Minutes – 28th November 2016

Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on 28th November 2016

Present: Mark Browning, Stuart Harris, Julie Gentry, Sandra Bumphrey, Iain Bramhill, Richard Morgan, Mandy Marshall, Ian Love, Jon Bunkell

Apologies: Steve Bishop, Keith Bridge

53.11.16 Democratic ¼ hour no one present

Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 26th September
Proposed: Stuart Harris Seconded: Iain Bramhill none against
Discussion had as to whether we should carry on with 6 formal/6 informal meetings a year or revert to 12 formal.

54.11.16 Matters arising
56.11.15c The Football club has replaced the yellow container on the playing field with a newer red one. It will be painted green in due course. Mark went through the Memorandum of understanding that he had drawn up between the Trust and the Football Club. This has now been amended and sent to the football club for their approval. Sandra
01.08.16a Precept request meeting went ahead but the business plan is still to be updated. Mark

47.09.16a Tables - strictlytablesandchairs.co.uk sell tables for £137 + VAT for 6ft, £127 + VAT for 5ft 6in. Trolley is £245 to hold 6 tables. Once we have a photo of the underside of the table we can either order 1 or 12 plus trolley. Agreed to order 6 folding 6ft tables and one trolley and see how strong they are. Sandra

51.09.16 Play area inspections - following the inspection it is apparent that Andrew is not checking the equipment thoroughly enough. Stuart will talk to Andrew. Stuart

Xmas float, 10th and 11th December – Jon has ordered maroon high vis vests in various sizes with the joint logo, to be used at this and other events. We could have badges to attach to the front for each event. Discussion was had around how this event could be improved as none of the committee look forward to it. Suggestions were to collect on one evening only by reducing the collection area, set up around the village hall or stating in the Capers that unless more people were found the event would be cancelled.

Notice board is up in the hall but on the wrong wall. Stuart/Gifford

55.11.16 Marketing and Communication – Mark Browning
Nothing discussed.

56.11.16 Fund Raising - Keith Bridge
No report

57.11.16 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love
No formal figures to hand out but Ian reported we are on track for a healthy year.
There was a record turnout for the fire work display. £1150 received today from Harvest Moon. The Parish Council finance meeting to discuss the precept has been delayed until 1st December and will then be ratified in January.

58.11.16 Property & Assets – Iain Bramhill
Car park sign – need to add ‘parking for patrons only’. Discussed positioning of sign and agreed that a double sided sign would be better. New quote required. Sandra
Still waiting for snagging meeting to take place with Trevor. Stage will be decorated after the Panto which is 8-15 January. Next project will be the kitchen but we need to decide what is needed.
Stuart had replaced a light fitting at the pavilion and had cleaned some of the shower push buttons.
Steve Prior has agreed to improve and repair the bike track. Now the fence has been removed it was discussed whether a ‘use at your own risk’ sign should be erected but agreed not at present.
Hall chairs need sorting through again as some are torn and stained. Working party arranged for 29th December at 2pm.
Julie will steam clear the dirty ones and Jon will remove the ones that are beyond repair. All

59.11.16 Community Liaison – Mark Browning
Nothing to report

60.11.16 Community Association – Jon Bunkell
Cash flow is a bit tight at present. Voted to remove the arch in the Family bar at the last meeting. Only one quote has been received although several builders were approached. Take That tribute band booked for 9th September. Approx. £400 taken at the Craft fair.

61.11.16 Parish Council – Stuart Harris
The Parish Council had recommended for refusal the application by Hopkins Homes to build on Days Road.

62.11.16 Health & Safety
Play areas - Playquip have repaired the areas identified in the inspection report and added a slide and cargo net to the frame in the hall play area.
Fire risk assessment - Several fire drills have been carried out with the various hall users.
Legionella - Hall boiler has been serviced and is compliant with Legionella requirements.

63.11.16 Any Other Business
Concerned that the pizza man was spilling hot coals on the car park tarmac. Tracy had advised him and received an apology. If it happened again he will receive a written warning.
Agreed to spend £30 on food for an informal meeting in the Vine Lounge on 20th December and invite the Association committee.

64.11.16 In camera – Sandra, Mandy and Jon left the meeting as the discussion was regarding the staff.

Christmas informal meeting on Tuesday 20th December at 8pm in the Vine Lounge with the Association

Next meeting Monday 23rd January at 8pm in the library