Minutes – 30th October 2017

Charity No 267775

 Minutes of the informal Capel Community Trust meeting held on 30th October 2017


Present: Mark Browning, Mandy Marshall, Dave Busby, Julie Gentry, John Webb, Steve Bishop, Iain Bramhill, Richard Morgan, Stuart Harris, Stuart Powell, Jon Bunkell, Sandra Bumphrey


Apologies: Ian Love


56.11.15c Mark met Gareth on 30th March and 25th July to discuss the Memorandum of understanding. A letter has been received from the Football Club requesting an increased term of their license to a minimum of 25 years. This will allow the football club to have increased access to funding available from various different sporting bodies including Sport England and The Football Foundation although Sandra has looked at the grant t & c and it appears a joint application maybe the most appropriate option. Mark has emailed SCC to ask if there is another suitable site that could meet their needs. Stuart mentioned that there is a PC working party looking at what is needed in the village.                                                         

30.10.17a Suggestion made that the Playing field representative meetings should be held again.               Richard


66.01.17 Mark has had a Marketing Strategy prepared by a consultant. Jerry has offered to prepare a new Business plan but needs feedback from all Trustees. Mark and Iain are meeting Jerry on 7th November.                               Mark/Iain


68.01.17d Signs - need to redesign main hall sign and one similar to Pinewood village hall was suggested. Please respond by Friday with any feedback on the designs. Proposal: to order necessary signs from Hudson Signs to a value of £4k including VAT but agreement is required for the main hall sign.                                                      Sandra/Dave

Discussion around whether the new sign should be ‘Village hall’ or ‘Community Centre’ – agreed on Community Centre.

Advertisement consent is required and Dave agreed to help. Stuart agreed to help with removal of the old signs.


06.03.17b Discussion had around the Orchard Players steps which the Trust/Assoc use regularly. Agreed that new steps would be purchased once a suitable set is found. Ian to talk to Chris Love.                                                  Ian


 06.03.17c Capel Building Services Ltd has quoted £11500 to replace the hall kitchen. The kitchen at Babergh might be available for a nominal fee but we would need to remove and bring over. There was enough equipment to potentially equip the hall, bar and pavilion.  Unfortunately someone else has shown an interest. Need to write a letter as only verbal discussions had so far. Dave agreed to try and speak to his contact as no reply had been received to our letter.     Dave                                                                                                                                              

22.05.17b Cleaning doesn’t seem to be every bank holiday as there have been a few times when the hall has been dirty. Need to establish when Gifford should be working and adjust if necessary. Ian had found a contract which says 365 days.

Discussion with Gifford needed so alternative arrangements can be made when necessary.                                  Stuart


01.06.17a Parking is still an issue by the hirers of the church rather than church goers. Agreed to speak to Andrew Sankey again and advise this must be monitored by the church. The church have requested a meeting to discuss this and Stuart, Mark, John, Steve, Mandy will attend. Suggested Monday 8pm on the stage.                          Sandra            


01.06.17b Pavilion ceiling – Stuart has cleaned the blocked valley and suggests some paint may be needed. Difficulties in obtaining quotes but S & G Industrial Roofing have quoted £5685 + VAT to repair and this has been agreed and will hopefully be done in December.            


01.06.17c Kitchen needs work doing including tiling and kick boards. Stuart to ask Gifford to tile the area                Stuart


01.06.17g The library signs have been upgraded and agreed that the new finger sign pointing from the car park. Can be put up as long as we don’t end up with too many signs on the walls.                                                                                                            Sandra  


01.06.17j Capelstmary.org.uk to be moved from Gina Tidy – Stuart has advised Gina he is happy for it to be moved to Andrew Love.


Christmas float on 9 and 10th December - Mark Ward has said that he will continue for another year and we need help setting up at noon on the Saturday, the collection from 4-8pm both evenings and counting in the Vine Lounger afterwards.


25.07.17 Play area inspections were received today and need to be reviewed. A slide has been repaired and the floodlight posts need to be replaced and a request will go into the precept for this. Iain, Stuart and Sandra had had a meeting with Gareth and Patrick from the football club. Stuart has enquired about mobile lighting systems.

Stuart reported that Andrew was completing a daily form but not carrying out any repairs.


26.07.17 Jon suggested that the Association rent should show as being on track and the maintenance figure reduce to allow for the roller shutters. Adjusted.                                                                                                    


42.09.17 Water consumption is high so we need to read the water meters on a regular basis again. Ongoing.


54.09.17 Bonfire night - help is needed all day either at the field or clearing up in the hall at 10.30pm.


30.10.17b Mr Smith has not replied regarding the broken internal door at the hall and it was agreed that Mark would write to him again.                                                                                                                                                         Mark


30.10.17c Bowls club have requested that the conifers between the Bowls club and Hedgerows are trimmed. Quote required.                                                                                                                                                           Sandra


30.10.17d Mandy reported that both Boot camps have stopped on the field. Door code to be changed from January. Clubs to be advised that fire drills will be carried out in the new year.                                                                                Mandy


Discussion had around the bar refurbishment and agreed that once quotes had been received a joint meeting would be arranged to move the project forward.


Iain mentioned that a discussion had been started to move the ancient hedge, reduce the play area and create more parking spaces along the front by the bus stop. Quote needed to remove the hedge.                                Sandra


Need to amend the contact list to show Gifford as self employed.


30.10.17e Jon reported that the new glass washer is struggling and Patmore Water Softeners have quoted £995 plus VAT to install one at the hall. May need a hard water tap for those who can’t have too much salt.  More info required.            Jon


Main hall magnets are being used for advertising and not for fixing decorations.


Association have replaced the CCTV recording unit in the bar and there are now 4 spare cameras which can be placed around the building.