Projects & Fundraising


Christmas Float

The Christmas float continues to be one of the main annual fundraising activities of the Trust  and this year was no exception raising £1314:55 despite the snowy, icy weather on the Sunday and it was great to see Santa Claus stomping through the snow (as he would normally do at home in Lapland of course!).


We would like to thank Mark Ward who has been the main sponsor for many years and drives the van carrying the Christmas tree and playing our favourite Christmas songs. White Christmas was particularly relevant this year!  - Mark also this year also spent a couple of hours digging away the snow so the float was able to travel from its overnight stop back to the village giving the reindeer the weekend off.

Jon, Steve, Stuart, Trevor, Ben and Mark decorated the float on Saturday lunchtime ready to set off at 4pm from Bypass Nurseries to whom we would like to thank for donating the Christmas tree as they do each year.

Thank you to our Austin and Dave our Santas again this year and to all the volunteers who helped with the collection especially little Lauren who walked for at least 7 hours over the two evenings.

We do knock on every door we can but as we want to get to as many  houses as possible and not knowing which ones have children and who needs a visit from Santa we need to keep moving. It’s lovely when residents hear the float coming and are at the door ready to greet us.

The Trust will use the money raised to continue with its work providing and maintaining facilities for the Village for the benefit of all.


2018 Cleanup

Part of the ongoing works to tidy the area around the village hall.

New Roof & Solar Panels

Our previous projects have included the installation of a new roof to the Village Hall Complex, and then solar panels (on the main Hall) .

This was only possible thanks to a mammoth fund-raising effort supported by various village clubs, groups and individuals.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels in place on the new hall roof

New roof

Part of the new roof during the works

We are also grateful for a number of grants received from various organisations.

At the playing field, we have recently commissioned a new outside Table Tennis area within the Play Area...

...and back at the hall, the remaining grassed area in the car park, which was often waterlogged and unusable, has been concreted over.

Earlier in the year (2015), the Hall lobby was refurbished, with new signage and lighting, as well as a map of Capel St Mary in the porch.

LED Lighting

Late 2015 saw the complete replacement of the main hall and stage area general lighting, with modern energy efficient dimmable LED fittings replacing the outdated (and obsolete) fluorescent fixings, which were no longer maintainable.

Summer 2016

During the summer of 2016 we closed the hall for 3 weeks for a major refurbishment - the walls and wood-work have had a complete makeover, all the old water damage from before the roof was replaced has been made good, the floor has been sanded and re-finished, new curtains have been installed AND all the acoustic boards have been replaced. We think the new look is great! This will shortly be complemented with new round tables for the hall (we already have some smaller children-sized ones with chairs for parties etc!).