Minutes – AGM: 23rd February 2015

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust Annual General Meeting

held on Monday 23rd February 2015 at 8pm in the library

Present:  Sandra Bumphrey, Ian Love, Iain Bramhill, Mark Browning, Richard Morgan, Trevor Banks plus 19 members of the public (listed separately).

Apologies: John Sturgeon, Keith Bridge, Mandy Marshall

  1. The Minutes of the AGM held on 24th February 2014 were signed as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed:  Stuart Harris             Seconded: Derek O’Galligan                    none against

  1. Chairman’s Report Mark Browning

Due to support from the many village organisations including Harvest Moon Cafe, Floral Club, Capel Ladies, WI, and Allotment Association considerable progress has been made towards raising the necessary funds to enable the village hall roof to be replaced. We hope that our community friends will continue to help us during the coming year as we look to further invest in other projects to make the hall more attractive and turn it into something we can all be proud of and which will generate greater revenue.  This will enable further investment in Trust assets. In other respects 2014 has been a tough year financially as declining income from the Association has hit our bottom line, directly resulting in a negative out-turn for the year as a whole.  The Trustees very much welcome the new Association committee and following greater success in December and January rent payments have been received. During the year the Trust took the decision to devolve much of the discussions around individual aspects of the Trust’s work to sub-committees (Property, Fund-Raising, Finance etc).  Formal decision-making still rests with the Trust Management Committee, which now meets every other month. There will be challenges for the Trust in the years ahead but with the support of the Committee I am sure these challenges will be overcome.

  1. Treasurer’s Report Ian Love

Pages 6, 7,9 and 10 of the accounts were handed out and run through. These have been prepared by Ensors for several years now. Income very similar to 2013 but £5938 raised by village groups is restricted for the roof fund. Association failing to have a committee last year caused a decline in funds and the Trust was approx. £6k down at the year end. £2k NI reduction has helped. Fireworks figures have been shown differently in 2014 but profit was similar.

Canon Jim asked if the staff were paid the minimum wage and it was confirmed they were. Canon Jim said that the Trust had been nominated as one of St Mary’s charities for the year. 

Proposal: That the 2014 accounts should be adopted as prepared by Ensors Accountants.

Proposed: Iain Bramhill             Seconded: Mark Browning                     none against

  1. Fund raising report Mark Browning on behalf of Keith Bridge

Several grant applications have been submitted and offer letters have been received. If our paper work is seen to be in order by the funders we should have reached our £90k target and Mark thanked the Parish Council for the significant amount that has been put aside in the precept.

  1. Property report – Iain Bramhill

As well as replacing the 13 roof sections we are looking at installing solar panels and LED lighting this year. Building regulations are in place and there will be a 25 year guarantee on the new roof. There is a meeting on 16th March with the contractor and work should commence in April with the hall remaining open while work is in progress.  Refurbishing the main hall will hopefully follow. The entrance foyer has been decorated and new lighting installed and the rough area in the car park has been concreted. There are plans for the pavilion and play areas which need to be maintained following advice in the annual report from ROSPA but it is all money dependent. Next Property and Fund raising committee meeting is 18th March. Iain thanked all who had been involved in the roof project.

  1. Election of Members of the Committee

Existing trustees Mark Browning, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Keith Bridge and Iain Bramhill were happy to continue so it was proposed to elect them together to fill 5 of the trustee positions.

Proposed: Sandra Bumphrey                                          Seconded: Linda Evans                                        none against

Stuart Harris            Proposed: Derek O’Galligan            Seconded: Gareth Millar                          none against

David Thompson     Proposed:   Linda Evans                 Seconded: Diane Wright                           none against

Sandra explained that the Trust is changing the constitution from 5 elected and 5 representative trustees to 10 elected trustees. Currently the chair and vice chair of the Association are trustees but they do not want the full responsibility of a trustee. The Parish Council representative is also a trustee elected by the Parish Council.



Linda raised concerns about how the Association were going to connect with the residents and Mark gave his thoughts on how he saw the Trust and Association working successfully together in the future. Linda had enjoyed curling with the WI and suggested that this might be popular in Capel.

Gareth asked what the next big project was likely to be and Mark stated that several ideas were being discussed.

Patrick asked if the Trust were aware of the drainage issues on the field and Iain asked if he could provide more information after the meeting.


Meeting closed at 9.05pm.