Minutes – 22nd July 2019

Charity No 267775

 Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 22nd July 2019


Present: Stephanie Bonfield, Iain Bramhill (chair), Jon Bunkell, David Busby, Stuart Harris, Gareth Millar, Richard Morgan, Carolyn Love, Sarah Smy


Apologies: John Webb, Sarah Sadler, Chris Whitley


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 24th June 2019


Proposed:        Stuart Harris               Seconded:        Carolyn Love               none against


  1. Democratic ¼ hour.

Nothing raised


  1. Matters arising from the minutes.


2.1       Stuart outlined the 2 quotes for fencing the basketball and tennis courts.  It was approved to employ Countryside Quality Fencing for £1324 – the Parish Council will act as the client.


2.2       The toilet roll ‘issue’ is competing with The Mousetrap for the longest running show.                   SS


2.3       The request for trees to be removed – we will reduce the height of the hedge to approximately 1.8metres in September.  The residents will be asked to provide a copy of the surveyor’s report and will need to contribute to the cost of any tree reduction.                 SH & SS


2.4       Trevor will provide Carolyn with meter readings on a monthly basis.


2.5       All first aid boxes to be replaced.                   CL


2.6       The processing of documentation in the record’s room is on-going.                                    SS


2.7       Stuart has cleaned the play equipment in the children’s play area.


  1. Finance


3.1       Handover between Iain and Sarah Smy is ongoing, Ian is handling the day to day finances and this will continue until Sarah receives authority from the bank. Sarah and Ian have met, most aspects of the role have been discussed, a further meeting will be held in the near future regarding Parish Council funds to coincide with our next grant request.                      S Smy


3.2       Authorisation of the transfer of £10k for the bar refurbishment was approved.


3.3       It was agreed to take out of next year’s budget the ad hoc trust run event.


3.4       We have received the refund from Anglian Water £1481.


3.5       £250 for the Xmas trees needs to be paid.  Approved.


3.6       Fun Day income will be given at next month’s meeting.  They have a large amount of bar stock left over.                S Smy


  1. Hires


4.1       Carolyn has now made contact with all hirers.   Only 2 messages have been left on the old phone number so this is to be cancelled from 1st September.                      CL


4.2       The Hall Master booking system has been tested and it looks promising.  Carolyn and Jon to sort out the implementation.               CL & JB


4.3       The bookings contract has been updated with a damage clause????           CL


4.4       New disabled art group are a potential hirer.  Further chasing of new bookings will wait until the bar refurbishment has been completed.


4.5       The hall needs some new chairs – CL to check with previous orders and proceed with some replacements.             CL


4.6       There has been a complaint about the cleanliness of the windows.  CL to get quote on increasing frequency of cleaning the ground floor windows.  Currently £65 every 12 weeks.              CL


4.7       Concern from the Cheetahs about valuables left in the pavilion.  It was agreed that they could have access to a changing room which could be locked.  Generally, we need some clarification as to what they get for their £190 annual rent.               CL & IB


4.8       We should be looking to make better use of the field – could we expand the Cheetahs 5k day to include taster sessions for a number of sports?  CL & SS to look into expanding the number of users and the variety – without impacting on the quality of the football pitches.             CL & SS


4.9       Beacon Coffee morning s closing during August.

Carolyn Love

  1. Property Assets. Repairs and Maintenance.


5.1       The gent’s toilets have begun to smell again.                        SH

Stuart Harris

  1. Community Association Bar and Event


6.1       Work on the Bar has started successfully with a big thank you to all volunteers so far.  Stud work and lifting and replacing the floors will be done by the end of August.  We have received a competitive quote for carpeting the floor.  The project plan is to be updated and reissued.                   JB


6.2       Fun Day was a success although it depended on too few people having to work all of Saturday and Sunday morning.  If it is to continue, we need more people to volunteer before and after the opening hours.

Jon Bunkell and John Webb


  1. Parish Council


7.1       The Library’s previous request for sliding doors was discussed again.  Electronic doors were suggested as an alternative.  Jon to circulate a photo.  As for financing the changes, there are more pressing demands on the purse.                    JB

Stuart Harris


  1. Playing Field, Pavilion and Village Hall


8.1       Progress on the planning application is proving to be slower than hoped as the planners keep asking for more and more reports – the latest is a noise evaluation.

Iain Bramhill

  1. Chairman’s Action


9.1       Iain to look at an open evening to celebrate the bar refurbishment.

Iain Bramhill


  1. Any Other Business


10.1     The question of welcome packs for new residents was discussed.  The church does this so a more comprehensive review of the year for the Trust / Association / Parish to be considered.               IB



11.6     It was reported that on Friday 21st June it was discovered that tables and chairs were left out on the stage, the concern being has someone been there without consent? It was confirmed by Carolyn that there was no booking on that day.


11.7     Could there be a better use for the records room? It was agreed that documentation stored should be sorted, shredded or scanned. Sarah Sadler has agreed to undertake this task.


11.8     It has been noticed that a false statement regarding the Trust had been posted on the Capel St Mary Notice Board page on Facebook.



Please ensure all action points are fully completed prior to the next meeting, if you are away / this cannot be done, please send a report


The date of the next meeting is Monday 23rd September 2019 in the Library at 7:30pm