Minutes – 22nd October 2018

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 22th October 2018


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair). David Busby, Jon Bunkell, John Webb, Julie Gentry, Stuart Harris, Amy Baalham, Mandy Marshall


Apologies: Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Steve Bishop


01.10.18 Democratic ¼ hour

Gareth reports that there seems to be broken glass by the green shelter at the playing field most weekends.

  • Trevor will look here when he does his checks.


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 24th September 2018

Proposed:        Stuart Harris               Seconded:        John Webb                  none against


02.10.18 Matters arising from the minutes

Jon doesn’t have any contacts to get another quote for the boiler. Gareth said he will give Jon a name and number.

  • Jon to liaise with Gareth and arrange new boiler.


03.10.18 Health and safety

The play area report was very expensive and all little things that Stuart and Trevor were happy to do, this will also cut down on the cost.

  • Trevor and Stuart to carry out repairs.

The yearly fire risk assessment has been done recently.

Stuart Harris


04.10.18 Finance and special purposes

Ian was absent but sent through his information for discussion.

The hearing loop in the hall is now active.

There was a power cut during the performance due to the stage being underpowered. It has been suggested that the electrics be updated with the budget of £200. All voted.

Proposed:        Iain Bramhill               Seconded:        Stuart Harris               none against

There was a slight loss on the Abba event, but this was a good community event and everyone had fun, especially Marco! Bar take made up for loss. Events need better advertisement and a combined trust and association effort and committee. It should be highlighted sooner if events/ticket sales are struggling.

Financial report was discussed.

Extra access points are going to be put in.


Ian Love


05.10.18 Review of hires, customers etc

Having a joint association and trust entertainment committee was discussed as current committee is lacking enthusiasm.

Would Capel Capers advertise us in other areas?

Mandy’s often turning people away for Saturday nights. Spoke about dividing the hall so could have 2 bookings at once but would not be suitable using a curtain as noise would travel through.

Need to get more evening bookings.

Should we have dedicated time slots for Saturdays so we can fit more bookings in?

We need to collate data to take to the PC to prove that we need extra spaces.

  • Mandy to find out how many Fridays and Saturdays we have been booked in the past 12 months, how many we are turning away and how many are Capel residents.

Rules for 18th birthday parties were discussed.

They were sent out to a potential client.

  • If client refuses due to terms, ask for feedback.

Graham needs keys for the pavilion for bonfire weekend.

  • Amy to liaise with Graham regarding keys.

Need to do more/better marketing.

Mandy has jury service for 2 weeks starting 29th October but will still be working.

Having a weeks annual leave starting 6th December.

  • Amy to cover this week.

Ian is preparing a user guide for the hall to go in the user pack.

  • Ian to complete.

Hire prices need to be reviewed.

  • Mandy will compare prices from local village halls etc.
  • Iain to discuss prices with Ian.

Mandy Marshall


06.10.18 Property and assets, repairs and maintenance

Allotments may be able to store grass cutting equipment as there is more security there.

FC could possibly get grants for such equipment.

PC is having a meeting with a potential grass cutter soon but cannot do much until they know their budget.

What equipment would be needed if we chose to get our own?

  • Stuart to create a proposal with costs and equipment.

The hall fire doors need new hinges.

  • Stuart is dealing with this.

The broken table are on the stage.

Trevor’s job list needs reviewing.

  • Stuart to look at urinals blockage and stop smells.

Stuart Harris


07.10.18 Community Association and bar refurbishment

Gross profit was slightly down this year due to the sugar tax and refurb etc.

Going to have a meeting regarding prices soon.

Gin has been very popular.

Done well behind the bar on the Abba night.

Could do extra marketing with members birthdays.

3 ladies have shown an interest in helping with the entertainment.

  • Jon and John to contact.

Safeguarding was reviewed, and all are happy with it.

Go with first quote to remove the asbestos.

  • Amy to arrange.

John Webb and Jon Bunkell


08.10.18 Parish Council

No update this month as Steve Bishop was absent.

Steve Bishop


09.10.18 Playing field and pavilion

Football Club feel this is not going in the speed they were expecting.

  • Iain to have another meeting with the Football Club.

Iain Bramhill


10.10.18 Village hall parking

  • Jon to give Stuart Billy’s contact details.

Coop may be able to contribute towards parking, they are awaiting to hear back from head office.

Unsure of the destination for the play area.

Waiting to see if we have support from the PC and Methodist Church are on board.

  • Stuart to report back with if PC are in support.

Iain Bramhill

11.10.18 Fundraising

Tony Bass has a fundraising template to combine with Marshall’s.

  • Iain to pass to Marshall once he receives it from Tony.

Iain Bramhill


12.10.18 Precept

Iain, David and Ian created a precept slideshow and presented it to the PC. The meeting went well.

Thank you to Ian for all his hard work creating the slideshow.

Iain Bramhill


14.07.18 Chairman’s actions

Need to demonstrate the need for the new pavilion.

  • Amy and Iain to create a questionnaire regarding this.

Iain Bramhill


15.08.18 Any other business

Jon reminded all about needing to come and help clean up the hall after the bonfire night disco.

Jon Bunkell

Yearly planner was started by Sandra.

  • Amy to discuss this with Sandra and continue it.

Iain Bramhill


Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 18th Decmber at 7:30pm in the library.


Post meeting notes:

  • Arrange Christmas float details. (To go in November in yearly planner).
  • Float
  • Float decoration time
  • Father Christmas
  • Capel Capers letter
  • Routes to be planned
  • Suits and collection boxes
  • Organise Christmas tree from By-Pass Nurseries