Minutes – 24th September 2018

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 24th September 2018


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair). David Busby, Jon Bunkell, John Webb, Richard Morgan, Julie Gentry, Stuart Harris, Amy Baalham


Apologies: Ian Love, Mandy Marshall


01.08.18 Democratic ¼ hour

Residents of Friars attended to express their concerns over the growing parking issues down their road during match days. A letter has been typed and signed by the residents and Iain now has this. The letter was sent to all trustees prior to the meeting to read and it was discussed during the meeting and options were spoken about to assure residents that this is a top priority of ours and that we are taking the situation very seriously.

  • Discuss parking with all clubs from the pavilion and respond to the residents’ letter.

Iain Bramhill


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 16th August 2018

Proposed:        John Webb                  Seconded:        Stuart Harris               none against


03.08.18 Health and safety

Fire risk assessment – AFS visited in August, looked at lighting in particular as will have new lights in bar area after the refurbishment. 3 lights had failed so will be replaced. Trevor was shown how to test the fire alarms and David and Amy were also shown as back up.

Legionella – Nothing new to report. Trevor to pick up?

  • Stuart to speak with Trevor.

Play area inspections – Due 27th September, will be using a new company from Hadleigh, issues include a broken fence post in play area at the field and a hedge that needs trimming back.

  • Trevor has a hedge cutter somewhere, he could possibly do it?

Yellow lines for emergency access need redoing as faded for both pavilion and hall.

  • Again something Trevor could do?

Stuart Harris


04.08.18 Finance and special purposes

Ian sent out the monthly figures. Thorington joinery invoice for £7,018. Ian is wanting to buy 2 more gazebos and willing to let the war memorial team borrow them for their event, all approved.

Ian Love


05.08.18 Review of hires, customers etc

Mandy is away but the diary is busy as usual. A few events have been cancelled recently but the dates have been taken by other customers so not missing and income.

  • Amy to work with Mandy on updating price list, adding an hourly meeting rate for the vine lounge and adding new trust logo and association logo, adding when it was last reviewed.

Amy Baalham and Mandy Marshall


06.08.18 Property and assets, repairs and maintenance

Electrician quote for the street lights came in at £4971 in total, £470 per box. Is this really worth it? Is it really needed? It’s a lot of money to spend out. Grass reinforcement mesh is coming out expensive.

The village is in need of a groundsman. Could we persuade the PC to put money aside to be able to sort out grass cuttings? If we had our own equipment where would we keep it?

It currently costs us £10,000 a year with Vertas to have the grass cut and it is not to a high standard. Gareth has 3 quotes for new companies to come and cut the grass and were all about the same price but some would be happy to charge less if we had our own equipment they could use. Gareth suggested that the football club would be happy to pay for this within reason.

Stuart Harris


07.08.18 Community association and bar refurbishment

Big thank to everyone for all their help, we are now finished. Thorington quoted £10,500 to do the other side, maybe start July? Boiler quote was £3400.

  • Jon will get another quote
  • Amy to get 2 more quotes for the asbestos removal

There will be a party for life time members between Christmas and new years. Prices will be going up next year.

  • Amy to sort renewals of memberships for next year

Have had to cancel a few events as a lot of things have been going on and there has not been enough time to put them together.

John Webb and Jon Bunkell


08.08.18 Parish council

No update this month as Steve Bishop was absent.

Steve Bishop


09.08.18 Playing field and pavilion

Open discussion about what we could do.

Option1 – use another location for the playing field like Thorney? Could then sell current area.

Option 2 – Wait and see what happens with Scotts and see what we can get from them?

Option 3 – Forget Scotts and go ahead with current pavilion plan, could add MUGA in at a later date to prevent expenditure for now. Would this restrict space for fun day and bonfire night?

  • 20 year plan needs to be made.

Proposal by Iain Bramhill to put the effort into fundraising for the new pavilion now, site can be changed later on if needed as plans could stay the same or be tweaked. Do what the FA needs to get the ball rolling. Seconded by John Webb and none against.

Iain Bramhill


10.08.18 Village hall parking

Setches have been done for the parking, issue is the play area. Could put a toddler area by the vine lounge with benches to create a beer garden and then have a separate part out the front for the teenagers e.g. exercise equipment. Could maybe use section 102?

  • Need to decide where to put play area

Tony Bass from the Babergh district council separatory group believes car park could be SIL money but would that be better for the pavilion?

Iain Bramhill

11.08.18 Fundraising

Marshall, Iain, Gareth and Adrian have been looking at fundraising and have been given some contact through various other clubs and charities. Gareth and Adrian have been speaking with the FA about funding. Marshall

has started a document to send out when applying for funding.

  • Marshall and Amy to go through document together

They would like more people to join the fundraising committee, John suggested asking the playing field users to help out? Richard offered to join the committee.

What are we spending on maintenance for the playing field?

  • Committee to have a formal fundraising meeting with the PC and football club in the near future

Iain Bramhill


12.08.18 Precept

Iain, David and Ian will create a precept slideshow soon and will then inform trustees.

Iain Bramhill


13.08.18 Hire conditions

Mandy is away so this can be discussed at next month’s meeting.

Iain Bramhill


14.07.18 Chairman’s actions

Business plan has been circulated as advised.

Chairman’s letter – This year’s letters were done in January and June, next one due in October, we can include details of the Christmas collection, fireworks display and put something in there to say how successful the fun day was and mention that the bar refurbishment has finished.

  • Amy and Iain to create letter for Capel capers

Iain Bramhill


15.08.18 Any other business

It has been requested that we display the scroll from the war memorial service in the building somewhere. All agreed it could go next to the current one on the wall in the library.

Jon Bunkell



Next meeting to be held on Monday 22nd October at 7:30pm in the library.