Minutes – 22nd February 2016

Charity No 267775


Minutes of Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 22nd February 2016

Meeting opened at 8.00pm following the AGM


Present: Stuart Harris, Keith Bridge, Richard Morgan, Sandra Bumphrey, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop, Ian Love, Iain Bramhill


Members of the public:  Terry Bramer stayed for a short time


Apologies: Mark Browning


Election of officers;

Chair: Mark Browning                Proposed Stuart Harris Seconded Steve Bishop             none against

Vice chair: Iain Bramhill             Proposed Stuart Harris Seconded Steve Bishop            none against

Treasurer: Ian Love                   Proposed Stuart Harris Seconded Richard Morgan         none against


11.02.16 Democratic ¼ hour nothing discussed


Approval of the minutes from the meeting held on 25th January 2016

Proposal: that the minutes are a true record of the meeting.

Proposed: Keith Bridge                          Seconded: Stuart Harris                         none against

12.02.16 Matters Arising from the Minutes

06.01.15b Risk assessments need reviewing. Now 12.02.16a Fire risk assessment was carried out by Guardian Fire Safety Management on 12 February and a lengthy list of improvements has been suggested. Meeting on Tuesday 15th March at 7.30pm in the Vine Lounge to discuss. What further risk assessments are required? Keith/Iain/Stuart/Ian           

06.01.15d Stuart is reviewing the Legionella report to ensure we are carrying out all remedial tasks. Stuart will pass the information to Richard. Try the high school for their opinion? Now 12.02.16b                                             Richard/Keith

21.06.15a. Stuart has made some progress with Highways through Gordon Jones and we have had a reply from Bypass. Stuart looked down manhole last week after rain and the water was not flowing. Stuart has contacted the council to find the rules on digging hole. Radio locator required to locate spot to dig a pit. Can Pat Tynan help?                              Stuart

56.11.15b Kids are climbing on the hall roof and Stuart has fitted spikes in various places to stop this...                

56.11.15c The yellow container on the field is dangerous and needs replacing. Agreed that once the field was dry enough it would be removed. Agreed that a sign saying keep off would encourage it to be climbed on. We feel we have taken every reasonable care at the moment. Is a cheaper option to reroof it rather than remove? Agreed that the Football club could build moveable dugouts on the pitch edge.                                                                                         Sandra

56.11.15d ROSPA report to be discussed and jobs prioritised. Now 12.02.16c Stuart felt the BMX fencing needed replacing rather than removing altogether. Play area gate at hall is still not working. Playquip swapped it the first time it failed but don’t want to replace it again. Stuart going to get quotes for a new gate and fencing. Hall play area entrance surfacing - , quotes received for £900 and £675 to lay block paving but Stuart has quote for grass matting which he thinks is sufficient. Need to review the repairs that Andrew is carrying out in the play areas.                                               Stuart

12.02.16d Chain link fence in basketball court needs repairing. Kris Thorpe to quote.                                            Sandra

04.01.16 Once the work has been carried out hirers will no longer be able to fix items to the walls. Discussion needed with Orchard Players to find their requirements and to make it clear there are to be no holes or fixings without permission Mark

05.01.16a Main hall doors - no further forward on the new system but agreed to spend £70 to replace the code lock on the main hall door.                                                                                                                                                        Stuart

05.01.16b Agreed to replace 25 chairs at a cost of £532 + VAT, total £639 from Strictly tables & chairs who provided them originally. Need to research new hall tables as the existing are heavy and don’t fit together.                          Sandra

06.01.16 Iain has obtained quotes from £300-£1000 for signs outside the hall. Gordon Jones to be approached to see whether he would consider funding this from his locality budget.  Stuart thinks we can install them without planning permission. To say Village bar and Lounge.                                                                                            Stuart/Iain

10.01.16 Booking agreement form to be amended for short and long term hiring.                                      Mandy/Ian


13.02.16 Marketing and Communication – Mark Browning

No report


14.02.16 Fund Raising – Keith Bridge

Keith had written a report which has been circulated. We need a questionnaire showing community support for funders.


15.02.16 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

Michael Buble nearly sold out. Association are running raffle if you can donate a prize. First 2 months rent cheques received. Trust bank details can be given for payment of ticket money.


16.02.16 Property & Assets – Iain Bramhill

Report to be circulated with minutes.

Stuart has replaced some lights outside the hall. Replace with LED in future. Discussed sensors in the hall toilets.

Request received for small tables and chairs from the Association for children’s parties. Agreed spend of £500 for 24 chairs and 3 tables.

Stuart had prepared a report which will be circulated with the minutes.


17.02.16 Community Liaison – Mark Browning

No report


18.02.16 Community Association – Steve Bishop

Nothing to report


19.02.16 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

The beacon proposed for the Queen’s birthday celebrations is fire resistant, 2m tall and will fit in the play area. Steve will be responsible for safety.

Parish Councils are forbidden to raise money for a war memorial so a separate committee has been formed. It can be maintained by the PC once it has been erected.


20.02.16 Any Other Business


Interim meeting is on Tuesday 29th March at 8.00pm in the Vine Lounge


Meeting closed at 10.45pm