Minutes – 26th November 2018

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 26th November 2018


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair). David Busby, Jon Bunkell, John Webb, Julie Gentry, Stuart Harris, Amy Baalham, Mandy Marshall, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Steve Bishop




Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 22nd October 2018

Proposed:        Stuart Harris               Seconded:        John Webb                  none against


02.11.18 Matters arising from the minutes.

Quote needed for the new boiler.

Yearly repairs have been completed.

Jon made charts from Mandy’s statistics and these were discussed.

Mandy will now be noting why people cancel bookings.

Lighting user guide has been started by Ian.

Hire prices to be compared by Iain and Ian.

Stuart got 3 quotes for grass cutting and have found a cheaper company. Not renewing with Vertas next year.

Fire doors have been installed incorrectly. They have been made safe for now but will need to be replaced. Prices will be sent over.

Urinals have been sorted in the pavilion but the hall ones need doing too.

Asbestos needs to be removed from boiler cupboard before new boiler can be put in.

PC are in support of parking.

Adrian Goodwin gave a quote on pavilion parking and this will be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting.

Have had good feedback on fundraising and have been seeking professional advice.

Caroline is too busy and declined to represent us.

Tony bass has given us a list of people to ask for help.

Need to put planning application in soon.

Still need to prove the need.

Adrian has 450 signatures for a new pavilion.

Iain is developing a phasing plan.


Vote needed for planning application.

Proposed:        Stuart Harris               Seconded:        John Webb                  none against


03.11.18 Health and Safety

Trevor to do legionella checks.

Spray paint hatchings


04.11.18 Finance

On target income wise.

Well within expenditure budget.

Has been a record year for events and fundraising.


05.11.18 Hires

Committee may do a New Years Eve party.

When the chairs get cleaned they are left out, note for next time.

Joan’s coffee shop complained that the tables were dirty.

Tables are being stacked too high.

New booking – Mind, Body and Soul event, if successful it will be 3 times a year.

Plastic mat by the front door is breaking.

Stage door pillar needs to be locked by Trevor.

Lindon has offered to seal the floor.

  • Mandy to arrange this.

Café have been complaining that there is washing up left over before they get in.

  • Mandy to keep an eye on this.


06.11.18 Property and Assets. Repairs and Maintenance.

Dave bought a new mat - £40

Vine lounge door has been repaired.

Keep an eye on the electrics as has had a turn recently.

Gutters need looking at over at the pavilion.


07.11.18 Bar and Events.

Having a meeting with Greene King regarding prices.

Will send out an email to lifetime members about a party.

Getting a quote for the blinds on Friday.

Could paint bar area, a little freshen up before refurb.

  • Could Trevor do it?

Refurb planned for July.

Could have a combined committee next year?


08.11.18 Parish Council.

Nothing relevant other than support for the new parking.


11.11.18 Fundraising.

Iain put forward Chris Whitley to become a new trustee. Steve seconded.

Chris and Marshall are putting together a fundraising pack but need planning permission.


14.11.18 Chairman’s actions.

Meeting at 12pm on Saturday to decorate the float.

Minutes to go on the website.

  • Amy to send to Andrew to upload to website

Well done to Jon and team for their efforts with the Memorial.


Next meeting Monday 17th December 2018 on the stage.