Minutes – 17th December 2018

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 17th December 2018


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair). David Busby, Jon Bunkell, Julie Gentry, Stuart Harris, Amy Baalham, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop


Apologies: John Webb, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Chris Whitley


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 26th November  2018

Proposed:        Stuart Harris               Seconded:        David Busby                 none against


02.12.18 Matters arising from the minutes.

Asbestos removal booked in for Monday 21st January.

Amy Baalham

The man who was supposed to come and give a quote for the boiler did not turn up so will look into it more after the new year.

Jon Bunkell

Have had good feedback on fundraising and have been progressing using own knowledge. Chris will be a good help with this. The next step is a public consultation. Lots of valid points and good feedback coming through from villagers.

Iain Bramhill

It has now been requested that we keep a quarterly record of all booking information and David has asked for a month of bookings in advance.

Mandy Marshall


03.12.18 Health and Safety

Stuart and Trevor have not had a meeting yet so nothing to report.

Stuart Harris


04.12.18 Finance

Ian was absent so no update this month, but all seems to be looking good finance wise.

Has been a record year for fundraising.

Iain Bramhill


05.12.18 Hires

Committee are now doing a New Year’s Eve party.

Joan’s coffee shop complained that the tables were dirty, but nothing has been said since.

Joan reported the mat by the front door is lifting again.

  • Trevor to repair.

Stage door pillar needs to be locked.

  • Trevor to do.

Lindon has sealed the floor.

  • Thank you letter to be sent out.

Café have been complaining that there is washing up left over before they get in, but nothing has been said since.

Invoices will now be sent out next month.

  • Mandy will sort this.

Mandy Marshall


06.12.18 Property and Assets. Repairs and Maintenance.

Vine lounge door has been repaired but both door handle springs have gone.

  • Stuart to buy/do.

Trevor has sorted the gutters at the Pavilion.

LED lights have been replaced in the hall.

Various other minor repairs have also been carried out.

Plastic covers to bolts have been replaced in the play area.

Stuart Harris


07.12.18 Bar and Events.

Meeting with Greene King went well, taking advantage of offers. They advised a price increase and functions will have a higher price rate.

Will be changing a larger to Guinness.

Email has been sent out to lifetime members about a party.

More people are joining as members.

Quote for electric blinds was £400+, ongoing.

Trevor has given the bar area a fresh coat of paint.

£340 raised from hamper, hopefully this will be a yearly thing.

£103,000 turn over this year.

The tiles are not holding the noise. People have stopped going to the coffee morning because it is too loud. Quoted £1500 to change them.

  • Jon to email them and ask for more samples as they are not doing the intended job.

Jon Bunkell


08.12.18 Parish Council.

Nothing relevant.

Steve Bishop


09.12.18 Playing Field and Pavilion.

Lots of feedback is being given from the exhibitions.

Phase 1 will be the car park.

Iain Bramhill


11.12.18 Fundraising.

Draft fundraising pack has been completed.

  • Marshall and Chris to meet and agree top 10 people to go to for help.

Iain Bramhill


13.12.18 Chairman’s actions.

Next year we need to start planning the Christmas Float in September’s meeting.

Need to be more forthcoming with decorations. Could buy new nice decorations and throw out old ones. Would need a plug socket for a smaller Christmas tree (7ft) in porch area.

  • Amy, Mandy and Julie to look through sales for new bits.

Tables need to be put out for the dementia group.

  • Mandy to give Trevor dates so he can arrange this.

How would the bar be run in the new Community Hub? Would it be run the same as in the Community Centre? By the Association? Football Club would want a drop in rent if this was the case.

Parish Council could also have their office in the Community Hub.

Artwork for bar needs to be sorted.

  • Ian to sort.

Both the Football Club’s and the Bowls Club’s leases have now been drafted.

  • Iain and Ian to send these out.

The website does not look very good.


Next meeting Monday 28th January 2019.