Minutes – 24th June 2019

Charity No 267775

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on Monday 24th June 2019


Present: Iain Bramhill (chair), Jon Bunkell, John Webb, David Busby, Stuart Harris, Richard Morgan, Sarah Sadler, Carolyn Love, Sarah Smy, Chris Whitley


Apologies: Ian Love


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 28th May 2019


Proposed:        Stuart Harris               Seconded:        Carolyn Love               none against


  1. Democratic ¼ hour.

Nothing raised


  1. Matters arising from the minutes.


2.1       Stuart has a meeting on Wednesday for a quote regarding the Basketball court fencing, the straining wires also need to be fixed so this will be raised at the same time.


2.2       The issue of toilet roll has been going on for some time now, it was agreed we need to ask for a quote for 100 rolls and take it from there.  We will need to know when delivery’s will be made to ensure someone will be on site to receive them.


2.3       Jon has received written confirmation for the conifer to be removed and has stated this will take place a week before bonfire night.


2.4       The Bowls Club lease has now been agreed by the Trustee’s; we are awaiting communication from Gareth regarding the Football Club lease.


2.5       Chris has obtained a Solicitors quote for £450 with an additional £150 per extra hour.


2.6       Sarah Smy has confirmed that the replacement value for the building has been given as 2 million pounds.


2.7       Carolyn has agreed to submit meter readings, Trevor will record water, gas and solar readings and pass to Carolyn to submit – this is ongoing.


2.8       Mobile phones are now up and running for Bookings and Administration, the numbers have been put onto the website and Carolyn has updated posters.


2.9       All First Aid boxes will be replaced for the avoidance of doubt.


2.10     Carolyn has introduced herself to all regular hirers.


2.11     The issue with the stage door and the loose wires by the hall door have now been resolved.


2.12     Gifford has now been added to the Trust contact list; the list has now been distributed to all.


2.13     Funds have now been received for the Car Park.


Action to be taken 


  • Stuart to obtain quote for Basketball court fencing and straining wires.
  • Sarah Sadler to progress and place toilet paper order with approval.
  • Carolyn will liaise with Trevor to agree how to proceed with the collection and submission of meter readings.
  • Carolyn to replace all First Aid boxes.


  1. Finance


3.1       Handover between Iain and Sarah Smy is ongoing, Ian is handling the day to day finances and this will continue until Sarah receives authority from the bank. Sarah and Ian have met, most aspects of the role have been discussed, a further meeting will be held in the near future regarding Parish Council funds to coincide with our next grant request.


3.2       A full year estimated budget column has been added to the Trust’s financial report based on what Ian expects. This shows a deficit of £10k.


3.3       Income generated by rentals was forecast at £15k for the year, so far, the year to date actual figures are standing at £12.8k. This is positive and it is anticipated that the forecast figure could increase.


3.4       We have changed our water provider. We are currently awaiting Anglian Water to finalise our account which could result in us receiving a refund.


3.5       Due to Fun Day being postponed, which everyone agreed was the right decision to make based on the weather, income for the event will be given at next month’s meeting.

Sarah Smy

  1. Hires


4.1       Carolyn Love is now officially the Trust’s Booking Secretary as of 22nd June and has been very active in her role.


4.2       The Hall Master booking system is looking positive and is being tested, we are still in the trial period and photos will be added and presentation will be worked on.  It will still be possible for those who do not have the internet or prefer to make their booking over the telephone as we will be able to make the booking online on their behalf.


4.3       The Calendar has been updated with all forthcoming bookings; this can be shared with Trustee’s upon request.


4.4       New bookings have been taken, 3 parties have been booked and a booking has been taken for next June. There was one enquiry who decided not to book as they felt the cost was too expensive.


4.5       The NHS have shown interest in using the Library.


4.6       July Hires include the Orchard Players Show, Charity dance event, World Wrestling and parties in the Hall.


4.7       August is currently quite quiet although this is not an issue as this is when the bar refurbishment is going ahead.


4.8       Carolyn raised the subject of the Trust’s current deposit system of £100 cheques being held to cover damages if they are to occur when under hire, John stated that over a long period of time there have only been 3 incidences of damage.  It was decided to stop taking the cheques and to add a damage clause to the Booking contract. A new deposit fee of 50% of the booking fee was agreed.


Action to be taken


  • Gaps in hire to be looked at with a view of how to fill.
  • Answerphone message on bookings landline needs to be given stating new number.
  • Bookings contract to be updated with damage clause.
  • Trail and testing of Hall Master to continue with Carolyn and Jon.

Carolyn Love


  1. Property Assets. Repairs and Maintenance.


5.1       All coded locks have been changed and the code has been distributed to all.


5.2       The drains at the Playing Field have now been cleared by Anglian Water.


5.3       Trevor will trim the hedges around the play area in preparation for Fun Day.


5.4       We have received 2 requests for consideration by residents, the first being to remove 2 Trees situated between the Children’s play area and the Bowls Club and to grind out the stumps. The second for the maintenance of the Hedges between the resident’s property and the playing field.


As it is currently nesting season no action can be taken regarding felling of the trees until September. Both these issues will be discussed further and reviewed after August.

Stuart Harris


  1. Community Association Bar and Event


6.1       Income from the Bar is good.


6.2       The refurbishment has started with the ceilings coming down.


6.3       There has been a positive meeting with Green King.


6.4       Events are continuing to go well with the recent 90’s and 00’s night being a success.


6.5       A further Beer Fest is being planned for Christmas time.


6.6       Updating the current Membership Card system is being looked into, there is an option of an electronic system that would save the bar on transaction fees.

It was discussed that we should increase awareness of the Bar within the village and make it appealing to all.

Jon Bunkell and John Webb


  1. Parish Council


7.1       The Library’s previous request for sliding doors has been raised again.  As discussed at Aprils meeting the Library will need progress with this matter and put forward a proposal for the Trust to consider.

Stuart Harris


  1. Playing Field, Pavilion and Village Hall


8.1       Gareth had reported a possible attempted break in at the Pavilion garage, Stuart investigated this and thankfully it was not as first thought, the damaged to the door was possibly caused by forceful closure and has now been fixed.

Stuart Harris


  1. Chairman’s Action


Nothing to report this month.

Iain Bramhill


  1. Administration


Nothing to report this month.

Sarah Sadler


  1. Any Other Business


11.1     The question of would a banner for the Association stating “Can you help?” be a good idea to bring in further support from the community? It was agreed to be a good idea and is something to be considered.


11.2     The equipment in the Children’s playground needs a clean


11.3     What happened to the photos of the refurbishment? It was confirmed Ian has them and a small team will short list them to be put on to canvas.


11.4     Work on the fuse board did not go ahead as the Electrician has registered for VAT. It was agreed that the Parish Council will be invoiced so this can move forward.


11.5     The Orchard Players have been offered the use of a Military Vehicle which could be displayed on site during their forthcoming performance and have asked permission to do so. This was agreed and Jon will inform them.


11.6     It was reported that on Friday 21st June it was discovered that tables and chairs were left out on the stage, the concern being has someone been there without consent? It was confirmed by Carolyn that there was no booking on that day.


11.7     Could there be a better use for the records room? It was agreed that documentation stored should be sorted, shredded or scanned. Sarah Sadler has agreed to undertake this task.


11.8     It has been noticed that a false statement regarding the Trust had been posted on the Capel St Mary Notice Board page on Facebook.

The Mobile Pizza company had posted that due to holiday there would be no pizza van in July, alternative dates had been looked at, but they would clash with the Fish and Chip van. This led to a discussion of why they can’t both be there at the same time. A member of the group posted the comment “Trust decided not the best idea x”. This was not correct as the Trust was not involved in the making of this decision.


Action required


  • Sarah Sadler will process documentation in the records room accordingly to create more space.
  • Stuart to contact Gifford regarding the cleaning of play equipment in the Children’s play area.


Please ensure all action points are fully completed prior to the next meeting, if you are away / this cannot be done, please send a report


The date of the next meeting is Monday 22nd July 2019 in the Library at 7:30pm