Minutes – 28th January 2019

Charity No 267775

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 28th January 2019


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair). David Busby, Jon Bunkell, Julie Gentry, Stuart Harris, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop, John Webb, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Chris Whitley


Apologies: Amy Baalham,


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 26th November  2018

Proposed:        Stuart Harris               Seconded:        Steve Bishop                none against


01.01.19 Democratic ¼ hour.

It was noted that the yellow lines showing the excluded parking area for emergency access to the playing field is in need of repainting.  Pavilion door in need of further repairs.

Stuart Harris

02.01.19 Matters arising from the minutes.

Asbestos removal booked in for Monday 21st January,  Completed.


Attempts to get competitive quotes to move or replace the boiler have been unsuccessful.  It was decided to award the contract to Wayne Child and to schedule the work for April or May


Have had good feedback on fundraising and have been progressing, following a meeting with representatives from Sport England, as the FA had advised that some professional help would be appropriate there was a positive reaction from S.E. to the news that we now have support from Caroline Smith who is well known to them as expert in the matter.


Trevor has now taken over the safety related monitoring.

In preparation for next Christmas some decorations have been bought in the sales

An electrician has been consulted about a power outlet in the porch for Christmas decorations.


03.01.19 Finance

Ian has produced the year-end report and prepared the accounts for audit which will be circulated to trustees.  A record fundraising year with expenditure broadly in line with predicted budgets puts the Trust in good position going into 2019

Ian Love


04.01.19 Hires

Now that we keep a quarterly record of all booking information, with details of successful hires and of those potential customers turned away for lack of resources we will have a far better idea how best to invest in improvements.

Mandy Marshall / David Busby



05.01.19 Property and Assets. Repairs and Maintenance.

Vine lounge door has been repaired but both door handle springs have gone. Still to be done

Under Stage door repairs believed complete.

Stuart Harris


06.01.19 Community Association Bar and Events.

A party for the life members was held

Window blinds are to be installed at the reduced price of £200

A refurbishment committee budget meeting has been held to prioritise aspects of the program.

Plans for a tribute act to be held following the completed refurbishment, probably in October.

Further advertising for the facility was discussed, options to be considered. Chris Whitley

Jon Bunkell


07.01.19 Parish Council.

A precept allocation from the Parish Council has been granted.  Measurements to be made to assess the effect on road noise from the removal of the poplar trees on the playing field to make way for the proposed car park.

Steve Bishop


08.01.19 Playing Field and Pavilion.

Lots of feedback is being given from the exhibitions despite wide exposure the proposals are not universally known, efforts are to made to try to get an image of the Community Hub on Capel Caper March edition.

Phase 1 will be the car park. Quotations have been received from one contractor and other quotes are still being sought.

Iain Bramhill


09.01.19 Chairman’s actions

The planning application for the Community Hub is to be prepared shortly

A discussion took place regarding communications to trustees and to the public. Some further documents including the Bowls and Football club leases are to be circulated to all trustees prior to dissemination to the public.

As Amy Baalham will shortly be taking maternity leave we need to find a suitable replacement for 12 months.

Iain Bramhill


10.01.19 Any Other Business.

The website needs updating and Chris Whitley has agreed to take on the role of managing content.

There was dissatisfaction in that the Hall floor was found dirty a 9:30 Monday morning and the Ladies toilets were not cleaned.  Hall door lock has sticking button SH to sort

Bar graphic decorations still ongoing.  Ian Love to sort


Next meeting Monday 25th February 2019.