Minutes – November 2017

Charity No 267775


Minutes of the Capel Community Trust meeting held on 27th November 2017


Present: Mark Browning (chair), Stuart Harris, Julie Gentry, Iain Bramhill. David Busby, Mandy Marshall,

Jon Bunkell, Steve Bishop, Sandra Bumphrey, Ian Love, John Webb and Richard Morgan. 

Gareth Miller and Adrian Goodwin were also present form the Football Club.


55.11.17 Democratic ¼ hour

Nothing reported


Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 25th September 2017

Proposed: Iain Bramhill                          Seconded: Ian Love                              none against


56.11.17 Matters arising

56.11.15c Mark met Gareth on 30th March and 25th July to discuss the Memorandum of understanding. A letter has been received from the Football Club requesting an increased term of their license to a minimum of 25 years. This will allow the football club to have increased access to funding available from various different sporting bodies including Sport England and The Football Foundation although Sandra has looked at the grant t & c and it appears a joint application maybe the most appropriate option. Mark has emailed SCC to ask if there is another suitable site that could meet their needs. Stuart mentioned that there is a PC working party looking at what is needed in the village.

56.11.17a Agreed that a meeting between the Trust, Football Club and Suffolk FA will be held in the January.  Sandra           

30.10.17a Playing field representative meeting was held on 14th November and Richard gave a summary of what had been discussed. The Parish Council had received a quote from Vertas following the meeting at the field regarding grass cutting but it was not what had been asked for.                                                                                                   Stuart

66.01.17 Mark has had a Marketing Strategy prepared by a consultant. Jerry is preparing a new Business plan and met with Mark and Iain on 7th November. They will meet again in January.                                                                  Mark

 68.01.17d Signs - need to redesign main hall sign and one similar to Pinewood village hall was suggested. Sandra, Dave and Iain had met with Hudson Signs and agreed the wording and design     for the smaller signs. The proposed aluminium letters @ 300mm high with lighting has taken the quote to £4470 rather than the £4k originally agreed but             it was agreed that this could go ahead. There will also be a cost for the electrics and planning consent as the sign will be lit.   Dave    

06.03.17b Discussion had around the Orchard Players steps which the Trust/Assoc use regularly. Agreed that new steps would be purchased once a suitable set is found. Chris Love has recommended Steeldeck.com                               Ian

 06.03.17c The kitchen at Babergh might be available for a nominal fee but we would need to remove and bring over. There was enough equipment to potentially equip the hall, bar and pavilion.  Unfortunately Babergh have sold the kitchen to a commercial business and the one in the Mid Suffolk office was not suitable. Agreed to review in the new year.

22.05.17b Cleaning doesn’t seem to be every bank holiday as there have been a few times when the hall has been dirty. Need to establish when Gifford should be working and adjust if necessary. Ian had found a contract which says 365 days.

Stuart had spoken with Gifford but and hoped the situation would be better going forward.

01.06.17a Parking is still an issue by the hirers of the church rather than church goers. Members of the church and the Trust have met and no issues have been reported since. The church are hoping to get plans to demolish the church and Mark has said that we don’t want the car park used by construction vehicles if this happens.                                

01.06.17c Pavilion kitchen needs work doing including tiling and kick boards. Stuart has asked Gifford.                   Stuart

30.10.17b Mr Smith has not replied regarding the broken internal door at the hall and Mark has written again. If no reply we need to decide whether to pursue through the small claims court.                                                                   Mark

30.10.17c Bowls club have requested that the conifers between the Bowls club and Hedgerows are trimmed. Agreed to accept the quote from The Room Outside for £925 to reduce the trees by 12 feet and consider removal.                Sandra

30.10.17d Mandy reported that both Boot camps have stopped on the field. Door code to be changed from January. Clubs to be advised that fire drills will be carried out in the new year.                                                                               

30.10.17e Iain mentioned that a discussion had been started to move the ancient hedge, reduce the play area and create more parking spaces along the front by the bus stop. The hedge has been removed - it was not considered ‘ancient’ as it was too short and not of sufficient hedge species. 

30.10.17f Jon reported that the new glass washer is struggling and Patmore Water Softeners have quoted £995 plus VAT to install one at the hall. May need a hard water tap for those who can’t have too much salt.  John has investigated leasing a glass washer and is waiting for more information.                                                                                             John


57.11.17 Health & Safety

Library fire door is on order and hand rail is currently being made in Great Yarmouth.

External cellar door and store room doors need replacing - estimate received from Trevor for £1350 to supply, fit and stain with new door furniture and locks. Agreed to accept estimate.

Orchard Players – concern with the equipment in the gear store especially near the lights. Mandy will add a paragraph to their next letter and we will inspect after the panto in January.                                                              Mandy

Play area inspections – discussion had around the level of maintenance that was being carried out.

Sandra is attending a PAT testing workshop on Thursday.


58.11.17 Finance & Special Purposes – Ian Love

Ian handed out the finance report. Hall hire should be above £20k for the year. Firework profit was £2884 plus £1600 over the bar. £20131 still available for maintenance tasks although some agreed this evening.

Precept request was £42460 but we’ve been asked to reduce this amount. Agreed to reduce the Play area and Hall refurbishment figures by £10k and hope that funds can be found either from S106/CIL or grants. Parish Council have employed a Planning consultant who cost £5000 for the Hopkins and Persimmon developments and more will be spent on future developments.    

Bar refurbishment – agreed to lend the Association £10k and a repayment plan will be agreed.

Ian handed out the draft budget proposal for 2018 and suggested that the Trust run an event next year which gives a profit of approx. £700. Ideas needed!                                                                                                                  All


59.11.17 Review of Bookings etc. - Mandy

December is busy including a wedding which are using most of the building. New Zumba class is going well. Boots opticians have booked again. Teenagers are using the foyer as a meeting place and we need to advise hirers that if they leave the door on the latch they are responsible for those that come in uninvited.                                                                                              Mandy

Walls are being used for blue tack etc. but unless the hall is checked after each booking it is difficult to contact the relevant hirer.


60.11.17 Property & Assets – Stuart Harris

Paving is still ongoing but will hopefully be finished before Christmas. Wire fence repair needed at the tennis courts. Stuart has found the power supply for the outside light that he had been looking for. Stuart has ordered some LED floodlights to go in hall car park. The Bowls club cupboard under the stage has been damaged again. Stuart has asked Gifford to paint the new door to the gents.

60.11.17a Vertas will need to cut the new turf from the Spring.                                                                             Stuart

60.11.17b Working party at play area to paint fence and remove monkey bars. Need to thank Chris Malster and Kim and Marshall Youpa.                                                                                                                                          Sandra

60.11.17c Graham Whybrow needs reminding to take the old posts.                                                                    Sandra

60.11.17d Quote required for new blinds for the stage.                                                                                        Sandra


61.11.17 Community Association - Steve Bishop

EGM called for 18th December to change the constitution to include Life time membership.

New Year party will go ahead in the hall. GDPR which is due in May 2018 will mean we have to make some changes to membership and hall bookings and how we store data.                                                                           Mark/Mandy

Sunday 17th December is the childrens xmas party – set up from noon if anyone can help.                                    All


62.11.17 Parish Council – Stuart Harris

Financial committee has met and discussed precept request. Several burglaries have happened recently but the police have been seen patrolling the village today.


63.11.17 S106 & CIL investment

Nothing to report


64.11.17 Chairman’s action – Mark

Second meeting to be arranged with Scotts on Monday 4th December at 8pm in the library.


54.09.17 Any Other Business  

New email for Mark -  mark.browning52@gmail.com   from 1st December                                                                    


Next meeting - Monday 22nd January at 8pm in the library

Meeting closed at 10.00pm