Minutes – 26th July 2016

Minutes of the informal Capel Community Trust meeting held on 26th July 2016


Present: Mark Browning, Stuart Harris, Julie Gentry, Ian Love, Steve Bishop, Sandra Bumphrey Iain Bramhill, Richard Morgan plus Gareth Millar from the Football Club


Apologies: Mandy Marshall, Keith Bridge


Matters arising

06.01.15d Legionella report – the tank at the pavilion needs cleaning and as Nemco was the cheapest they will be carrying out the work on 10th August

21.06.15a. Patrick had obtained a camera so he and Stuart have been able to look down the manholes. We now need to ask Highways to clear the ditch, advise Bypass that the water is not flowing through the manhole and advise AWA that the pump has been removed at the nurseries. Stuart to look into an electric pump.                                      Sandra/Stuart

56.11.15c The Football club are arranging for the yellow container to be removed and a new longer one installed for a cost of £1200 which will be funded by the Football Club. Mark would like to draw up a memorandum of understanding once the new container is in place.                                                                                                                  Mark

Andrew Vellacott to be asked if he can flatten the ground and trim the hedges before the container is delivered.   Stuart

22.04.16a A new form had been given to Andrew for carrying out the play area checks which he is completing with litter info but we also need maintenance issues. Andrew has been advised.

07.03.16 BMX track – greed that as we haven’t the funds for this at present we should get quotes to remove the jumps and use the soil to level the wet area near the A12 gate. It was felt that the BMX track could not be left open so either the fence was replaced or the jumps removed. Tony Gulliver and Steve Prior have small diggers. Quotes required.  Stuart

08.03.16 Teen shelter has been burnt after the dumped sofas were set alight. Gifford has quoted £1750 to repair and Zurich has agreed that repairs up to £3400 can be put through the insurance.

Stuart says the fire exit in the library has too high a step and isn’t suitable for a wheelchair user. Discussion around replacing the door and the internal one through to the main hall. £4k has been put in the 2017 precept.

Electrics at field – Stuart has spoken to Ralph Crich. The floodlights need testing and a socket replaced. Deep fat fryer needs to be checked. To be carried out on 29th July.

38.06.16a Tables on the Vine lounge stage need to be kept in the foyer.  Beacon Coffee has been advised.

38.06.16b Sandra reported that Mrs P Naylor had caught her foot on a nail under the Vine Lounge stage which had caused her to trip and break her ankle.. A claim is being made and we are awaiting further contact from Zurich.          Sandra

41.06.16 Mandy and Sandra are both away from 20th – 27th August. Carolyn will pick up the calls.                                     

01.07.16a There was no trustee at the July Association meeting. Who will attend in September?                            Sandra

01.07.16b. We owe £1600 to Scottish Power for the hall electric. Agreed to clear the balance and set a new amount for the direct debit.                                                                                                                                                      Ian

01.07.16c Agreed that a thank you should go to Mark Ward for supplying the meat for the fun day BBQ. Suggested that he should be added as a main sponsor.                                                                                                                 Mark



Ian handed out the figures to July. The Trust is in a good position now due to the rent being paid by the Association.

Hall refurbishment budget – £19865 held by the PC, £5000 from the Locality budget and the Trust has £9297. Hopefully this will be sufficient to carry out the proposed work which are due to start on 1st August.

Ian had prepared a draft precept request for 2017-18 of £41000 – £13300 for Support Grant, £4000 Play areas, £8000 Playing field/Pavilion, £1500 pavilion long term pot, £11200 Hall, £3000 Hall long term pot. This year we had asked for £35000 so would be an increase of £6000. This doesn’t include approx. £4000 for the fire exit in the library. Hopefully we can obtain grants to replace the hall kitchen which would help to bring the request down. Need to obtain quotes for domestic/commercial kitchens.

Suggested date for the Trust/Parish Council meeting – Monday 3rd October in the library at 8pm.                           All

Pavilion flooring – agreed that £1335 + VAT could be spent from the PC Pavilion fund for flooring in 3 of the changing rooms. Eric Dines Flooring who did other flooring earlier in the year would carry out the work.

Proposed: Mark Browning                     Seconded: Iain Bramhill                         none against

01.07.16dThe push valve on one of the showers and an extractor fan need replacing at the pavilion          Stuart

Interim meeting on Tuesday 30th August in the library