Minutes – 25th September 2017

Charity No 267775

 Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on 25th September 2017


Present: Mark Browning (chair), Stuart Harris, Julie Gentry, Iain Bramhill. David Busby, Mandy Marshall,

Jon Bunkell, Steve Bishop, Stuart Powell, Sandra Bumphrey, Ian Love (8.05), plus 10 members of the public (Mr and Mrs Day, Mr and Mrs Rollings, Pat Ryan, Sue Carpendale, Mr Standley, Mr Standley, Sandy Browning and Mrs Coates)


Apologies: Richard Morgan,


38.09.17 Democratic ¼ hour

Following the letter that had been delivered to all residents Mark outlined the responsibility of the Trust and how he thought it sat with the proposed developments. Scotts are proposing a development on the edge of Trust land so we need to take an interest to get the maximum benefit if this development was to go ahead.

Pat Ryan asked if we are aware of the strength of our position. He believes the Trust are in a position to negotiate as the Suffolk planning guidelines states that to build more than 300 houses a second exit is required and the proposed plan is across the playing field. Mr Ryan mentioned that Stokes payment might apply. (The 1961 case of Stokes v. Cambridge determined that if a parcel of land would allow access to develop a neighbouring property, the owner of the land is entitled to one-third of its property value.)

After further discussion Mark concluded saying we need a Village group which is not just made up of Trust representatives to take this forward. Another letter will be sent inviting residents and groups to attend a further meeting.

Sue Carpendale has been told by Scotts that they want to put a planning application in this year.


Proposal: to elect Stuart Powell as a member of the Trust.

Proposed: Mark Browning          Seconded: Ian Love                                          none against


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 24th July 2017

Proposed: Stuart Harris                          Seconded: Dave Busby                         none against


39.09.17 Matters arising

56.11.15c Mark met Gareth at the pavilion on 30th March and 25th July to discuss the Memorandum of understanding. A letter has been received from the Football Club today requesting an increased term of their license to a minimum of 25 years. This will allow the football club to have increased access to funding available from various different sporting bodies including Sport England and The Football Foundation. Agreed that the Trust wanted to support the football club but especially with the other discussions regarding development it would not be appropriate at this time even if the Charity Commission would give their approval. Is there another suitable site that could meet their needs?                          Mark

66.01.17 Mark has had a Marketing Strategy prepared by a consultant. Agreed this will be looked at in March after the AGM with the business plan. Jerry has offered to prepare a new Business plan but needs feedback from all Trustees.


  68.01.17a We have had 2 people fall outside the building and on inspection the paths around the building are uneven. Suggested that the raised flower beds and crazy paving outside the library are removed and laid with grass.

3 quotes have been received; T&L Banks £14450, Bonfield Brothers £19800, Vertas £19500 all including VAT. (Vertas quote includes approx. £2000 to install a ramp from the library fire exit).                                         

Sandra had spoken to Mr White and Mr Gabby who live in the bungalows near the library and Mr Gabby is concerned the youths will play nearer to his property if the raised beds are removed. The Trustees agreed that this would be monitored and if it was an issue would be discussed again.

Proposal: to accept the quote from T & L Banks for £14450 including VAT and allow an extra £2000 to install a ramp from the fire exit in the library.

Proposed: Mark Browning                      Seconded: Ian Love                   none against

Iain met Trevor after the meeting and agreed that they would start on Monday and the Trust would make a payment of £4450. The remaining would be paid from the PC Village hall fund.




68.01.17b Stuart had a quote for £1100 to remove the large conifer outside the Vine Lounge.  Iris Tatton has agreed to its removal but not to pay.  Richard had obtained a quote for £600 + VAT to remove top plus £250 + VAT to remove stump. Highways have been contacted and say there is no issue so the Trust will pay to have the overhanging branches removed. Due to take place Wednesday 4th October.                                                                                        

68.01.17d Signs need reviewing/replacing. Fastsigns have quoted £4696 + VAT and Hudson Signs have provided a second quote over £2000 cheaper. Need to redesign main hall sign and one similar to Pinewood village hall was suggested. Please respond by Friday with any feedback on the designs.

Proposal: to order necessary signs from Hudson Signs to a value of £4k including VAT but agreement is required for the main hall sign.

Proposed: Iain Bramhill                          Seconded: Mark Browning                     none against

06.03.17b Discussion had around the Orchard Players steps which the Trust/Assoc use regularly. Agreed that new steps would be purchased once a suitable set is found. Ian to talk to Chris Love.                                                  Ian

 06.03.17c Capel Building Services Ltd has quoted £11500 to replace the hall kitchen. The kitchen at Babergh might be available for a nominal fee but we would need to remove and bring over. There was enough equipment to potentially equip the hall, bar and pavilion.  Someone else has shown an interest. Need to write a letter as only verbal discussions had so far.                                                                                                                                                       Mark

22.05.17b Cleaning doesn’t seem to be every bank holiday as there have been a few times when the hall has been dirty. Need to establish when Gifford should be working and adjust if necessary. Ian had found a contract which says 365 days.

Discussion with Gifford needed so alternative arrangements can be made when necessary.                                  Stuart

01.06.17a Methodist church using hall car park. Parking is still an issue by the hirers rather than church goers. Cones have not been purchased as someone needs to put these out when needed. Agreed to speak to Andrew Sankey again and advise this must be monitored by the church.                                                                                    Sandra/Ian

01.06.17b Pavilion ceiling – Stuart has cleaned the blocked valley and suggests some paint may be needed. Difficulties in obtaining quotes but S & G Industrial Roofing are coming to look on 3rd October.                                                                                                 Sandra

01.06.17c Kitchen needs work doing including tiling and kick boards. Stuart has asked Gifford to tile the area    Stuart

01.06.17g Library sign – the library signs have been upgraded and they have a new finger sign pointing from the car park. Can be put up as long as we don’t end up with too many signs on the walls.                                                                                        Sandra  

01.06.17i Pavilion car park – needs hatch lines by the side gate to advise of emergency access. Done                                                                    

01.06.17j Capelstmary.org.uk to be moved from Gina Tidy - Andrew to apply to move it over.                                                                       Sandra

Christmas float – now that Mark Ward is not involved we need to think of how the float is going to work. Mark has said that he will continue for another year but we need a date to arrange licence etc. Possibly 9 and 10th December as Brantham usually the week after. Could put the Fun day banners on the van. £300 agreed for new lights etc.                     Steve

25.07.17 Play area inspections were received today and need to be reviewed.                                                        Stuart  

26.07.17 Jon suggested that the Association rent should show as being on track and the maintenance figure reduce to allow for the roller shutters.                                                                                                                                Ian

30.07.17 Mark, Iain and Ian had met with Chris, Les and Julie from the PC to discuss what funds might be available through S106/CIL if the proposed developments went ahead. Meeting on 14th August to discuss what the Trust and Association want. Separate notes available. Plan of village supplied by Stuart.                                                                


40.09.17 Health & Safety

Play area inspection report received today. Pavilion water had not been hot enough last month due to the pilot light going out on one of the tanks but a service is booked in for this week.


41.09.17 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

Ian handed out the figures and a prediction for full year expenditure. Approx. £19k available for maintenance work which Includes £11805 for the Bar refurbishment fund. Plus approx. £5k for the structural work to be paid from Trust funds. Estimated that £40k may be needed but another quote is required.

Mandy to note comments from hirers so we can continue to make improvements.

Ian asked what we wanted to include in the precept for next year. Mark suggested that we concentrate on one of the play areas. Stuart said roadside trees and ditch clearance at the field and possibly a Grounds man employed.

Need to arrange a meeting with the Parish Council to discuss. Mark away 4-13th. Deadline Friday 3rd November.


42.09.17 Review of Bookings etc. - Mandy

Agreed that rent will be increased back to £20 p.h. from £10 for both boot camps. That had been a disagreement between one of the football teams and the Wednesday boot camp over space on the field.

Ian commented that the hall hire was going really well and proposed that Hall rents for 2018 were kept the same.

Following a review of the insurance policy it has been necessary for the Bowls club to take out a separate policy as they own their buildings. This has been included in their rent which may now need to be adjusted.

Water consumption is high so we need to read the water meters on a regular basis again.                        Sandra




43.09.17 Property & Assets – Stuart Harris

All covered above.


44.09.17 Community Association - Steve Bishop

Pipe work has been replaced from the cellar to the taps. Looking to rent a new glass washer. Increased bar prices for outside functions.


45.09.17 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

Full council at present. Awaiting decision of planning application by Hopkins Homes which has been agreed.


Review of current projects;


46.09.17 Council kitchen acquisition – Dave Busby

Letter sent to Babergh on 29th September stating an interest in the kitchen.


47.09.17 Skate park – Stuart

No evidence of need seen so far.


48.09.17 Paving outside the hall – Ian

To begin on Monday.


49.09.17 Fun day – Mark & Ian

New items need to be purchased and the size of the event discussed.


50.09.17 S106 & CIL investment

Should form part of the wider discussion regarding what the village requires. £11k in the current S106 fund and waiting for the £40k from the new houses off London Road.


51.09.17 Hall signage – Iain

See above


52.09.17 Christmas Float

Awaiting a date from Mark Ward


53.09.17 Chairman’s action – Mark

To be discussed next month


54.09.17 Any Other Business  

Bonfire night is 4th November and help will be needed all day either at the field or clearing up in the hall at 10.30pm. Please advise Sandra of when you can help.                                                                                          All


Next meeting - Monday 30th October at 8pm in the library


Meeting closed at 10.30pm