Minutes – 25th April 2016

Charity No 267775


Minutes of Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 25th April 2016

Meeting opened at 8.05pm


Present: Mark Browning, Stuart Harris, Richard Morgan, Sandra Bumphrey, Mandy Marshall, Ian Love, Iain Bramhill

Members of the public:  Julie Gentry

Apologies: Keith Bridge, Steve Bishop

21.04.16 Democratic ¼ hour Julie Gentry offered to rejoin the committee and was happily accepted.

Proposed; Mark Browning            Seconded; Ian Love                              none against


Approval of the minutes from the meeting held on 22nd February 2016

Proposal: that the minutes are a true record of the meeting

Proposed: Ian Love                   Seconded: Iain Bramhill                                    none against

22.04.16 Matters Arising from the Minutes

 Fire risk assessment was carried out by Guardian Fire Safety Management on 12 February and a lengthy list of improvements has been suggested. See 01.03.16 below

06.01.15d Stuart is reviewing the Legionella report to ensure we are carrying out all remedial tasks. Richard had read the report but we still need to understand what needs to be done on a regular basis. The water gets checked and recorded but the flushing/descaling of the showers is not.            Suggested that a Health & Safety item is added to the agenda.            Sandra

21.06.15a. Stuart has made some progress with Highways through Gordon Jones and we have had a reply from Bypass. Stuart looked down manhole last week after rain and the water was not flowing. Stuart has contacted the council to find the rules on digging hole. Radio locator required to locate spot to dig a pit. Can Pat Tynan help?                              Stuart

56.11.15c The yellow container on the field is dangerous and it was agreed that once the field is dry it would be removed.

56.11.15d ROSPA report to be discussed and jobs prioritised. Stuart felt the BMX fencing needed replacing rather than removing altogether. Play area gate at hall is still not working. Playquip swapped it the first time it failed but don’t want to replace it again. Stuart had laid grass matting in the hall play area gateway.                                                     

22.04.16a Need to revisit what we originally asked Andrew to do when checking the play areas                 Sandra/Stuart

12.02.16d Chain link fence in the basketball court needs repairing. Kris Thorpe to quote. 05.03.16 below                          

05.01.16a Main hall doors - but agreed to spend £70 to replace the code lock on the main hall door. See 04.03.16 below           

05.01.16b Need to research hall tables once decoration has been done as the existing are heavy and don’t fit together.             

06.01.16 Iain has obtained quotes from £300-£1000 for signs outside the hall. Gordon Jones has funded £5k for hall refurb and the signs will be erected once the other work has been carried out if funds allow.

10.01.16 Revised booking agreement form is being collected this week.                          

16.02.16a Request received for small tables and chairs from the Association for children’s parties. Agreed spend of £500 for 24 chairs and 3 tables.                                                                                                             Stuart

   01.03.16 Fire safety training with Paul Rodwell is on 3rd June at 1.30pm. IB, SB, SH & KB had a meeting recently to

  start working through the points requiring action on the assessment. The library arranges their own training. Sandra                    

  02.03.16 Ian advised that there was £28k available for the hall refurbishment. It was agreed that these funds would be spent on acoustics, floor sanding, decoration, wood work, wall protection and the hearing loop. These items were considered priority to be carried out while the hall was closed for 3 weeks in August. See below.

   03.03.16 Chris Dean had quoted £4100 + VAT for new curtains and tracks or £4624 + VAT for blinds. It was agreed to see what money was left as these could come from the maintenance fund. Sandra had met with Chris who’d suggested that we have electric blinds at the high windows and curtains at the bottom. Curtain samples given to Sandra.

04.03.16 Advanced Automated Access had quoted £17985 + VAT to replace the internal and external doors on the main entrance and the library. Ben Harris (Stuart’s son) had looked at the doors and quoted £1355 to carry out the necessary repairs to meet the requirements of the insurers and fire risk assessment.                                                               Sandra

05.03.16 Basketball court – it was agreed to accept the quote from Suffolk Tennis Courts (replaced the tennis court nets previously) for £350 + VAT to repair the netting. From PC play area fund.                                                                   Sandra

06.03.16 Ben Harris had also quoted £290 to repair the fencing on the field play area. From PC play area fund.                    Sandra

07.03.16 Great discussion was had around the BMX track.  Agreed that as we haven’t the funds for this at present we should get quotes to remove the jumps and use the soil to level the wet area near the A12 gate. It was felt that the BMX track could not be left open so either the fence was replaced or the jumps removed. Tony Gulliver and Steve Prior have small diggers. Quotes required.                                                                                                                          Stuart

08.03.16 Teen shelter has been burnt after the dumped sofas were set alight. Stuart estimates that £400 of materials are required to repair and repaint. Gifford to be approached to see if he would quote.                                                             Stuart

09.03.16 Orchard Players – SB, KB and SH had attended a meeting with Orchard Players to discuss the state of the hall and their requirements following the refurb. Ian worked out that their rent only works out at £9 p.h. if you deduct the hall hire we lose in the 2 show weeks. As they had recently tied up the gear store it was agreed not to ask them to remove everything at the moment.

22.04.16b Agreed that the Piano in the gear store should be put on Freecycle                                                 Stuart/Sandra

22.04.16c Agreed to wait until the door is replaced in June to change the door code. Stuart to give Mandy the new code 2 weeks in advance so we can advise the hirers.                                                                                            Stuart/Mandy

22.04.16d Discussion had around the hiring of the playing field for a birthday event. £75 minimum charge? A contact of Tracy who hires bouncy castles wants to hire the field for 2 days suggested cost £200. Mandy to discuss further.                   Mandy

23.04.16 Marketing and Communication – Mark Browning

Anything to add to the next residents letter please let Mark know.

24.04.16 Fund Raising – Keith Bridge

Sandra has had a meeting with Robert Horn from CAS to discuss the Village SOS application. He will help with the consultation required before we can apply for any more grants.

25.04.16 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

Ian handed out and discussed the figures for the year so far. FIT payment of £469 received for solar panels for 6 months. Agreed £20 could be spent on a child’s table and chairs for the Family bar. Various jobs to be added to Gifford’s task list.

26.04.16 Property & Assets – Iain Bramhill

Hall refurbishment – £28k is available for the hall refurbishment. Trevor Banks had quoted £16400 but did not include the stage. Estimate £1k for this work. P C Rust’s quote is £19528 + VAT. Agreed that skirting and stage fascia should be oak not oak faced MDF. New flooring won’t have badminton court lines.

Proposal:  to accept T & L Banks quote of £16400 to refurbish the hall.

Proposed:  Mark Browning                     Seconded: Stuart Harris                         none against

27.04.16 Community Liaison – Mark Browning

Nothing to report

28.04.16 Community Association – Stuart Harris

Structural engineer required as the suggestion is to remove the arch in the family bar. Last stock audit showed a £19 loss which is good. More Trustees required at Association meetings.  Mark stated how well the Association are doing now.

29.04.16 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

Successful Queens’s birthday celebration with a large village turnout. First Parish Council in Suffolk to be awarded a Local Council award scheme certificate. Stuart gave an overview of the housing survey which is being handed to all residents.

30.04.16 Any Other Business

Bagpipes have finished in the hall on a Monday evening but have been replaced by a dance class. Bunting from Joans coffee morning was left up and Mandy had to remove it this morning before she showed potential hirers around. Reminder that once the hall is decorated items will not be fixed to the clean walls.

CAS are running a village hall workshop on Saturday 14th May – Richard offered to attend.

Ian suggested that we use a different electrician as he has seen a couple of elements in the hall that are dangerous.

Methodist Church would like to use the grass by the bus stop to hold a breakfast on 11th June for the Queen’s birthday.

Gifford is going to use the floor polisher in the gear store. Stuart is trying to adjust the step in the library that is too high.


Interim meeting is on Monday 23rd May at 8.00pm in the Vine Lounge


Meeting closed at 10.45pm