Minutes – 23rd May 2016

Charity No 267775


Minutes of the interim meeting held on Monday 23rd May 2016 at 8pm in the library


Present: Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Stuart Harris, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop, Keith Bridge, Julie Gentry, Sandra Bumphrey


Apologies: Mark Browning, Iain Bramhill


Matters arising from the April meeting

06.01.15d Legionella report – the water gets checked and recorded but the flushing/descaling of the showers is not. Still need to put a process in place Quotes to be obtained from GES and Nemco for cleaning the tank in the pavilion.                                                             Sandra          

21.06.15a. Stuart has made some progress with Highways through Gordon Jones and we have had a reply from Bypass. Stuart looked down manhole last week after rain and the water was not flowing. Stuart has contacted the council to find the rules on digging hole. Radio locator required to locate spot to dig a pit. Can Pat Tynan help?                                                          Stuart

56.11.15c The yellow container on the field is dangerous and it was agreed that once the field is dry it would be removed.                                                                                                    Stuart

22.04.16a A new form had been given to Andrew for carrying out the play area checks.  Sandra

16.02.16a Request received for small tables and chairs for children’s parties. 4 timber top tables x £195 to seat 8 children. £11.30 x 24 chairs in blue, green and yellow.Total £1051.20 + VAT.

Proposed Stuart Harris                       Seconded Ian Love                none against.

   01.03.16 Fire safety training with Paul Rodwell is on 3rd June at 1.30pm. IB, SB, SH & KB had a meeting recently to start working through the points requiring action on the assessment.   Sandra

07.03.16 Great discussion was had around the BMX track.  Agreed that as we haven’t the funds for this at present we should get quotes to remove the jumps and use the soil to level the wet area near the A12 gate. It was felt that the BMX track could not be left open so either the fence was replaced or the jumps removed. Tony Gulliver and Steve Prior have small diggers. Quotes required.                                                                                                                                    Stuart

08.03.16 Teen shelter has been burnt after the dumped sofas were set alight. Stuart estimates that £400 of materials are required to repair and repaint. Gifford to be approached to see if he would quote.                                                                                                                Stuart

22.04.16b The piano has been on freecycle and is awaiting collection                    Sandra

22.04.16c Agreed to wait until the door is replaced in June to change the door code. Stuart to give Mandy the new code 2 weeks in advance so we can advise the hirers. Stuart/Mandy

22.04.16d Discussion had around the hiring of the playing field for a birthday event. £75 minimum charge? A contact of Tracy who hires bouncy castles wants to hire the field for 2 days suggested cost £200. Tracy has now booked the hall and the bouncy castle man has not replied.                                                                                   


Hall refurbishment - Stuart and Iain had met with Trevor and the electrician and Iain had sent round the outcome from the meeting. Orchard Players will fit the required batten to the stage ceiling and remove all other hooks etc.  

After much discussion it was agreed the Trovex panels should be in calico (neutral colour for the items we can’t change easily). Happy for the acoustic boards to be white. Agreed Dulux paint numbers 206 20/199 + 52/107. Just the doors at either end in the darker colour not the whole end walls. We have put some tester pots in blues and purple on the pillars in the hall. Please look to see which you prefer.


Bottle bank – we have received a request from Babergh to move the bottle bank at the hall to a more visible location or have it taken away. The bar should not be putting their glass waste in it but have a separate collection. New rules are currently being implemented. Agreed that the grass in front of the play area is not suitable. Association could go from receiving £300 p.a. to paying £182 p.a.    Sandra


Friars claim – Keith has spoken for the adjusters acting for Friars but hasn’t been able to speak to our insurers Zurich. He has chased them several times. Lorna from CAS has chased on our behalf. It will be a 3rd party liability claim. Constable Country Tree Care are visiting on Wednesday to quote to trim the hedge.


VH conference - Richard went through the notes from the conference which he found worthwhile.


Pavilion notice board – Agreed to spend £293 + VAT unless a cheaper option can be found.

Proposed Stuart Harris     Seconded  Keith Bridge           none against


Timber in play area - planks on platform need replacing at hall play area. Ben Harris to quote and replace. 


Mandy had an issue on Saturday when the hall had been booked for roller skating but Jon was drying a bouncy castle in the hall.


Surfacing under toddler swings at hall is to be laid week commencing 13th June. Stuart says the area around the roundabout needs to be raised.


Area around bus shelter has not been cut – is it on the general list or the play area list. Needs doing before 11th June as there is a jubilee event there.                                                                    Sandra


John Webb has reported that they were unable to open left hand door of the gear store to get the table tennis out at the weekend. Orchard Players have been advised.                                                  


Stuart says the fire exit in the library has too high a step and isn’t suitable for a wheelchair user. May need to apply for a grant to fix.                                                                                                             Stuart


Structural engineer came out last Friday to look at the Family bar but needs some holes cut to get a better idea of what’s behind. No charge as yet.



Meeting closed 10.30pm