Minutes – 4th June 2018

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 4th June 2018


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair). David Busby, Jon Bunkell, Sandra Bumphrey, John Webb, Richard Morgan, Steve Bishop (7.45), Ian Love (8.05)

plus Gareth Millar, Brian Marr, Adrian Goodwin, Patrick Clifford  from the Football Club, Darren and Leanne Baker from dbPT Transformation Studio and Boot Camp, Andy Gentry and Stuart Harris (7.45)

All left apart from Stuart after the democratic ¼ hour


Apologies: Mark Browning, Mandy Marshall, Julie Gentry


01.05.18 Democratic ¼ hour

dbPT Transformation studio – fitness studio indoors and boot camp outside. Darren suggested a Bootcampathon - sign up for a 45mins session at £5, can take 10 people an hour and funds raised would go towards a new climbing frame in the field play area. Could sell tickets across the bar and advertise on the Facebook pages. 14 & 15 July were suggested and Darren and Leanne will advertise this at Fun day.

FC would like to spend £840 + VAT to drill and reseed the pitches which was agreed. Iain thanked Gareth for his prompt response to the questions in the letter sent by the sub committee set up to move the licence question forward. The Football Foundation guidelines say at point 3.2 that freehold or uninterrupted leasehold for 21 years is required. Dave asked if a MUGA would be useful but it would have to be big enough for 11 a side. Discussion had around how much of the field was required and what could be gained if the Scotts development went ahead.  Trustees confirmed that they supported a request for a new pavilion and a decent first team pitch.

Iain proposed that the sub committee had a separate meeting with the FC. Tuesday 12th June at 7.30pm in the Vine Lounge                                                                                                         Stuart P, Iain, Richard, Stuart H


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd April  2018

Proposed: John Webb                        Seconded: Richard Morgan               none against


Stuart is now vice chair of the Parish Council rather than the Parish Council rep so it was agreed to co opt him onto the committee

Proposed: Ian Love     Seconded: Steve Bishop       none against

Mark has resigned as chair so Iain agreed to step up from Vice chair

Proposed:  Ian Love    Seconded: Steve Bishop      none against


02.05.18 Matters arising

66.01.17 Jerry is preparing a new Business plan and met with Mark and Iain on 7th November 2017. To move this forward it was agreed that the plan should be circulated to all Trustees at this point.                           Iain

06.03.17b Discussion had around the Orchard Players steps which the Trust/Assoc use regularly. Kev Colbear (bespoke metalworker) has quoted £4100 for bespoke  steps and edge railing which look good but are not suitable. Iain will go back to him and Ian will approach Steeldeck.                                                  Iain/Ian

30.10.17b Mr Smith has not replied regarding the broken internal door at the hall and Mark has written again. Mark would like to pursue through the small claims court and agreed that Mr Smith would be advised first. Mark has taken legal advice and we should’ve accepted his cheque for the part payment rather than returning it. Agreed to proceed through the Small claims court.                                                                               Mark

56.11.17a A meeting between the Trust, Football Club and Suffolk FA had been held plus another between the Trust, Football Club and Football Foundation. Money would be available for the pitches and a new building but the terms need to be discussed.  Letter received from FC requesting an answer within 7 days. Next Meeting arranged for 12th June  - see above

Contact Charity Commission to ask if in principal they would agree a licence for 21 years to enable the FC to apply for funding from the Football Foundation. Charity Commission website says, It’s usually straightforward to sell or lease charity land and property - most charities don’t need Charity Commission approval. You must try to get the best deal for your charity and follow any rules in the law and your governing document. A meeting with SP, SH, IB, RM, SB & SB was held on Wednesday and SP has prepared a reply to the FC. See above

The Football Club arranged a paid coach to take sessions over Easter which they haven’t advised to the Trust of. They also need to arrange for the thermostats on the deep fat fryers to be tested. On agenda  for 12 June.

30.10.17a. The Parish Council had received a quote from Vertas following the meeting at the field regarding grass cutting but it was not what had been asked for. Iain had spoken to Colin Rushbrook but he is unable to help. PC continuing with the Vertas contract for now as it was due for renewal on 1st April. 6 months notice to terminate is required.  Discussion had around Vertas contract and agreed to write to PC to complain once a discussion had been had with Football Club on 12th June.                                                               Stuart/Dave

John suggested that the ditch alongside the Orchard should be dug out again. Agreed for John to get a quote and Sandra to find out who owns the land. Martin from Scotts Properties had spoken to the land owner and agreed to access from his side. Possibly £1000 to hire a digger/dumper and lorry to dispose of waste. Iain to speak to Steve Prior for a cheaper quote.                                                                                                      Iain

Steve has arranged with Graham to purchase the extra £200 of fireworks that have been sponsored

03.01.18b Floodlights – Stuart has suggested street light posts with a hinged joint to be able to access the light, approx. cost £1000 for 3 posts plus lights and installation. Football Foundation do not want to support this project so we need to purchase from the PC field/pavilion which has £9k.t.                                          Stuart

05.01.18a There is a socket on the stage which is 5amp and blows if used incorrectly. Jon has agreed and ordered the parts and will install in June. Should people wish to plug 13amp items in, there is an adapter in the mains cupboard which will need PAT testing at some point so we will need another adapter for that. We will need one anyway to test the stage lights in the ceiling of the hall.                                                           Ian/Jon

06.01.18a Now pavilion roof has been replaced the hole above the gas meter needs to be filled. Ceiling has asbestos which needs removing first. Quote of £850 + VAT received from Ipswich Insulations. Agreed to accept and ask Leigh to quote to replace.  Ceiling removal will happen after Fun day.                   Sandra/Iain

06.01.18c James Honeywood has agreed to clean grubby marks on the hall exterior walls. Iain has met with James Honeywood and agreed  the scope for brickwork cleaning and work will be progressing hopefully next month  based on a day rate. I’m hoping all can be done over 2 days to limit the price to around £2/300.

06.01.18e Andrew Vellacott has cut the A12 side hedge. The ditch still needs clearing and agreed 28th April from 10-12. Graham say rubbish can go to allotments for burning.   On the PC facebook page with the Litter pick notice. Bring gloves and a high vis vest.   Work carried out on 28th April and 12th May.

06.01.18f David Gulliver has agreed to repaint the end wall of the pavilion.

07.01.18b Another quote has been received for the bar refurbishment which is £5k cheaper.  Grants available?

Dave has contacted Babergh who can probably only offer £1,000 and feel that other lines of enquiry will be tough, but they have said that we need to get an estimate of the refurbishment and how much we can contribute.                                                                                                                                                       Dave

07.01.18d Fun day - main issues were parking and marquees. New marquees have been purchased.

12.03.18 Sue and Colin Nicol came to talk about converting one of the tennis courts into Pickleball courts. Kris from Suffolk Tennis Courts has quoted £800 + VAT for a deep clean and moss inhibitor and £800 + VAT to mark out the courts. Suggestion made to split the 2 tennis courts and the Pickleball club to have use of one court.  Gordon Jones has agreed £800 towards line marking and the court cleaning is booked for 7-9 June. The remaining £352 will be paid by the club at £50 p.m. They will give a demonstration on Fun day.

14.03.18 Discussion had again regarding the play area inspections and what is required.                         Stuart

17.03.18a Hearing loop - cabling is in place but needs to be connected and users advised of how to use. Ian

21.03.18a Jon had met with Sharon, editor of Capel Capers. Agreed a double page spread in the December edition to advertise the Trust and Association events that have happened throughout the year. Could Andrew L take photos throughout the year to go on the website and in the Capers.                                                 Iain

01.04.18a Orchard Players are again placing their equipment too near the light in the gear store so Mandy has sent an email to remind them. Agreed that the light would be replaced when the Bar refurb takes place.

02.04.18b Solar panels are not working but Solartech Ltd who supplied then have gone bust. Waiting for Greenscape to quote to replace invertor . Stuart thinks could cost between £1.8 - 4k. C J Electrical suggested as an alternative.                                                                                                                                            Stuart

03.04.18c Application for a cone climber for the field play area from the S106 fund had been refused by Babergh as the evidence of need from the Parish plan is 5 years old. Instead a shade sail has been requested for the hall play area as now the tree has been removed it is very warm with no shade. Ali Stark has volunteered to obtain evidence of need from the school parents/carers. A questionnaire has been produced and also included in the residents letter.                                                                                        Sandra

04.04.18d Insurance renewal price of £4208.90 received from Zurich through CAS which is nearly £1000 cheaper than last year even with the Bowls club taking out their own policy and the recent claim. Agreed to take the 5 year option and confirmed that Trustee indemnity is included.

06.04.18f  New tables ordered for the library for £551.40 + VAT. Library tables will move to the stage as these are very rough on the top. Allotments may use or if not freecycle.                                                     Sandra

07.04.18g Andy Walton would like to plant a tree in memory of his parents – John & Linda Walton. Agreed that this could be done but a more suitable place might be near the war memorial. The War memorial committee have replied to say that they are bound by the original brief that was given to them by the Parish Council, which was to raise a memorial to those lost in conflict. The whole project including the appeals for funding has been based on that directive. When responsibility is handed back to the Parish Council after 11th November 2018, they will be seeking an undertaking from the current, and future Parish Councils, to maintain it in its current form. For that reason, a non-military memorial within the War Memorial area would not be practical. Jon will advise Andy.


03.05.18 Health & Safety

Fire risk assessment has been reviewed and points actioned.

Legionella checks are being carried out monthly.

Play area inspections – annual inspection is due in September. Need to ensure all points from last inspection are dealt with.


04.05.18 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

Ian will email the updated figures but we are roughly on track. £2k has been spent on Gazebos for Fun day.

Need to review staffing and maintenance expenditure.                                                                                 Ian


05.05.18 Review of Bookings etc. – Mandy

No report


06.05.18 Property & Assets – Stuart Harris & Iain Bramhill

Discussion around the grass cutting at hall. It has been cut as a one off by Vertas and we may receive a bill for £35 which is the hourly rate. Need to raise with Julie as this should now be on the regular contract. Sandra

Library door is bleeping again so Stuart will look at it.


07.05.18 Community Association – John Webb

Doing well and had some good functions. Bar refurb is now split into 2 phases. First in July and second January. This will mean that one bar will always remain open. Agreed usual request with Orchard Players during show. Working party needed for 14 and 15th July to clear bar area.                                                  All


08.05.18 Parish Council – Steve Bishop

Persimmon development off Little Tufts for 100 houses has been agreed.


09.05.18 Chairman’s action – Iain

Staffing  issues and Football club are priorities at the moment.


10.05.18 Any other business

Neighbourhood Plan – Iain, Dave and Sandra are on the Amenities group within this

To confirm we charge £50 to have the Gamers bus in the hall car park.

Villager of the year – Sandra, Jon and Griff Johns have been selected so please vote for your favourite!


Next meeting –Monday 25th June at 8pm in the library


Meeting closed at 10.10pm