Minutes – 23rd January 2017

Charity No 267775


Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on 23rd January 2017


Present: Mark Browning, Stuart Harris, Julie Gentry, Sandra Bumphrey, Iain Bramhill, Richard Morgan, Mandy Marshall,    Ian Love, Jon Bunkell, Steve Bishop


Apologies: Keith Bridge


64.01.17 Democratic ¼ hour no one present


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 28th November 2016

Proposed: Stuart Harris                          Seconded: Iain Bramhill                                     none against


65.01.17 Matters arising


56.11.15c The Football club has replaced the yellow container on the playing field with a newer red one. It will be painted green in due course. Mark went through the Memorandum of understanding that he had drawn up between the Trust and the Football Club. This has now been amended and sent to the football club but they are not happy with the content.

The Trust is just trying to state that they have bought it and need to accept liability. Mark is happy to meet with Gareth and explain in more detail.                                                                                                                                             Mark                                                                                                                                                                

01.08.16a Business plan - Mark suggested that the new committee review after the AGM.


47.09.16a Tables - strictlytablesandchairs.co.uk sell tables for £137 + VAT for 6ft, £127 + VAT for 5ft 6in. Trolley is £245 to hold 6 tables. Once we have a photo of the underside of the table we can either order 1 or 12 plus trolley. 10 tables and a trolley have been ordered from UK Educational furniture for £2955. These are the same design as the small tables we ordered earlier in the year and have stronger legs. Due to arrive on 27th January.


51.09.16 Play area inspections - following the inspection it is apparent that Andrew is not checking the equipment thoroughly enough. Stuart will talk to Andrew.                                                                                                     Stuart


AOB.10.16a Xmas float, 10th and 11th December – Jon has ordered maroon high vis vests in various sizes with the joint logo, to be used at this and other events. We could have badges to attach to the front for each event. Discussion was had around how this event could be improved as none of the committee look forward to it. Suggestions were to collect on one evening only by reducing the collection area, set up around the village hall or stating in the Capers that unless more people were found the event would be cancelled.

Working party to be set up in October 2017 to arrange the collection. Agreed that £500 could be spent on a new sound system which could also be used for functions. Some new lights have been purchased by the Association.            Jon


AOB.10.16 Notice board is now on the correct wall but the holes need filling. Trevor will do when he paints the stage.                                                           

58.11.16a Car park sign – need to add ‘parking for patrons only’. Discussed positioning of sign and agreed that a double sided sign would be better. This is now in place.


58.11.16b Hall chairs need sorting through again as some are torn and stained. We have 200 chairs that are still in good condition. The old plastic ones on the stage have been removed along with some of the ones that came from Brantham.

1000 leaflets costing £28 advertising Michael Jackson tribute and the free hall hire have been distributed in January. Michael Jackson is sold out, 177 tickets sold and a reserve list in place. Next leaflet planned for May to advertise the 70’s band and fun day.


66.01.17 Marketing and Communication – Mark Browning

Mark has had a Marketing Strategy prepared by a consultant. Agreed that this will be looked at in March after the AGM along with the business plan.                                                                                                                             Mark

Community Forum still needs to be tackled. Mark has emailed Dave Busby, county councillor who lives in the village to see if he would like to be involved. Mark, Mandy and Sandra are aiming to meet fortnightly to progress issues including the website.


67.01.17 Fund Raising - Keith Bridge

Harvest Moon donations will stop soon and we agreed that a plaque will be put up in the hall and at the Harvest Moon.


67.01.17 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

Ian handed out the figures to the end of December. £15653 received in hall hire. Expenditure was lower than expected. £39478.10 held across the 3 Trust accounts. £36500.00 has been agreed by the Parish Council through the precept.

Accounts have been prepared in draft format and will be ready for the AGM.


68.01.17 Property & Assets – Iain Bramhill

We have had 2 people fall outside the building and on inspection the paths around the building are uneven. Suggested that the raised flower beds and crazy paving outside the library are removed and laid with grass approx. cost £2500. To replace the path around the building with slabs would be approx. £1100. Possibly another £1500 to deal with the area around the manhole outside the library. Agreed that a plan is required then we can get another comparable quote. Ian

There is also a trip hazard outside the hall fire exit and holes in the car park.  

Comments had been made to Babergh regarding drainage of the field on the new proposal by Bypass nurseries.

Lighting around the building had been discussed at the Association meeting and it was agreed that it could be better.

Stuart had a quote for £1100 to reduce the large conifer outside the Vine Lounge. This is in Iris Tatton’s garden but Stuart had been unable to speak to Iris regarding this as yet.                                                                               Stuart

Stuart has carried out some maintenance at the pavilion. One of the changing room doors may need to be replaced.

Self closing gate at play area needs replacing – quotes required                                                              Sandra

Signs – we have a new one outside the hall but the ones at the play areas need replacing. Internal signs in hall need updating as well. Arrange for sign company to come in and quote.                                                           Sandra

Function on Saturday stuck sellotape on walls, Mandy to look at wording in contract.                                Mandy

Car park – letter to go in Capel Capers and to the Methodist Church. Notes to go on windscreens as well. Sandra

Discussion had around the charges for the Leap a Long lady who wants to hire the hall on a more regular basis.


69.01.17 Community Liaison – Mark Browning

Discussed earlier


70.01.17 Community Association – Steve Bishop

 New Years Eve was a success. Glass washer needs replacing, approx. cost £1000. Could it be serviced?


71.01.17 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

There will be a 1.7% increase on the Parish Council portion of the council tax.  Planning application decisions have been delayed until end of February at least.


72.01.17 Health & Safety

Cabling behind the bar and TV has been raised as an issue but will be addressed as part of the refurbishment.

Library fire exit door will be looked at this year.

 Vine Lounge door needs new hinges.                                                                                                    Stuart

Uneven surfacing around the hall has already been addressed.


73.01.17 Any Other Business

Mandy gave an update on hall hire. New booking for a Bereavement councillor fortnightly in the library.

AGM on 27th February – Ian to amend trustees report and circulate.


Next meeting- AGM on Monday 27th February at 8pm in the library

Meeting closed at 10.05pm