Minutes – 22nd February 2017

Charity No 267775


Minutes of the meeting to be held on Monday 22nd February 2017 following the AGM


Present: Mark Browning, Iain Bramhill, Stuart Harris, Mark Rawthorn, Richard Morgan, Dave Busby, Jerry Gray,

Jon Bunkell, Julie Gentry, Mandy Marshall, Sandra Bumphrey


Apologies: Ian Love, John Webb


Election of Officers:

Chair:    Mark Browning                                 Proposed: Stuart Harris                                  Seconded: Julie Gentry

Vice Chair: Iain Bramhill                                 Proposed: Stuart Harris                                  Seconded: Richard Morgan

Treasurer: Ian Love                                         Proposed: Mark Browning                            Seconded: Richard Morgan

Mark has written to Keith to thank him for his time serving as a trustee.


Matters arising of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on 23rd January 2017

56.11.15c The Football club has replaced the yellow container on the playing field.  Mark went through the Memorandum of understanding that he had drawn up between the Trust and the Football Club. This has now been amended and sent to the football club but they are not happy with the content. The Trust is just trying to state that they have bought it and need to accept liability. Mark is happy to meet with Gareth and explain in more detail.    Mark               

51.09.16 Following the annual inspection it is apparent that Andrew is not checking the equipment thoroughly enough. From this a discussion has been started regarding whether a grounds man would be more appropriate as there are a lot of hedges etc. that needs attending to inc. around the house in Friars who are pursuing a subsidence claim. Stuart/Iain                                                                                                                                                               

AOB.10.16a.  Jon had purchased a new sound system for £434 by the Association and this is now available to use/hire.               

66.01.17 Mark has had a Marketing Strategy prepared by a consultant. Agreed this will be looked at in March after the AGM with the business plan. Discussion started. Send plan to new trustees, to be followed up by a meeting.     Sandra                                                                                                                                                 

68.01.17a We have had 2 people fall outside the building and on inspection the paths around the building are uneven. Suggested that the raised flower beds and crazy paving outside the library are removed and laid with grass. Agreed that a plan is required then we can get another comparable quote.                                                                                                            Iain

68.01.17b Stuart had a quote for £1100 to remove the large conifer outside the Vine Lounge.  Iris Tatton had agreed to its removal but another quote is required. Dave suggested BTS or advice from David Pitsey at Babergh.                              Stuart

68.01.17c Stuart has carried out some maintenance at the pavilion. One of the changing room doors may need to be replaced. Self closing gate at play area needs replacing – quote required from Ben for installation.                              Sandra

68.01.17d Signs need reviewing/replacing. Fastsigns will come and discuss once Mark is back at the end of March. Dave suggested speaking to Tom Wright at Hudson Signs.                                                                                                                              Sandra

68.01.17e Function on Saturday stuck sellotape on walls. Mandy has amended the wording in the contract and there is now a list of do/don’ts in the hall. Mandy thought a lower baton would be useful.                                                          Stuart

68.01.17f Hall car park is being used by non hall users when there are functions on in the hall – letter has been in Capel Capers and sent to the Methodist Church. Suggested that users can park at pavilion.

72.01.17 Vine Lounge door needs new hinges. Replaced in February by B Harris.                                                                                


Any Other Business:

The Library has obtained a quote for a new desk but need to raise the funds. Need to ask for the Self service screen to be removed from in front of the fire exit at the same time.                                                                                                                            Sandra

Joan has said that the heaters in the hall were blowing out cold air.                                                                                           Stuart

The roller shutters are not working properly. Stuart needs the manufacturer instructions so he can adjust them. Mark R

Tennis courts - suggestion made that one net could be removed in the winter so that footballers and tennis players could both play without the nets being damaged.                                                                                                                             Stuart