Minutes – 31st October 2016

Charity No 267775


Minutes of the informal Capel Community Trust meeting held on 31st October 2016


Present: Mark Browning, Stuart Harris, Sandra Bumphrey, Mandy Marshall, Steve Bishop, Ian Love plus Jon Bunkell

Apologies: Keith Bridge, Julie Gentry, Iain Bramhill, Richard Morgan


Matters arising from the September meeting

56.11.15c The Football club are arranging for the yellow container to be removed and a new longer one installed for a cost of £1200 which will be funded by the Football Club. The new container is in place and the old one removed. It will be painted green in due course. Memorandum of understanding to now be put in place.                            Mark

38.06.16b Sandra reported that Mrs P Naylor had caught her foot on a nail under the Vine Lounge stage which had caused her to trip and break her ankle. A claim is being made and Zurich have agreed to accept liability. See emails for more information. The stage has been removed and replaced with carpet. No update on the claim.                                   

01.07.16c Agreed that a thank you should go to Mark Ward for supplying the meat for the fun day BBQ. Suggested that he should be added as a main sponsor. Sent in September.                                                                   

01.08.16a Precept request meeting went ahead but the business plan is still to be updated.                                  Mark

01.08.16c Agreed to put ‘no ball games signs’ up in the hall and purchase a notice board to go on the side wall.

47.09.16a Tables - strictlytablesandchairs.co.uk sell tables for £137 + VAT for 6ft, £127 + VAT for 5ft 6in. Trolley is £245 to hold 6 tables. Once we have a photo of the underside of the table we can either order 1 or 12 plus trolley.      Sandra           

47.09.16b Stage - Trevor has quoted £1400 to decorate which was accepted. Orchard Players have put the necessary batons in place for their productions.

47.09.16c Hearing loop – Ian has bought the equipment and will install when he has time.

47.09.16d Play areas – following the annual inspection Playquip have quoted to make the necessary repairs. It was agreed that Playquip would do some repairs, Stuart would do what he could and some he didn’t think were necessary at this time. Playquip are due in November and Stuart will continue with maintenance when required.                                   

49.09.16a Quote received from T&L Banks for £4500 for suggested improvements to the family bar. Planning permission and Building regs maybe required. Once this is done the whole area will be decorated. Could borrow money from the brewery but would need to be tied in for a few years. Need to confirm what has been proposed in the precept request. Ian advised that the Trust would be able to help with this as it was unlikely to be agreed by the Parish Council.           

49.09.16b Suggestion made that the hall should be free to adult parties as offered by other local establishments. The Association would pay the hall hire rental to the Trust from the bar take. See below.                                                        

49.09.16c Agreed that a ‘No unauthorised entry’ sign to go on the doors between the Family bar and the hall. In place.

51.09.16 Play area inspections - following the inspection it is apparent that Andrew is not checking the equipment thoroughly enough. Stuart will talk to Andrew.                                                                                         Stuart


It was agreed to offer free hall hire as a trial from 1st January:

  • Primary aim is to increase hall hire for the Trust while maintaining revenue and increase bar take for the Association. Bar revenue needs to be a key consideration in how this offer is implemented.
  • Compete with other local venues offering free venue hire.
  • We don’t want to impose too many conditions so we are relaxed on the:

   Type of event (adult parties, Christening, wakes etc), day of the week,

   Time of the day,

   Location of the event (hall / vine lounge).

  • We will not cover the cost of the hire if any of the Trust’s standard terms and conditions of hire are not met, for example the venue is damaged or the Trust has to pay extra for cleaning following an event.
  • The refund will be subject to minimum turnover on bar sales; £500 for hall events and £250 for Vine Lounge events.


The Process

  • Before the Event - The hall will be booked in the normal way via the booking secretary; the standard T&Cs issued by the Trust will apply and the standard rental charges received.
  • During the Event - All items purchased by attendees to the event will be rung through a specific Clerk ID on the till to keep track of turnover and evidence can be provided to the booker if required. If it’s a double function, then two independent Clerk IDs will be used on the till.
  • After the Event - Trust Booking secretary to confirm to Association Treasurer that all T&Cs were met and the amount paid by the booker for the venue hire.

Subject to the minimum turnover requirements being met of £500 for hall bookings and £250 for Vine Lounge bookings the Association Treasurer will refund the amount paid by the booker, delivered to the address shown on the booking form. Usually this will be in cash, but for non-local bookings the refund may be paid by cheque and sent in the post.

Under no circumstances should bar staff issue cash from the till to anyone at the close of the event.


Simple Marketing Message

Do you have a celebration coming up? You can now hire the Village Hall or Vine Lounge free of charge (after cashback) for events when using the bar facilities.

Just book in the normal way by contacting Mandy on 01473 312026 or email bookings@capel-trust.freeserve.co.uk.

If the bar take during the event is more than £500 for hall events or £250 for vine lounge events, your original booking fee will be refunded in full*.

We’d love to see you taking full advantage of the newly refurbished facilities.

* Subject to all standard booking T&Cs and minimum bar turnover being met. Offer available to Association members (membership £6 single p.a./£10 family p.a.)


Any other business

Bonfire night this Saturday – help required to clear away from 9.30pm in the hall

Xmas float, 10th and 11th December – help required both nights and setting up Saturday lunchtime. Licence is in place but seals for tins and collecting badges to be ordered.                                                                             Sandra

New door code from 1st January will be C9635X

Notice board is up in the hall but on the wrong wall.                                                                                 Stuart/Gifford

Stuart suggested that there should, one day, be a grounds man to look after the playing field. Bob Morrison does work on the football pitches on a voluntary basis but this isn’t really sufficient.

Ian handed out the figures to the end of October and the budget proposal for 2017. Agreed that the club rents and hall hire for 2017 would stay the same. The Harvest Moon donations would stop in the new year as our 3 years was nearly up.

As part of the precept presentation made to the PC a Community Forum was mentioned on slide 7. Mark explained

the concept of forming a Village-wide Forum of interested groups  to oversee any investment Capel is able to make through the Community Investment Levy (CIL). Mark will send an email of his thoughts for discussion at the next meeting.


Next meeting Monday 28th November at 8pm in the library

Christmas informal meeting Tuesday 20th December with cheese and biscuits at 8pm in the library