Minutes – AGM: 24th February 2014

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust Annual General Meeting

held on Monday 24th February 2014 at 8pm in the library


Present:  Sandra Bumphrey, Ian Love, Iain Bramhill, Mark Browning, Richard Morgan, Julie Gentry, Mandy Marshall, Trevor Banks, Jon Bunkell, Lynda Ward, Ruth Rawthorn, plus 19 members of the public (listed separately).


Apologies: John Sturgeon, Jim Pendorf


  1. The Minutes of the AGM held on 25th February 2013 were signed as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed:  Iain Bramhill                         Seconded: Gerald White                          none against


  1. Chairman’s Report Mark Browning

Mark welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded those present what the object of the Trust is and what the Trustee responsibilities are. He talked about what the Trustees had inherited including a crucial village charity in financial difficulty, a charity that has become disconnected from residents and has very few people willing to participate plus 2 tired buildings. Our vision is to improve the facilities, make better use of the financial support, improve the partnership with stakeholders and enhance the sense of community. 3 words - ‘review’, ‘plan’, ‘do’.  Mark reviewed what the committee had achieved in 2013 and thanked the Parish Council, Association, Allotments group, Capel Floral club, Capel Ladies, WI, and Linda Evans. Mark also thanked Lynda Ward for her time on the Trust.


  1. Treasurer’s Report Ian Love

Ian presented the financial slides and showed that income was down but expenditure had been controlled resulting in that 2013 had ended with an improved balance sheet of £2637.00. During the year we have managed to remove the Charities Commission obligation to repay the permanent endowment of approx. £35000 set up from the sale of the land now Friars. This means that the £15000 in this fund is now available for the Trust to use. Replacing the hall roof is the priority now and an asbestos survey has been carried out. Sharon Pendorf thanked Ian for his work in getting the Charity Commission to change the endowment. One gentleman reported that gift aid rules are changing and may be beneficial to the Trust. Stuart Harris wondered if the constitution could be reviewed so that Trustees served a number of years and there was a staggered change over.

Proposal: That the 2013 accounts should be adopted as prepared by Ensors Accountants.

Proposed: Ian Love                             Seconded: Mark Browning                  none against


  1. Hall User’s Representative - Julie Gentry

Hall continues to be used by lots of groups most of the time. The leaking roof is currently the main concern. Hazel Hole from Orchard Players wondered if Hall Users meetings could begin again. Linda E suggested that Julie visit the various Hall Users and discuss what the Trust does. Julie has some posters to put up.


  1. Playing field Users' Representative's Report - Richard Morgan

Paddy’s bench has been installed at the field. County Councillor Gordon Jones is still considering whether to support the bridge over the ditch at the A12 end. Tennis Court fence has been replaced on 2 sides. Drainage on the field is still a problem but Ian Powell thanked the Parish Council for arranging for Bypass Nurseries to clear a drain on their property which has resulted in the field not needing to be pumped out.


  1. Iain Bramhill – Property report

Play areas need continual investment for improvements and health & safety. Pavilion is beyond serviceable life and needs replacing. Hall roof is likely to cost approx. £150,000. Hall needs updating and redecorating once the roof is replaced. Solar panels and new lighting are being considered. A fundraising team needs to be established to apply for grants and the support of the village will be needed. Sponsor a brick?


  1. Election of Members of the Committee

Julie Gentry and Richard Morgan are both happy to stand again as Hall and Playing Field Representatives.

As nominations forms had been received from Mark Browning, Ian Love and Iain Bramhill it was proposed to elect them together to fill 3 of the 5 elected trustee positions.

Proposed: Ian Powell                          Seconded: Linda Evan                                            none against

Ian Powell                 Proposed: Gareth Millar       Seconded: Steve Bishop                      none against

Keith Bridge              Proposed: Carolyn Love      Seconded: Derek O’Galligan                  none against

Mike Gilson was proposed by Derek O’Galligan and seconded by Gerald White but was happy to stand down as sufficient nominations had been received.                                              


  1. AOB

No other items were discussed.   


Meeting closed at 9.12pm.