Minutes – 24th July 2017

Charity No 267775

 Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on 24th July 2017


Present: Mark Browning (chair), Stuart Harris, Julie Gentry, Sandra Bumphrey, David Busby, Mandy Marshall,

Jon Bunkell, Richard Morgan, Steve Bishop

plus George Wiseman (Bowls Club) and Gary Bunkell (War Memorial committee)


Apologies: Iain Bramhill. Ian Love


Jerry Gray has resigned due to other commitments and non attendance at meetings. Mark has spoken to someone else who will hopefully attend the September meeting.


23.07.17 Democratic ¼ hour

The committee walked to the A12 end of the field and had a discussion around the location of the skate park, George put forward the views of the Bowls Club – they have no objection to a skate park if it is as far away as the BMX track.

Gary Bunkell attended on behalf of the War Memorial committee to thank the Trust for allowing use of the area outside the hall for the dedication in November 2018. Suggested that due to the success of the Garden party the Trust might want to consider arranging an event around this as attendance could be several hundred. Keep free in diary.                     Mandy

George and Gary both left.


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 27th March 2017

Proposed: Stuart Harris                          Seconded: Dave Busby                         none against


24.07.17 Matters arising

56.11.15c Mark met Gareth at the pavilion on 30th March to discuss the Memorandum of understanding and is waiting for Gareth to rewrite the sections he is not happy with. Meeting with Gareth on 25th July.                                       Mark

66.01.17 Mark has had a Marketing Strategy prepared by a consultant. Agreed this will be looked at in March after the AGM with the business plan. Discussion started.                                                                                                Mark

 68.01.17a We have had 2 people fall outside the building and on inspection the paths around the building are uneven. Suggested that the raised flower beds and crazy paving outside the library are removed and laid with grass. Iain had drawn a plan so we can get some comparable quotes. Ausco, Bonfield Brothers, T & L Banks and Vertas have been asked to quote. Further discussion had around slope from fire exit in library.                                                          Iain

68.01.17b Stuart had a quote for £1100 to remove the large conifer outside the Vine Lounge.  Iris Tatton has agreed to its removal but not to pay.  Richard had obtained a quote for £600 + VAT to remove top plus £250 + VAT to remove stump. Suggestion made to contact Highways for their opinion.                                                                                      Sandra

68.01.17d Signs need reviewing/replacing. Fastsigns have quoted £4696 + VAT for the suggested signs. Hudson Signs had provided a second quote over £2000 cheaper. Need to send Fastsigns designs to Hudsons.                               Iain

06.03.17b Discussion had around the Orchard Players steps which the Trust/Assoc use regularly. Agreed that new steps would be purchased once a suitable set is found. Ian to talk to Chris Love.                                                  Ian

 06.03.17c Capel Building Services Ltd has quoted £11500 to replace the hall kitchen. The kitchen at Babergh might be available for a nominal fee but we would need to remove and bring over. There was enough equipment to potentially equip the hall, bar and pavilion.  Dave will discuss with Babergh but unfortunately someone else is interested.       Dave

22.05.17a Door code to be changed from August.                                                                                               Stuart

22.05.17b Cleaning doesn’t seem to be every bank holiday as there have been a few times when the hall has been dirty. Need to establish when Gifford should be working and adjust if necessary. Ian had found a contract which says 365 days.

Discussion with Gifford needed so alternative arrangements can be made when necessary.                                  Stuart

Discussion went on to an incident at the weekend where the stage door was damaged but the hirer has agreed to fix this.

01.06.17a The Methodist church held a Health event on Saturday and Andrew Sankey spoke to Sandra to establish who was using the hall to avoid conflict. Unfortunately this still resulted in the main hirer (Lyndon) being unable to park his car in an official space. Ian offered to discuss with the church leaders. Car park is full on a Monday morning. Leaflets to go on cars. Purchase cones ‘No parking’.                                                                                                       Sandra/Ian

01.06.17b Pavilion ceiling – Stuart has cleaned the blocked valley and suggests some paint may be needed.

01.06.17c Kitchen needs work doing including tiling and kick boards. Mess around the deep fat fryer. Trovex? Iain/Stuart

01.06.17d Library - Jon is going to look at improving the speaker set up for cinema events. Mark suggested that the hall could be used as the cinema is now so popular. Jon thought the cost could be £5000.                                                                                             

01.06.17e Email received from a majorette group asking to hold an event next summer – need more information but agreed could work. Waiting for more information.                                                                                                                                                  

01.06.17f Karaoke – email received by Cabsmart asking to hold a heat in the hall free of charge. Didn’t go ahead as we were expected to run the event.   

01.06.17g Library sign – the library signs have been upgraded and they have a new finger sign pointing from the car park. The Trust wants to standardise all signs so this will need to fit with the new design.                                                                             Sandra  

01.06.17h Fun day – Excellent day but agreed to review marquees and car parking as well as other items before next year.

01.06.17i Pavilion car park – needs hatch lines by the side gate to advise of emergency access.                                                                  Stuart

01.06.17j Capelstmary.org.uk to be moved from Gina Tidy - Andrew to apply to move it over.                                Ian

01.06.17k As the Fun day program looked so good this year it was suggested that a xmas program could be produced showing what the Trust had achieved over the past few years. Agreed that it was too short notice for this year.

Christmas float – now that Mark Ward is not involved we need to think of how the float is going to work. Stuart will look at hiring a van. Steve will discuss with Mark W. Put on agenda for September meeting.                                         Sandra


25.07.17 Health & Safety

Play area inspections are due in September. Need to check we’ve covered everything from last year.                Stuart           


26.07.17 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

Ian had sent the figures by email. Hall income is still ahead of predicted. Jon suggested that the Association rent should show as being on track and the maintenance figure reduce to allow for the roller shutters.                                     Ian

27.07.17 Review of Bookings etc. - Mandy

5th August is a Dog show on the field. August is busy especially the bank holiday weekend. The hall looking better is helping hall hire as Mandy is not embarrassed to show people round. Asked if we should advertise more widely but the only evening free is a Monday.  


28.07.17 Property & Assets – Stuart Harris

More work is needed to the brickwork at the hall on the disabled access. Jim Davis has been asked to mend the front door at the pavilion and replace the winder on the hall window that breaks regularly. New light sensor is needed at the hall. 

The library has a new computer so the fire exit is no longer blocked.


29.07.17 Community Association - Steve Bishop

Request has gone into Greene King for £10,000 to start the refurbishment. Everything going well. Couple of Friday nights where larger groups have gone into the Vine Lounge but it is still open to residents.


30.07.17 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

Mark, Iain and Ian had met with Chris, Les and Julie from the PC to discuss what funds might be available through S106/CIL if the proposed developments went ahead. What does the village as a whole want/need? Babergh will get a proportion of the levy but all villages are able to apply not just those where development is taking place. Need to be ready with a Capel plan when the funds become available.  Mark also mentioned that perhaps a longer lease could be looked at for the clubs. Stuart made some suggestions including a new pavilion.  Meeting on 14th August at 7.45pm in the pavilion to discuss what the Trust and Association want. Plan of village needed.                                                                      Stuart


All current projects have already been discussed.


37.07.17 Any Other Business

Add Christmas float and Bonfire night to next agenda                                                                                          Sandra


Next meeting - Monday 14th August at 7.45pm in the pavilion to discuss the way forward using the S106/CIL funds.


Meeting closed at 10.15pm