Minutes – 25th March 2019

Charity No 267775

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 25th March 2019

Present: David Busby, Amy Baalham, Stuart Harris, Steve Bishop, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Chris Whitley, Sarah Sadler


Apologies: Iain Bramhill (chair), John Webb, Jon Bunkell, Mandy Marshall,


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 25th February 2019

Proposed:        David Busby                 Seconded:        Stuart Harris               none against


01.03.19 Democratic ¼ hour.

Gareth mentioned it was nice to see the Capel Community Association AGM minutes on the website.

Coat rack in the family bar area needs to be secured.

  • Stuart to fix

02.03.19 Matters arising from the minutes.

The radiator in the Pavilion is back on the wall but is not working

  • Stuart will fix.

The Pavilion door has been repaired.

Reports the stage door being faulty have been made, new incident?

  • Trevor to sort

Quotes have been obtained for the Trees at the playing field. Joseph Tramain quoted £1100, all agreed to use money from field maintenance fund. Need to get the work started as soon as possible.

  • Joseph to send the invoice address to the Parish Council.

Stuart has spoken to Gifford about the mess in the toilets.

Stuart has fixed the outside light.

Would opening a separate bank account for the fundraising for the Hub be beneficial? Chris would take control of this account, making it easier for the new treasurer

  • Stuart to talk to PC about opening this account.

Iain and Dave are still discussing the lease with the Bowles Club.

Pickle ball have suggested a £25 a month rent. This would be back dated to January. All agreed to this and a yearly review.

The reported water leak was thought to have been a spilt drink as it has not reoccurred.

Basketball Court fencing needs replacing.

  • Ian to look for previous information
  • Stuart will contact local supplier at Copdock

Quoted obtained for the electrical work in the Hall. Chris’ contact quoted £990 to replace the circuit board and then an hourly rate to repair faults. Hall will need to be shut for the day so need to sort out a day that it will not interrupt bookings. All agreed to go with this quote, and it can be paid for out of the maintenance fund.

  • Mandy to have a look and decide a good day

03.03.19 Finance

Ongoing issue with Anglian Water that Ian is already seeing to.

Electric is up for renewal.

  • Ian will look around for the best deal.

PRL letter has not yet arrived so Ian has contacted them to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Photocopier renewal is due soon. We have been offered the same deal again but with a new photocopier. All agreed.

  • Amy to arrange this.

Ian Love

04.03.19 Hires

No report this month.


05.03.19 Property and Assets. Repairs and Maintenance.

Fire door has been fixed. Cleaner reported that it has been open twice.

Bulbs in library have been replaced.

Stuart Harris

06.03.19 Community Association Bar and Events.

No CCA representation this month but was noted that the committee stays the same as last year after their AGM last month.


07.03.19 Parish Council.

The Parish Council has agreed to financially support the new car park at the Pavilion.

The elections are due to be held in May.

Steve Bishop


08.03.19 Playing Field and Pavilion.

Iain has put in the application.

Confusion over Caroline’s invoice. It was originally thought that it would be an initial cost of £350 but the invoice was for £6500. Chris explained that this is the amount to be spread out over the course of her assisting us. Chris also explained we can claim back up to 60% of Caroline’s costs from funders.

  • Chris to ask Caroline to resend the invoice to the Parish Council for the original £350.

Chris Whitley

09.03.19 Chairman’s actions

Do we still need a generic reply for social media re the hub?


10.03.19 Any Other Business.

An illegal substances has been found on the floor in the Vine Lounge. People have been spoken to and anyone found will have a life time ban.

Is the function room in the new hub going to be long enough for carpet bowls?


Next meeting Monday 29th April 2019 7:30pm in the library.