Minutes – 25th February 2019

Charity No 267775

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 25th February 2019


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair). David Busby, Jon Bunkell, Amy Baalham, Stuart Harris, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop, John Webb, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Chris Whitley




Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 28th January 2019

Proposed:        Jon Bunkell                  Seconded:        John Webb                  none against


01.02.19 Democratic ¼ hour.

Gareth Miller wants to thank Trevor for completing the yellow hatch lines at the pavilion.

Gareth also reports that a radiator has fallen off the wall in the pavilion.

  • Stuart to sort out.

The costs of using the flood lights have been raised as a concern. Running club have used them twice this week. Running club’s rent has been increased to help cover this cost.


02.02.19 Matters arising from the minutes.

Yellow hatch lines at pavilion have been done.

Pavilion door needs to be looked at.

  • Stuart to sort out.

End of year reports have been done.

Quarterly booking reports are an ongoing task.

Vine lounge door has been fixed.

Stage doors still need looking at, could have been a new incident?

  • Stuart to sort out.

Chris has spoken to Sharon about getting our adverts in other local magazines for free.

Will be useful to know where people are hearing about us from.

  • Mandy will ask when we get new bookings.

Measurements have been done for the trees.

The hub information has been put into the Capel Capers. Should there be a quarterly update?

Jon mentioned that it can be restrictive, so they made their own ‘paper’ when going through the Memorial lead up.

Quotes have been collected regarding the car park. Parish Council are willing to help with costs for this.

The next stage for the hub is to put in a joint application with the Trust and PC.

The trees need doing at the Pavilion before the warmer weather gets here.

  • Chris to arrange another quote.

Car park and tree costs could both go on the 106 application.

Website has been updated.

Stuart has spoken to Gifford about the cleaning of the toilets but there has since been another incident.

  • Stuart to speak to Gifford.

Stuart has sorted the hall button so is now all working.

Outside lights have been reported as not working.

  • Stuart to sort out.


03.02.19 Finance

Iain and Dave are in talks with the Bowls Club about their rent. It has been increased to £720 a year and will be reviewed in 5 years’ time. Chris questioned why this would not be reviewed for 5 years. Iain said it would not be worth it for a small 2% increase, but Chris suggested using RPI to go with for their rent as it then gives us some leeway each year. It was questioned why the rent was so low for them, it is just historical.

Dave suggested we have a separate account for the hub money, but others didn’t think that would be of help.

Ian Love

04.02.19 Hires

Things have been going well hire wise.

Retirement group turned down the hall as the parking was an issue.

All contracts are paper at the moment, would it be better to offer an electronic version we could email out?

  • Iain to have a look at the master copy of the contract.

Mandy Marshall

05.02.19 Property and Assets. Repairs and Maintenance.

Stuart gave Amy a copy of the certificate of reoccupation for filing.

Perspex to cover the mat in he hallway as it is getting scrappy around the edges.

Magnet has been replaced in the tables in the hall.

A few other minor repairs have been completed around the hall.

The netting around the basketball court will need to be repaired soon.

There has been reports of a water leak in the referee’s toilets at the Pavilion.

  • Stuart to have a look at.

Stuart Harris

06.02.19 Community Association Bar and Events.

The new blinds are going up o 4th March 2019.

Quotes have been looked at for the refurbishment of the bar.

Carpets - £6,500. Could we get laminate?

Still collecting other quotes.

  • Chris to get an electric quote.

Aiming to start the refurbishment in July.

Boiler work will be carried out in the warmer weather.

Reinstated £250 a month with Ian.

Jon Bunkell


07.02.19 Parish Council.

There is a meeting being held on Thursday with Persimmon regarding the new houses.

The Neighbourhood Plan is coming along nicely.

Steve Bishop


08.02.19 Playing Field and Pavilion.

Had a successful meeting with Caroline regarding Pavilion.

Voted to pay for her to assist with the application.

Proposed:        Jon Bunkell                  Seconded:        Stuart Harris               none against


Awaiting comments from Jodie Allard to put planning application in.

DAS to be with Iain by tomorrow morning.

  • Amy to send over.

Iain will set a meeting for next week regarding the application.

Chris Whitley

  1. 02.19 Chairman’s actions

Iain offered available job roles to all present.

Concerned about going ahead without a treasurer.

Jon offered to advertise the jobs too.

  • Amy to send Jon a copy of the advert.

Jon suggested using an accountancy programme to help simplify the treasurer’s role, but Ian didn’t think that would be useful unless they are a qualified accountant.

Chris has asked that the finance Excel information is circulated to all Trustees.

  • Ian to circulate.

Iain Bramhill

10.02.19 Any Other Business.

There has been a lot of comments on social media about the hub. Should we be replying or not?

  • Iain to come up with a generic reply to be used.

Circus did not turn up.


Next meeting Monday 25th March 2019.