Minutes – 28th May 2019

Charity No 267775

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Tuesday 28th May 2019


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair), Jon Bunkell, Mandy Marshall, David Busby, Amy Baalham, Stuart Harris, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Sarah Sadler, Carolyn Love, Sarah Smy


Apologies: Chris Whitley, John Webb


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 29thApril 2019

Proposed:        Richard Morgan          Seconded:        Stuart Harris               none against


01.05.19 Democratic ¼ hour.

Nothing raised


02.05.19 Matters arising from the minutes.

Hand over between Ian and Sarah Smy is still in progress, along with allocation and removal of relevant signatories.


Charities web site to be updated with contacts and account

  • Ian and Sarah Smy to action.

Carolyn has agreed to submit meter readings, Trevor will record water, gas and solar readings and pass to Carolyn to submit.

  • Carolyn will liaise with Trevor to agree how to proceed with the collection and submission of this information.

Gareth has provided 2 mobiles phones that need collection.  It was agreed that the contracts need to be taken out in the Trusts name with the Trust email address. A long overlap is needed for the change of landline to mobile.


The Stage door in the Hall is still not fixed and is an ongoing matter. Wires were reported as loose by the hall door, these have now been clamped.

  • Trevor to sort.

Pickle Ball received the information they requested and is now sorted.


Competitive quote for the Basket Ball court fencing is ongoing.

  • Stuart to obtain quote.

Completion of VAT certificate is ongoing.


Numbers for Fun Day volunteers have now been sorted, Guides contacts are no longer needed.


Amy and Sarah Sadler have provided Andrew with all previous minutes, agendas and relevant member updates for the website


Amy to Invoice Ian/Sarah Smy for printer cartridges.


Gifford to be added to the list of contacts

  • Sarah Sadler to do


The Library are having a meeting on Tuesday and will discuss their proposal for Sliding doors.


PHS are preparing a quote for a nappy bin and various supplies, once received it is to be passed to Carolyn.  It was discussed that the issue of the smell in the Bars toilet may have come from excessive use during the time of a busy event. It has been decided to review the situation after 1 month before purchasing products for the toilets.

  • Sarah Sadler to forward quote to Carolyn.

Coded locks will be changed as of 1st June 2019.


Mandy has purchased a new kettle for the kitchen as the previous was condemned.


Verbal permission has been given to remove the conifer; it was agreed written confirmation is need.

  • Jon to obtain written permission


  • The final draft of the Bowls Club Lease will be circulated to all by David Busby to be agreed by Trustees.


  • Chris to obtain Solicitor quotes is still ongoing.


03.05.19 Finance


Ian has not yet formally handed over to Sarah Smy but this is in hand.

Anglian Water billing issue has been resolved.


PRL letter has now arrived.


Library rent is overdue


Football Club rent is due

  • Sarah Sadler/Amy to resend invoice


Is a valuation of the building required for insurance purposes? What would the replacement value be?

  • Sarah Smy to look into

CAS renewal statement has requested payment in full, this is a change to our terms that has not been agreed.

  • Sarah Sadler has emailed CAS and is awaiting a response.

Ian Love

04.05.19 Hires


Bookings are still positive with various functions being booked in June.

Letters have been sent to hirers to advise of potential disruptions with works happening soon.

First aid boxes in both the Kitchen and the Library will soon be out of date. The Pavilion and Bar’s first aid boxes need to be checked.

  • Carolyn has offered to deal with this.
  • Jon will ask Ruth to check the Bar/Vine Lounge box.

The Gardening Club has informed us that they will no longer be hiring the hall, this is due to the clubs falling attendance numbers.


  • Carolyn will introduce herself to regular hirers.


An Electronic Booking and Invoicing system are being looked into by Jon through Hall Master.

  • To be looked into more after the Fun Day.

Mandy Marshall


05.05.19 Property Assets. Repairs and Maintenance.


Nothing to report this month.

Stuart Harris


06.05.19 Community Association Bar and Event


Insurance application for the forthcoming Funday has been completed and paid.


Boiler move is to take place on 10th June 2019, the shutters have come down from the family side of the Bar.


Plans are being made for more events in the future.


Toilet roll supplies are an issue as supplies ran out at a recent large event. It has been agreed for the bar to be given a key to gain access to the store cupboard.

  • Ian to give Jon a Key


New member of Bar Staff has started and is doing well.


Trevor Stephenson has joined the A.S.S committee.

Jon Bunkell


07.05.19 Parish Council


The Trust would like to welcome Ryan Rodgers as the new Chair of the Parish Council.


Steve Bishop has stepped down as Trust representative for the Parish Council. Stuart Harris has confirmed he is covering this role for the time being.

Stuart Harris


08.05.19 Playing Field, Pavilion and Village Hall


Ongoing Pavilion Plans, a flood risk assessment is no longer required as it is no longer a major application. The Ecology Report has been drafted and we will know on 21st June 2019 if this has been approved, there have been no specific objections to date. The next stage will be fundraising.

  • Chris to arrange a meeting with the fundraising team.

Funds have now been received for the work to commence on the Car Park.

  • Chris need to compile a report

09.05.19 Chairman’s Action


Nothing to report this month.

Iain Bramhill


10.05.19 Any Other Business


Sandra has asked regarding the forthcoming Capel 5 Run; can the field be used for parking? The event takes place on Sunday 16th June. Will the car park be started by then?

  • Jon will confirm with Chris.

David asked what the position was regarding a proposed land swap with the Church? It was confirmed that it was on hold at the moment.


Administration will be added as an Agenda item.


The date of the next meeting is Monday 24th June 2019 in the Library at 7:30.