographical survey was raised – could we use a pot from the Parish Council for this? We think it will cost £1200 to £1500, this needs to be confirmed.


2020-24-02 3.3           Hall hires made £1700 in January. Not too much to report this month, Funday sponsorships are starting to roll in. The removal of the previous treasurer’s details are still ongoing.


Sarah Sadler asks if Administration is still to send out quarterly/annual invoices to clubs? Yes. Chris is to provide Sarah Sadler with new hire charges.


Action Points:            2020-27-01 3.1           COMPLETE      Dave to confirm Bowls Club payments.                  

2020-24-02 3.2           Iain to obtain quotes for a topographical survey in due course, Stuart to see is Parish Council has a pot for this.                                                                

2020-24-02 3.3           Chris to forward Sarah Sadler new hirer charges for invoicing.                                                                                                Sarah Smy



04 Bookings


2020-24-02 4.1           Not much to report this month, all ticking along nicely, lots of Children’s parties being booked in.


Action Points: None raised.                                                                                                              Carolyn Love


05 Property and Assets. Repairs and Maintenance


2020-24-02 5.1           Height restriction has been installed, roundabout will be repaired and spikes on roof will be replaced.  Two shorter shower hoses have been installed at the Pavilion as previous hoses were too long.


2020-24-02 5.2           Hedge cutting was carried out for Mr. Sunderland of Friars as requested. Mr. Sunderland was very pleased with the work and sent his thanks which was apricated. Mr. Sunderland also asked the trust if he could widen his area of litter collection? This was greatly appreciated and granted by the Trust.


2020-24-02 5.3           A quote for the repairs to the stage doors has been obtained at £1483, this will take 3 days to complete, preferably not at a weekend. It was stated that we would normally get 3 quotes, but this has not been possible. Stuart explained that this is quite a complex job. Other options such as Roller Doors were discussed, but later rejected as not practical.


2020-24-02 5.4           The leak in the Hall has been investigated – possibly due to a build up off moss on the roof along with the volume of recent rain fall. Stuart will ask Trevor to sort and carry out regular maintenance.


2020-24-02 5.5           Risk Assessments need to be reviewed, Should we appointment someone?


Action Points:


2020-24-02 5.2           Sarah Sadler to contact Mr. Sunderland to confirm his request and inform him that whilst carrying this out he will be covered by the Trusts insurance.


2020-24-02 5.3           Stuart to ask Trevor to look at moss on the hall roof.


2020-24-02 5.5           Iain and Carolyn will walk the building and make sure an assessment is done once a month. Jon will email over Funday Risk Assessment form for reference.

Stuart Harris


06 Community Association and Bar Refurbishment and Marketing


2020-24-02 6.1           All going well. Open Mic Night was a great success with a good turn out of both talent and customers on the night. This is a regular event held on the first Thursday of the month.


2020-24-02 6.2           The recent price rise has been accepted well by customers. Sky is proving expensive and will be reviewed as it has not made a marked difference. The Bar will probably lose the Fruit Machine as it is not being used.


2020-24-02 6.3           Stock take was spot on.


2020-24-02 6.4           Fun Day is progressing for the 06th June, Volunteers are needed.


2020-24-02 6.5           Discussion lead on to other events and Sarah Smy raised the question why are people in the community not coming out to events? Jon said they are looking at getting Ska’d for life back. It was agreed we need to work with the Association on putting on events that will bring family’s out. Ideas were suggested – Family Disco/BBQ, Race night. There is a lot to take into consideration and we need fresh ideas, we should take risks and see what happens.


Gareth Miller suggested that people were not coming out to events due to the bar prices – nonmembers having to pay 20p more for a pint than members. It was not seen as an unfair price difference by the Trust, it was stated that the Bar is a member’s club and members pay for said membership and therefor receive a reduced price to nonmembers.


2020-24-02 6.6           A new condenser unit for the air conditioner in the cellar has been purchased and installed. John passed on his thanks to Stuart for arranging funding by the Parish Council.


Action Points: None raised.                                                                                      John Webb and John Bunkell



07 Parish Council


2020-24-02 7.1           The Neighborhood Plan is now online, please review the plan and submit thoughts – this does not include a plan for the other side of the village. It was stated that if this plan is put in place, we would receive a lot of money from it – we need to show the village is behind it.


Action Points: None raised.


08 Playing Field Pavilion and Hall (Fundraising)


2020-24-02 08            Nothing to report this month.


09 Chairman’s action


2020-24-02 9.1           Is the new signage for the car park working? It was reported back to Stuart by a member of the community that in their opinion people coming into the village from the A12 will not see the sign. This raises the question do we need more signs? Leading on from this David raised the question do our branding logo colours need to be changed?



2020-24-02 9.2           Iain asked for an update regarding the creation of a formal hire agreement requested by the Capel Cheetahs. Sarah Sadler stated that she had finally received the information requested to produce the document before tonight’s meeting and would produce the document based on said information as a matter of importance.


Action points             2020-24-02 9.1           Iain and Stuart will look into the need of putting up 2/3 more signs.


2020-24-02 9.2           Sarah Sadler to draft and submit hire agreement for approval.


10 Administration


2020-24-02-10.1         Following last month’s meeting Jon, Carolyn and Sarah Sadler met to review the Trust website, decisions were made to simplify the site and to remove unnecessary sections. A link to Hall Master needs to be added. Carolyn and Sarah will meet with Andrew to go through the updates and changes on a date and time to be agreed.


2020-24-02 10.2         The yearly planner will be sent out to all so that it can be updated and actioned accordingly.


2020-24-02 10.3         This year’s AGM has been put back to Monday 23rd March. It is too late to advertise in Capers so Sarah will produce a notice to be displayed on Notice Boards.


2020-24-02 10.4         Sarah Sadler raised the question of do we have a log of keys holders? It was agreed a log needs to be in place.  Stuart had a list which needs to be updated.


(Capel Cheetahs hire agreement intended to be raised but already discussed).


2020-24-02 10.5         The library has requested a sturdier chair trolly for moving chairs back and forth between the Library and Hall. This request was approved, the options put to the trust for consideration by Sarah were decided not to be sturdy enough for the job required.


2020-24-02 10.6         Iain and Sarah Smy have discussed having the Kitchen refurbished, Iain has taken measurement and has provided Sarah Sadler with the information to obtain quotes. The Kitchen itself is very old, some cupboards being from the original fit. A refurbished kitchen will be more appealing to hirers. It was stated that as a village hall we do not need a food hygiene certificate. Iain asked Sarah Sadler to look into the asbestos report to see if the floor contained asbestos. Appliances need to be updated, better extraction is required, the lighting does not provide good task light, new power points need to be fitted. Once the quotations have been obtained the plan will be presented to the trust.


Action Points              2020-24-02 10.1         Carolyn and Sarah to meet with Andrew to implement website                                                changes by the next meeting.


                                    2020-24-02 10.2         Yearly Planner to be circulated.


                                    2020-24-02 10.3         AGM to be advertised.


                                    2020-24-02 10.4         Stuart to provided Sarah existing log to be updated.


                                    2020-24-02 10.5         Source appropriate chair trolly as requested by the library.


                                    2020-24-02 10.6a       Provide Iain with information required from asbestos report.

                                    2020-24-02 10.6b       Obtain 4 quotes for kitchen refurbishment.


                                                                                                                                                            Sarah Sadler


11 Any Other Business


2020-24-02 11.1         Are there any volunteers to arrange a Scarecrow competition around the village this year? Nobody was able to volunteer this year.


2020-24-02 11.2         John Webb asked if anyone had a contact at Capel Capers, because they distribute the magazine Capers have in the past donated a sum of money for doing this. Sarah Sadler said she will contact them.


2020-24-02 11.3         It was agreed that the access code for the doors will be changed once a year from now opposed to twice yearly.


202-24-02 11.4            Sarah Smy stated that the Section 106 may only have £15000 in it, to be aware.


Action point               2020-24-02 11.2         Sarah Sadler will contact Sandra at Capers by the next meeting.


2020-24-02 11.3         Sarah Sadler will update the yearly planner to reflect this decision.


Meeting Closed 9:15pm


Thank you to all who attended.


Date of next meeting Monday 23rd March 2020 at 7.30pm in the Library


Please ensure all action points are fully completed prior to the next meeting, if you are away / this cannot be done, please send a report