Minutes – 22nd January 2018

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on 22nd January 2018


Present: Mark Browning (chair), Stuart Harris, Julie Gentry, Iain Bramhill. David Busby, Mandy Marshall,

Jon Bunkell, Steve Bishop, Sandra Bumphrey, Ian Love, John Webb, Richard Morgan

plus Mark Rawthorn and Marc Ruse


01.01.18 Democratic ¼ hour

Jon reported that the urinals are leaking in the hall gents toilets.                                                                          Stuart


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 27th November 2017

Proposed: Stuart Harris              Seconded: Iain Bramhill                         none against

02.01.18 Matters arising

56.11.17a The meeting between the Trust, Football Club and Suffolk FA is on 24th January at 2.30 in the pavilion. Sandra

30.10.17a. The Parish Council had received a quote from Vertas following the meeting at the field regarding grass cutting but it was not what had been asked for. Chased 19/1/18. They had suggested that the apprentices on their training scheme might be able to help.

60.11.17a Vertas will cut the new turf at the hall from the Spring.                                                            

66.01.17 Mark has had a Marketing Strategy prepared by a consultant. Jerry is preparing a new Business plan and met with Mark and Iain on 7th November. They will meet again in February hopefully before the AGM.                          Mark

 68.01.17d Sandra, Dave and Iain had met with Hudson Signs and agreed the wording and design for the smaller signs. The proposed aluminium letters @ 300mm high with lighting has taken the quote to £4470 rather than the £4k originally agreed but it was agreed that this could go ahead. Planning received 25/1/18                                          

06.03.17b Discussion had around the Orchard Players steps which the Trust/Assoc use regularly. Agreed that new steps would be purchased once a suitable set is found. Chris Love has recommended Steeldeck.com                               Ian

01.06.17c Gifford had done some tiling in the pavilion kitchen.

30.10.17b Mr Smith has not replied regarding the broken internal door at the hall and Mark has written again. Mark would like to pursue through the small claims court and agreed that Mr Smith would be advised first.                                 Mark

30.10.17c Bowls club have requested that the conifers between the Bowls club and Hedgerows are trimmed. Agreed to accept the quote from The Room Outside for £925 to reduce the trees by 12 feet and consider removal. Due next week.           

30.10.17f Jon reported that the new glass washer is struggling and Patmore Water Softeners have quoted £995 plus VAT to install one at the hall. A new glass washer has been purchased with a filter.

57.11.17 Orchard Players – concern with the equipment in the gear store especially near the lights. Mandy has added a paragraph to their last letter and will now inspect as the panto has finished.                                                          Mandy

58.11.17 Trust event which gives a profit of approx. £700 - . Maybe smaller events to appeal to different group of people. Cooking event? Royal wedding? War memorial? Needs more thought.                                                                 All

59.11.17 Teenagers are using the foyer as a meeting place and we need to advise hirers that if they leave the door on the latch they are responsible for those that come in uninvited. Letters have been sent.                                                                                           

60.11.17b Working party at play area to paint fence and remove monkey bars. Christmas card sent to thank Chris Malster and Kim and Marshall Youpa.                                                                                                                                       

60.11.17c Graham Whybrow has taken the old posts.                                                                

60.11.17d Quote received for new blinds for the stage and kitchen from Dean & Co for £887.93 +VAT. Agreed to get a second quote for the kitchen from a supplier Ian has used and to ask the contractor who installed the library blinds for a quote for the stage.                                                                                                                               Ian/Sandra   

61.11.17a  GDPR which is due in May 2018 will mean we have to make some changes to membership and hall bookings and how we store data.                                                                                                                                   Mark/Mandy


03.01.18 Health & Safety

Fire risk assessment – 2018 review needs to be carried out. Sandra suggested we moved to a different company and Iain will suggest an alternative.                                                                                                               Sandra/Iain

Legionella  - pavilion water needs testing now new boiler installed.                                              

Floodlights – Stuart has suggested street light posts with a hinged joint to be able to access the light, approx. cost £750 for 3 posts plus lights and installation. Sandra to raise with Football Assoc rep on Wednesday.                          Sandra   


04.01.18 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

Charity guidelines have changed so Steve Bumphrey will need to pass the accounts onto someone else within Ensors who has the relevant qualification. This will mean the costs are higher than in previous years.

Trevor has quoted £2630 to pave the area outside the hall front entrance plus remove the stumps, flatten and seed the area where the hedge has been removed from alongside the play area. It was agreed this would finish the work that has recently been carried out.

Photos of Christmas float to go on website.


05.01.18 Review of Bookings etc. - Mandy

Hall hire is going well. Pickle ball is starting locally but they need the badminton lines so probably will not use our hall.

There is a socket on the stage which is 5amp and blows if used incorrectly. Needs to be changed/removed.          Jon

Mark requested some figures on hall usage                                                                                                                                               Mandy


06.01.18 Property & Assets – Stuart Harris

2 floodlights to be added on the bar side of the hall. Floodlight above new hall sign needs to be moved over the fire door. PIR detector to be installed outside library. Electrician to carry out these tasks on Friday.

New boiler installed at the pavilion on Friday, second one is still working but may not last many more years.

 Stuart has a list of jobs at the pavilion to do. Now roof has been replaced so now the hole above the gas meter needs to be filled. Need to check asbestos register. Ask Trevor to quote.                                                                                    Iain

Toilet in referee changing room is flooding toilet. Washing machine, tin roofing, boiler and microwave needs to be removed from the pavilion.                                                                                                                                 Stuart  

Additional costs for the paving work included changing to paving from concrete, repairing handrails and laying shingle in the car park.

The fire door and ramp from the library is finished. Darren Matthews has replaced the missing piece of flooring.

James Honeywood was suggested to clean grubby marks on the hall walls.                                                         Ian

Fire doors into hall are not staying open and are being propped open with chairs.                                                 Stuart

A12 side hedge and ditch still need clearing and trimming. Andrew Vellacott suggested.                                       Iain

Sandra suggested that the end wall of the pavilion is redesigned. Two big eyes were suggested.                          Sandra

The library desk is being replaced on the 5th February.

Dog poop on the field has increased and a discussion was had about how it should be dealt with. A5 leaflet to be designed by Andrew and distributed.                                                                                                      Ian/Sandra


07.01.18 Community Association - Steve Bishop

Tracy has resigned from the Association and has been thanked for her contribution. Last 3 months of 2017 was very good. Parking was a problem on Saturday again as the Methodist Church had a function on. Suggested leaflet to go on cars. Iain thought that February 24th was the next similar event.                                                                           Iain

Another quote has been received for the bar refurbishment which is £5k cheaper. Could we get grants for this?     Dave

Meeting to be arranged to go through the details with JW, JB, SB + IB, SP, DB, SH, IL plus designer.                    Jon

Fun day - main issues were parking and marquees. Please let Jon know if you are available.                                Jon

Concern over alcohol licence and whether it is 500 people on field or in pavilion. Discuss with Babergh                  Dave

Children are playing in the hall at certain times which is difficult for the bar staff to manage. Agreed that the bar staff can put a combination padlock on when required.     


08.01.18 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

Budget set at a 4.8% increase. Persimmon have submitted an application which goes to planning on 21st February to build 100 houses on the land off Little Tufts – public meeting in library on 5th February.


10.01.18 Chairman’s action – Mark

Residents letter to be sent with membership form and Dog poop flyer.                                                     Sandra


11.01.18 Any other business               

Dave can get labour from Hollesley prison. List of jobs required                                                               Ian/Dave

Dave suggested that the new Methodist could be better placed if it the Scotts development went ahead.

Clint would like to try a week night as well as his Friday night for an additional £25. He needs to buy a rubber cable protector when he is using the power from the hall.                                                                                  Sandra

Agreed that Marshall Youpa could approach the Trust if he wanted to have a curry stall.



Next meeting – AGM on Monday 26th February at 8pm in the library

Meeting closed at 10.10pm