Minutes – AGM: 26th February 2018

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust Annual General Meeting

held on Monday 26th February 2018 at 8pm in the library


Present: Mark Browning, Iain Bramhill, Richard Morgan, Stuart Harris, Ian Love, Steve Bishop, Stuart Powell,

 John Webb, Dave Busby, Julie Gentry, Sandra Bumphrey plus  Jon Bunkell, Gerald White, Gareth Miller, Adrian Goodwin and Mr Revell 


Apologies: Mandy Marshall


  1. The Minutes of the AGM held on 27th February 2017 were signed as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed:  Stuart Harris                                 Seconded: Dave Busby                                                       none against


Chairmans report – Mark Browning

Relatively successful year, hall hire income has increased without putting up charges to hirers.  Ongoing work to make the hall a more marketable space. New signage and renaming hall as a community centre which is all part of the rebranding and marketing plan. Area around the hall has been paved and the library fire exit has been improved as we continue to look at safety. The path outside the main entrance has been dug up today and will also be paved. Can’t always plan for the unplanned and we had a burst underground pipe towards the end of last year in the hall.

The cinema events in the library continue to be well attended with 80 people last month so air conditioning may be needed for the summer months. The Association are looking to make changes to the bar area.

Significant funds have been spent repairing the pavilion roof and boiler. Hopefully there will be some opportunities to obtain funding for maintenance at the pavilion from the Football Foundation but unlikely to be able to replace it yet. Agreed a skate park in principal and waiting for further contact from the group who suggested it.

The Trust wouldn’t be able to meet its objectives without the support from the PC through the precept and the Association through their fund raising events.  Events like Fun day, Bonfire night and the Christmas float continue to be successful and thanks to those who help and organise. Mark thanked the trustees for their contribution.


Treasurer’s Report Ian Love

Ian went through the accounts, hall hire has increased by £5000 and events have been successful. Very solid base and bank account is healthier than in previous years.

Gerald queried why there were not any expenses for the distribution and printing of letters but any costs are under stationery/postage.

Adrian commented on the dog fouling leaflet and hoped that it will make owners more responsible. Agreed that new signs were required by the A12 gate and a dog bin was needed in this corner.

Dave asked why the Solar Fit receipt was down and this was due to the panels having a fault for a while and a payment being received in the New Year.

Dave also asked why the Parish Council RSG had been reduced and was advised that the Trust was trying to reduce the revenue request and allocate the funds into specific project pots.

Proposal: That the 2017 accounts should be adopted as prepared by Ensors Accountants.

Proposed: Steve Bishop                                  Seconded: Dave Busby                                                 none against






Presentation of any other reports:

Iain confirmed that the main  projects for the year had been signage, paving, working party for the playing field play area, removal of hall playing area hedge, removal of hall playing area tree,  trimming of playing field trees and that there had been good feedback from users and general public on hall upgrade.

Now considering what the next projects are and aligning this with our Business Plan and looking forward to working with The Association on the Bar refurbishment. 

Stuart added that significant time was spent on maintenance tasks often on a daily basis. Hedge along the A12 ditch has just been hacked back but will look good once it has been tidied up.


Election of Members of the Committee

Existing trustees Mark Browning, Ian Love, Richard Morgan, Iain Bramhill, Stuart Powell, Dave Busby and Julie Gentry were happy to continue.

Proposal: to elect all 7 as Trustees

Proposed: John Webb                          Seconded:    Gareth Miller                                    none against

Stuart Harris will continue as the Parish Council representative along with the chair and vice chair of the Association

or nominated representatives. This means all 10 positions are filled.


Meeting closed at 8.45pm.



Trustees to sign to accept the following


No person shall be entitled to act as a Member whether on a first or on any subsequent entry into office until after signing in the minute book of the Committee a declaration of acceptance and of willingness to act in the trusts of this Scheme.


Mark Browning



Ian Love



Richard Morgan



Iain Bramhill



Julie Gentry



Stuart Powell



David Busby



Parish Council representative – Stuart Harris



 Association chair – Steve Bishop



Association vice chair – John Webb