Minutes – 25th January 2016

Charity No 267775


Minutes of Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 25th January 2016

Meeting opened at 8.00pm


Present: Mark Browning (chair), Stuart Harris, Keith Bridge, Richard Morgan, Sandra Bumphrey, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop, Ian Love, Iain Bramhill


Members of the public:  none


Apologies: none


01.01.16 Democratic ¼ hour nothing discussed


Approval of the minutes from the meeting held on 23rd November 2015

Proposal: that the minutes are a true record of the meeting.

Proposed: Keith Bridge              Seconded: Stuart Harris                         none against


02.01.16 Matters Arising from the Minutes

06.01.15b Risk assessments need reviewing – Ian and Keith to meet on 6/2/16                                        Keith/Iain


06.01.15d Stuart is reviewing the Legionella report to ensure we are carrying out all remedial tasks                       Stuart


21.06.15a. Stuart, Patrick and Adrian from Bypass had a meeting to look at the drains from the field to the nurseries and there no longer seems to be a pump on site. Stuart has made some progress with Highways through Gordon Jones and we have had a reply from Bypass to say the drainage will be looked at when the garden centre is extended.            Stuart


36.07.15c Locking/unlocking the hall – Zurich has agreed that if we change the access code on a quarterly basis we do not need to turn the key at night while we are looking for an alternative door system. Stuart has disabled the lock as it is jamming and he will buy a new lock. Code was changed on 9/1/16                                                          

40.07.15 Suggested that the Football club purchase toilet rolls etc. for the pavilion rather than have a rent increase in 2016. Agreed by Football club and first quarter invoice sent.

53.11.15 Newsletter has been delivered to the majority of the village.

55.11.15 Gents toilet at the pavilion has been refurbished and new flooring has been installed in there, the corridor and the away changing room.                                  

56.11.15a Solar panels are not working. Solartech have now replaced the inverter.                                              

56.11.15b Kids are climbing on the hall roof and Stuart is looking at anti vandal paint or spikes.                            Stuart


56.11.15c The yellow container on the field is dangerous and needs replacing. Football club have no plans to remove and need it for their equipment. Agreed that once the field was dry enough it would be removed. Agreed that a sign saying keep off would encourage it to be climbed on. We feel we have taken every reasonable care at the moment. Is a cheaper option to reroof it rather than remove?                                                                                                               Sandra


56.11.15d ROSPA report to be discussed and jobs prioritised. Stuart felt the BMX fencing needed replacing rather than removing altogether.                                                                                                                              Stuart/Iain


03.01.16 Marketing and Communication

All residents have been advised of the A.G.M. through the resident’s letter and Capel Capers. Nomination forms to be completed for those wishing to be elected. New Parish Council rep is required as Stuart is only deputising. Ian to prepare a presentation to be shown at the A.G.M.






04.01.16 Fund Raising – Keith Bridge

We haven’t applied for any more grants as we need to prioritise tasks in the hall and obtain costs. Grants for maintenance are not available unless we can include items like a hearing loop or disabled access. Iain has spoken to Terry Bramer re the acoustics as he was involved with the original installation. Iain and Keith have met Illuminate and are waiting for some quotes on ceiling coverings. Once quotes are received for each aspect of the refurbishment we need a separate meeting to decide what funds we have to allocate to each task.

Once the work has been carried out hirers will no longer be able to fix items to the walls. Discussion needed with Orchard Players to find their requirements and to make it clear there are to be no holes or fixings without permission.         Mark



05.01.16 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

2015 – Income at year end was £73037, expenditure was £71340. £22915.81 is the balance in the bank accounts at the 31st December. £6000 loss for year but this is after the roof and the main hall lighting has been replaced. Budget for 2016 has been finalised including more allowance for maintenance. £8000 remaining in the reserve account. We are waiting for a Scottish Power electric bill to show the FIT tariff from the solar panels. Christmas float collection raised £1214.

Main hall doors - no further forward on the new system but agreed to spend £70 to replace the code lock on the main hall door.                                                                                                                                                                      Stuart

Agreed to replace 25 chairs at a cost of £532 + VAT, total £639 from Strictly tables & chairs who provided them originally.

Need to research new hall tables as the existing are heavy and don’t fit together.

It has been agreed following receipt of a quote from Eric Dines Flooring for £1650 + VAT to replace some of the flooring in the pavilion.


06.01.16 Property & Assets – Iain Bramhill

Self closing gate at the field play area is not closing anymore. Chain link fencing around basketball court needs repair. Wooden fencing around both play areas needs replacing.

LED lighting in main hall is complete and receiving good feedback.

Gifford has quoted approx. £1000 to paint the family bar which will be accepted if it includes the ceiling.

 Iain has obtained quotes from £300-£1000 for signs outside the hall. Gordon Jones to be approached to see whether he would consider funding this from his locality budget.                                                                                       Stuart

Discussion had around the site of the war memorial and the Trust agreed to support the application but thought it more appropriate to be placed on the village green.


07.01.16 Community Liaison – Mark Browning

No report


08.01.16 Community Association – Steve Bishop

Rent has been paid in full for 2015 and additional items have been purchased. A gentleman from the Bentley Case is due to come and discuss the proposed bar alterations. Fun day meeting has been held. Mark thanked the Association for their hard work. Association membership is up to 140.


09.01.16 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

The Parish Council approved the Trust precept request in full. Queen’s birthday celebration on 21st April – suggestion is that there is a service at St Mary’s then a parade to the village hall where a beacon will be lit. The Vine Lounge and hall are already booked so not available for use. A BBQ had been suggested but it was agreed that because we wouldn’t have any idea how many would turn out on a Thursday evening we wouldn’t want to run it.


10.01.16 Any Other Business

February is busy. Bag pipes continuing. Bought new brooms. Need glass jugs and dustpan/brush. 1st aid boxes checked.

Booking agreement form to be amended for short and long term hiring.                                                    Mandy/Ian

Dog fouling on the field is a problem again but we are limited to what we can police.

Nothing to report on the tree issue in Friars as yet.

Pay and pension letters to be given to Mandy and Sandra soon.

Stuart reminded Mark that he needed to put together a contract for Gifford.


Interim meeting is on Tuesday 29th March at 8.00pm in the Vine Lounge


Meeting closed at 10.20pm