Minutes – 29th March 2016

Charity No 267775


Minutes of the interim meeting held on Tuesday 29th March 2016 at 8pm in the library


Present: Mark Browning, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Stuart Harris, Iain Bramhill, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop, Sandra Bumphrey


Apologies: Keith Bridge


Fire Risk Assessment update - Fire safety training with Paul Rodwell who carried out the Fire Risk assessment was agreed for £275 for up to 15 people.

Proposed: Mark Browning        Seconded: Ian Love                none against

IB, SB, SH & KB had a meeting recently to start working through the points requiring action on the assessment.

This may take some time but an update will be provided at each Trust meeting.                 Sandra

Mandy will discuss with Jackie what the library has in place.                                    Mandy

Ian advised that there was £28k available for the hall refurbishment. (£12500 in the 2015/16 precept, £5k from Gordon Jones and the remainder in Trust funds).

It was agreed that these funds would be spent on acoustics, floor sanding, decoration, wood work, wall protection and the hearing loop. These items were considered priority to be carried out while the hall was closed for 3 weeks in August. P C Rust had quoted £19528 + VAT to carry out this list apart from the acoustics and hearing loop. S Chaplin has quoted £2605 just to decorate and Foremost Floors £3230 for the flooring. Ace Acoustics have quoted £5180 + VAT for the acoustics. £500- £1000 has been allowed for the Hearing loop as this needs to be fitted while the skirting and wall protection boards are being fitted. Quotes have been requested by 4 local builders by 31st March.

Chris Dean had quoted £4100 + VAT for new curtains and tracks or £4624 + VAT for blinds. It was agreed to see what money was left as these could come from the maintenance fund. Meeting to be arranged to discuss further                                                                                                   Sandra

Signs – design at been agreed on for £730 but again this will wait until after the hall closure to see what funds remain.             

Advanced Automated Access had quoted £17985 + VAT to replace the internal and external doors on the main entrance and the library. Ben Harris (Stuart’s son) had looked at the doors and quoted £1355 to carry out the necessary repairs to meet the requirements of the insurers and fire risk assessment. Agreed that this would be satisfactory for now. From Trust funds as no VAT to pay.

Proposed: Ian Love                 Seconded:       Iain Bramhill                none against                

Agreed that the ceiling drapes would need to wait until 2017.

The family bar redecoration is on hold as the Association are obtaining quotes to open up the family bar area.

Basketball court – it was agreed to accept the quote from Suffolk Tennis Courts (replaced the tennis court nets previously) for £350 + VAT to repair the netting. From PC play area fund.

Proposed: Stuart Harris                 Seconded: Richard Morgan               none against

Ben Harris had also quoted £290 to repair the fencing on the field play area. From PC play area fund.

Proposed: Mark Browning             Seconded: Richard Morgan               none against

Great discussion was had around the BMX track as the fencing needs replacing and Ben Harris had quoted £2000 to do this. Sandra felt that the track itself needed maintenance and there was no point replacing the fence if we weren’t going to make the whole facility better. Agreed that as we haven’t the funds for this at present we should get quotes to remove the jumps and use the soil to level the wet area near the A12 gate. It was felt that the BMX track could not be left open so either the fence was replaced or the jumps removed. Tony Gulliver and Steve Prior have small diggers.                                                         Stuart


Teen shelter has been burnt after the dumped sofas were set alight. Stuart estimates that £400 of materials is required to repair and repaint. Gifford to be approached to see if he would quote.           Stuart


Orchard Players – SB, KB and SH had attended a meeting with Orchard Players to discuss the state of the hall and their requirements following the refurb. Again a long discussion on whether we should provide a container at the field for them to store their props etc. Stuart had obtained a quote to rent a 20ft container at £35 p.w. £190 delivery. To buy £1.5k/2k.  Ian worked out that their rent only works out at £9 p.h. if you deduct the hall hire we lose in the 2 show weeks. Agreed that we would write asking them to remove their equipment from the gear store after the summer show as we will need to store the new tables and chairs we hope to purchase later this year.                                                                                           Sandra


Meeting closed 10pm