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Welcome to the Public Exhibition of the Proposed ‘Capel Community Hub’
Background Information;

Welcome to the Public Exhibition of the Proposed ‘Capel Community Hub’
Background Information; Many of the facilities within Capel St Mary are managed by Capel Community Trust, working closely with the local Parish Council. In addition to the hall complex which houses the main hall, two bars and a substantial library, Capel Community Trust also has responsibility for the playing field. This is a 9-acre site providing a pavilion, a tennis court, Bowls Club, together with pitches and a training area used by several football teams. Capel Community Trust also manages two play areas, one outside the Community Hall, and one on the Playing Field.

In recent months, the Trust has been consulting with various users of the Playing Field and shares a strong desire to update facilities at the playing field, most notably the Pavilion. As our village continues to grow the Trust has a responsibility to support local user groups and indeed encourage additional groups to flourish. At present the Trust is at times unable to accommodate all booking requests for the Community Hall complex. Our vision is to build a new Community Hub which will add a multi-use facility to our village, and further complement our community infrastructure.
Car parking is a hot topic at a local level particularly around Friars and London Road. Our plans include a provision for additional parking (indicated as Phase 1 on the site plan), which is hoped will help to alleviate some of the issues concerning the residents of Friars.

An all-weather Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is also proposed to accommodate and promote multi-sport activities such as Netball, Basketball, Football & Hockey. The proposed Capel Community Hub will better serve the needs of local user groups and alleviate some of the parking issues faced at Friars. Given the ongoing development in the village we hope that the new Community Hub will better serve residents and playing field users for decades to come.

The Trust has engaged with existing playing field user-groups and is taking on board comments around the design of the new building from current users. We would encourage further suggestions / comments from residents. Perhaps the Community Hub could help to grow an existing club or society, or provide a meeting room, or offices, or hold a children’s birthday party venue? We have also issued these plans on social media for wider information. We thank you for your interest, but we do not have the resources to respond individually. It is our policy not to answer anonymous comments, but we would be pleased if you leave comments on the slips provided, or you can email Amy on the Trust website;

Iain Bramhill (Chairman of Capel Community Trust).