Minutes – 26th September 2016

Charity No 267775


Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on 26th September 2016


Present: Mark Browning, Stuart Harris, Julie Gentry, Sandra Bumphrey, Iain Bramhill, Richard Morgan, Mandy Marshall, John Webb, Steve Bishop

Apologies: Keith Bridge, Ian Love

42.09.16 Democratic ¼ hour no one present


43.09.16 Matters arising

21.06.15a. Patrick had obtained a camera so he and Stuart have been able to look down the manholes.AWA have been contacted as they are taking back the responsibility for pumping stations. Highways have been asked to clear the ditch. An electric pump has been suggested and Stuart will look into this if necessary.

56.11.15c The Football club are arranging for the yellow container to be removed and a new longer one installed for a cost of £1200 which will be funded by the Football Club. Mark has drawn up a memorandum of understanding for once the new container is in place. Discussion had around whether we need to have it removed as it dangerous. Stuart estimated that it would cost £500 to have it removed. John Webb to discuss with Gareth.                                      John

Andrew Vellacott to be asked if he can flatten the ground and trim the hedges before the container is delivered. Stuart has spoken to Andrew but he doesn’t have time at present.

07.03.16 BMX track - agreed that as we haven’t the funds to maintain this at present we should get quotes to remove the jumps and use the soil to level the wet area near the A12 gate. Playquip have quoted £1700 and Steve Prior and Tony Gulliver are going to be asked to quote. The fence will go on the bonfire as this is not required.

Electrics at field – Stuart has spoken to Ralph Crich. The floodlights need testing and a socket replaced. Deep fat fryer needs to be checked. A quote has been received to address all the issues and Ian has agreed these can be carried out. Hopefully being done this week.                                    

38.06.16b Sandra reported that Mrs P Naylor had caught her foot on a nail under the Vine Lounge stage which had caused her to trip and break her ankle. A claim is being made and Zurich have agreed to accept liability. See emails for more information. Need to remove the stage and replace with carpet.                                                       Iain/Stuart

01.07.16a There was no trustee at the July Association meeting. Mark and Stuart will attend in September                       

01.07.16b We owe £1600 to Scottish Power for the hall electric. Agreed to clear the balance and set a new amount for the direct debit. Ian will deal with this in due course and Scottish Power will adjust the direct debit if they think we are too far behind.                                                                                                                                      

01.07.16c Agreed that a thank you should go to Mark Ward for supplying the meat for the fun day BBQ. Suggested that he should be added as a main sponsor.                                                                                                             Mark

01.07.16dThe push valve on one of the showers and an extractor fan need replacing at the pavilion. In hand.       

01.08.16a Suggested date for the Trust/Parish Council meeting – Tuesday 18th October in the library at 8pm. Ian and Mark to attend along with as many other Trustees as are available. Business plan to be updated.              Iain/Mark

01.08.16b Spots have been put on the table legs to prevent the floor being scratched. The chair legs are not flat so not so easy to do.

01.08.16c Agreed to put ‘no ball games signs’ up in the hall and purchase a notice board to go on the side wall.     Iain


44.09.16 Marketing and Communication – Mark Browning

Nothing to report.


45.09.16 Fund Raising - Keith Bridge

Bonfire night – people needed to help set up and clear up

Christmas float – 10th and 11th December. Suggested that Santa doesn’t go to every door with children to try to speed up the collection. Collectors children can offer sweets and families can walk to Santa.


46.09.16 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

No report as Ian is unwell.

£4498 remains in the Parish Council Hall fund which will hopefully be sufficient to purchase new tables, decorate the stage, improve the external signage and install a hearing loop.


47.09.16 Property & Assets – Iain Bramhill

Tables - strictlytablesandchairs.co.uk sell tables for £137 + VAT for 6ft, £127 + VAT for 5ft 6in. Trolley is £245 to hold 6 tables. Need to check these are suitable.                                                                                                Stuart/Iain

Stage - Trevor to quote to decorate. Need to check that Orchard Players have any batons etc. in place.    Sandra

Hearing loop – the cabling is in place. We were unable to apply for a grant as we had our own funds left.  Ian

External signs – Iain has a quote and a design ready when funds allow.

Play areas – following the annual inspection Playquip have quoted to make the necessary repairs. It was agreed that Playquip would do some repairs, Stuart would do what he could and some he didn’t think were necessary at this time.

It was agreed that £1950 could be spent to improve the multi play unit in the hall play area by adding a slide and a cargo net. Proposed: Mark Browning               Seconded: Iain Bramhill                         none against


48.09.16 Community Liaison – Mark Browning

Nothing to report


49.09.16 Community Association – Steve Bishop

Quote received from T&L Banks for suggested improvements to the family bar. Planning permission and Building regs maybe required. Once this is done the whole area will be decorated. Could borrow money from the brewery but would need to be tied in for a few years. Need to confirm what has been proposed in the precept request.                       Ian           

Suggestion made that the hall should be free to adult parties as offered by other local establishments. The Association would pay the hall hire rental to the Trust from the bar take. Need to ensure contract allows free hire.       John/Mandy

Pizza van is outside monthly. Needs to make sure litter is collected.

Agreed that a ‘No unauthorised entry’ sign to go on the doors between the Family bar and the hall. Children are not being supervised in the hall and now it has been refurbished we don’t want any damage. Also agreed that a sign should be on the Family bar door saying ‘children must be supervised’.                                                                           Sandra


50.09.16 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

The development for 22 houses off London Road has been agreed. Archaeological dig in Days Road has not found anything of interest.


51.09.16 Health & Safety

Fire risk assessment – fire drills being carried out for all groups before end of year.

Legionella – tank in pavilion has been cleaned and showers are being flushed regularly

Play area inspections - following the inspection it is apparent that Andrew is not checking the equipment thoroughly enough. Stuart and Sandra to discuss and Mark will produce a document.                                    Stuart/Sandra


52.09.16 Any Other Business

Mandy has agreed that a Gaming bus can be parked at the pavilion on Friday. It is being hired for a children’s party and they want the use of the toilets.

The hedge in Friars has been cut and photos sent to Zurich. As nothing further has been heard it is assumed this claim is now settled.


Informal meeting Monday 31st October at 8pm in the library

Next meeting Monday 28th November at 8pm in the library

Christmas informal meeting Tuesday 20th December with cheese and biscuits at 8pm in the library


Meeting closed at 10.15